Pray! Pray! Pray!
So much is going on right now. Noah’s blood, urine and snot are growing things due to the fever and an infection. He is on another round of antibiotics (3rd in 4 weeks) but the ND said that if it’s a fungus, of course antibiotics won’t work. Each time he gets over a pneumonia, he gets it again…His fever is lowered again, but his hematicrit was down to 24. He’ll likely need a transfusion but we are having a blood draw done prior to that. Also, today I got the lab kits for Noah’s stool to be sent to a lab for fungus testing. We’re just waiting for him to poop! The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm but I am pretty worked up about some things and Jason and I are wondering if we should have a care conference first. Tomorrow morning the ENT surgeons will determine whether Noah should have surgery while he’s on his new round of antibiotics.

Right now neurology is doing the auditory evoked response test. Noah looks like he’s listening to tunes with big headphones.

Today while I was driving from the ND’s office back toward our house I saw Mr. Blessitt walking up the street carrying the cross. I stopped and we talked a bit then we prayed. Then he asked me if I wanted him to come pray for Noah again and I said yes, that I’d prayed that if he wanted to, it would be on his own accord. He said that as he was carrying the cross this morning, he was praying specifically for Noah. So, he said he’d be over again soon to pray for Noah.

Please pray for me as I have seen a lot of hospital politics over the last two months and I am growing weary of it. I don’t like politics ANYWHERE, so I most certainly don’t like them when they affect my son’s health.

Thank you for your prayers for all of us. Jason and I are doing great as a couple, so Praise GOD for that! We are having great times with Em, though they are sporadic, but they are quality! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends supporting us in prayer, even friends we have yet to meet…

I pray that God would bless all of you beyond your own comprehension…He’s like that, you know…God works outside the box, He’s not in the shipping business, so don’t box Him in in your life…Let Him BE in your life. I’ll keep you posted…



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  1. Adrienne –
    I just forwarded your blog to my daughter who is a nurse in a Neuro Trauma ICU in downtown Phoenix just in case she knows anyone who knows anyone who can possibly help you. She calls me at 1AM this morning (she works the night shift)and said she knows you. Did you graduate from NWC in St. Paul, MN?
    My daughter (Amanda) says you were the RD at the dorm and she remembers you as having a lot of spunk, and a strong devotion to the Lord.

    Anyway, I love the way our Lord ordains all our days for us before one of them comes to be. (PS139) and I know NOTHING happens by coincidence.

    We will continue to hold Noah before the throne of the Most High God.


  2. I LOVE YOU Guys a whole lot, I am standing with you all the way.
    I would like to give the middle finger to the you think that would do anything? 🙂

  3. Boo,

    You are in my thoughts every day.

    You are one awesome and popular mom! I tried calling Noah’s room but couldn’t get through.

    I’ll see you shortly. I am flying in Sat. from Oakland, arriving on United 364 at 2:15.

    Noah, hang in there, handsome. Fight, fight, fight! Noah, please tell your smarty pants’ doctors (we know how we can be sometimes) check for West Nile Virus! It causes clinical signs very similar to your’s and the CDC has reported previous outbreaks in Denver (last one in 2003).

    Boo’s cousin

  4. MAN. I’m to the point of being angry about all of this and I’m not even having to live it 24/7 like you guys are. I know exactly what you mean about the politics. It’s getting worse and worse with all of this HIPAA crap. I deal with that every day with my line of work. Seems to only protect the guilty and prevent aide to the sick and innocent.

    ** BIG SIGH **

    But, once again, Jesus knows… I’m about to go to bed and will set aside some time to specifically life y’all up.


  5. Jay and Ade,
    With so much going on just remember to take one day at a time. One decision at a time. “The steps of a righteous man (woman) are ordered of the Lord”. Also, “Trust him in all your ways and he will direct your path.” Easy to say, not so easy to do sometimes, I know. Kim and Love you all and your are in our prayers every day. Rock

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