Has anyone seen Bono?
Have you ever gotten sick of hearing the same song over and over again? If so, it obviously wasn’t a u2 song…

This is a pic of Em two years ago when u2 came to town to do the Vertigo tour and ended up doing two nights. We took Em downtown to look for “the boys” and she kept asking, “Where’s Bono?” Pretty cute, huh? Anyway, Dana got front and center, as you all saw the picture from a previous post. We were bummed because for Elevation we were on the floor in Chicago but we had balcony seats for this one. As we were walking into the concert, some guy handed us two floor tickets for FREE! It was a great show, as always. ANYWAY…

Noah and I have been listening to u2 all day…specifically “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”. As a kid I loved wearing my dad’s HUGE headphones, putting on a record, usually Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles or Elton John and learning the lyrics. To think that Em and Noah are growing up listening to our favorites…If you aren’t a fan or once were and have drifted, listen intently to the lyrics. Please don’t think I’m obsessed, by any means, I just love that they know where their gift is from and they use their celebrity for a greater cause. Check out the ONE Campaign…

My first concert was at Compton Terrace, an outdoor venue south of Phoenix, with my best mate, Stacey. It was “The Unforgettable Fire” tour and my dad was pretty nervous to let me go, since I was in 7th grade! We went with chaperones and it was amazing! We encored “Pride” 4 times! A memory to go down in history. Anyway, I’ve been a fan ever since.Posted by Picasa



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