Why are these pictures so special to my mommy and daddy?

Well, besides the fact that I am the subject in the pictures, they say they are special because I am at home.
I am at home most of the time. I’m not sure why this is such a big deal, but when my mom smiles at me with this weird wet stuff dripping from her eyes, I suppose that is significant.
Apparently not all 8 week old baby boys are at home…in their mommy’s arms, getting snuggled and slobbered on. What? Oh, my mom said she doesn’t “slobber” but that those things are called “kisses” or “smooches”. Whatever they are, I won’t lie…I like them a lot.
Yeah, my doctor told my parents today that I am really healthy. I have good muscle tone…this apparently will come in handy with the ladies, I hear. I also can hold my mommy’s finger…again, apparently the ladies like this behavior. Oh yeah, I have good eye contact…sheesh, what don’t the ladies like?!
Anyway, my mom and dad are really excited that I am at home with them, eating, growing, sleeping and, I heard my mommy even say she likes it when I poop. I like pooping, too, but who knew it could make my momma so happy?!
So, there you go. I am Ryan Everett Graves, and like my name means, I am “Brave and Strong”, a “Man of Distinction” and I live at home with my parents.
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  1. Adrienne, I totally get why it is such a precious gift to have Ryan home with you and so healthy… Praise God! He is absolutely precious. Thinking of your Noah, as we get ready to celebrate our Samuel’s 2nd birthday in Heaven this coming Friday. Your blog was the first blog of a grieving mama, I found probably a year before Samuel died… I know the Lord used you and your blog to prepare my heart for our loss… thank you for being a vessel used by him… The Lord has used Noah’s life in mine and I am so thankful for that:)


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