Apologies across the board…
So, since I moved to 19th and Downing, that is TCH, a lot of significant days have passed…I apologize for not recognizing them with calls, though please know I’ve thought of you on those days…Heather Rudolph on the 8th, along with Lillian, Uncle Chris on the 10th, Bob and Betty on the 11th, Danar on the 12th, Mr. Thomas on 18th, Uncle Dan on the 19th, Ra on the 20th, and in case we are here for a lot longer, which is probably the case, G & G Vogeli on the 26th, and Bobby on the 29th. I’ll have to check my daytimer to see who else I have missed, but Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and know you are loved and thought of often!



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  1. Hey guys, We love the pics. You are all in our prayers. Happy late b-day to Em. You and Jason are amazing parents of God. Bless you for all you do. Noah is a miracle , and God is using him in many ways already. The kennedy’s

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