Baby Face
So, my gramps used to sing me the song, “Baby Face” by Art Mooney. Before Noah was born, I taught Em the lyrics and from day one, she started singing it to Noah. By looking at him, you can see why it’s one of his songs…

Baby face, you’ve got the cutest little babyface
There’s not another that could take your place
Baby face
My poor heart is jumping
You sure have started something
Baby face, I’m up in heaven when I’m in your fond embrace
I didn’t need a shove cuz I just fell in love with your pretty baby face Posted by Picasa



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  1. I have always loved this picture. I have it saved on my computer.
    The Graves boys 🙂 This picture reminds me of one that mom took years ago of dad sleeping beside one of us. I actually think it was with Jason. It’s such an amazing thing to see Jason as a dad. You guys are such amazing parents. I often close my eyes and picture Jason with Noah and Adam with his boy (we should have a name here soon…mom called me hours ago that Rosana went into labor) going on hunting and fishing trips. I always think of dad up there smiling down from above thinking “Wow! I showed them how to do it right.” I picture dad next to Jesus rooting Noah on. After all Noah is a Graves which means he was born with that stubborn fighter blood in him. Baby Noah I love you!!!
    I love and miss you guys!!!

  2. As tonja is now making all of us that love you graves so much bawl…what a beautiful moment, thinking of you guys today, praying for Adam and Roseanna also…Terra Jacobson in Watertown

  3. You don’t know me, but I was forwarded your blog by a great friend. I have to say that it moved me to tears to see the fight for his life that your little Noah is fighting. What a beautiful baby! He is very lucky to have you both for parents.

    I live here in the Denver area and am more than familiar with TCH of Denver. They saved the life of my 3 wk old son, whom is now almost 7. I have 4 kids total…and am feeling very blessed to have them all be healthy. Keep up the good work and the wonderful pictures. They have touched my heart and I will continue to check up on this blog.

  4. I got the heads up on your blog from a dear friend. TCH has helped out my friend’s son, my nephew, my own daughters, and many others. Just wanted to let you know that we are keeping your family and friends in our prayers constantly. God has big plans for you guys 🙂
    Jodi, Sara and Madison
    Littleton, CO

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