The age of big sunglasses…
Auntie Tonja from CA came to meet Noah and hang out with Em. In LA, they all have the big sunglasses.
Auntie Terra from Minneapolis came to visit…note the midwest has hip shades, too.
Mama even has big shades. I may be old, but I still got it! Posted by Picasa



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  1. Adrienne,
    I’m praying with you from Texas – as are some of my girlfriends in Minnesota, Arizona, Texas, soon-to-be England, and a few other states I’m sure to be forgetting. 🙂 You may hear from a few on this site now that your mama gave us the link.

    And honey – you DEFINITELY still “got it!” You look great… been a looong time since ORU days but you are even more of a knockout today. 🙂

    And your kids are darlings too… darlings. I can only imagine how trying this has to be on your family – on your heart… I’m praying.

    Love, your long-lost-friend,
    Heidi Jo 😉

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