I have to do some business here: Jodie R. I only have your UK email address! I have an email for you but it came back to me…same goes for Randi Jo! FYI: My email address is under my “About Me” section on the left…

I have to confess that as far as blogging goes, I really only know how to type…Jason is the one that added the pictures and links and changed the polka dots to match Noah’s room. Early on, people would ask me questions and only until several months ago did it occur to me that I could post a comment on my own blog in response to a question. I’ve still never done that. In fact, at my old job when I carried a pager, the days I lost it, I would call our office secretary and ask her to please page me…she would sweetly say, “Of course I can do that, but you could call it, too…” Technology + Me = Scary Stuff Sometimes. Some people sent me ‘Me Me’s’ (did I spell that right) and I didn’t respond because I didn’t know what a meme was…Some kind readers awarded me blog awards and nominations but I didn’t know what it meant (only do to an extent still) or how to link their ‘kudos’. An old friend from college wanted to nominate Noah’s blog last year for the Blogger’s Choice Awards but she waited for my cue and I never gave the ‘go’. I really wanted to share God’s love in whatever venue He opened up but life got busy and I never got around to it. Regarding that, she wanted to nominate the blog for either ‘Best Religion Blog’ or ‘Best Parenting Blog’. Really, it’s difficult for me to think that Noah’s blog fits into any category since I’m, well, scattered, and, to put it frankly, I can’t imagine that taking one’s child off a ventilator merits ‘Best Parenting’. (I said it, you didn’t, so don’t feel badly…).

This is a random post, but thought I should cover a little business. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a question and answer post, really about anything. I’m a very open person and love to talk about life, love, hardships, heaven, opinions, religion, health, grieving, friendship, scripture, whatever. No, I don’t think I am “Dear Abby” or anything, but I didn’t want people to think I was ignoring questions from over a year ago or even just recently. And, honestly, I love encouraging people and helping others wrestle through the hard stuff, just as others have stood by me.

I thought I’d throw it out there and see what happens.

And, in case anyone wanted to know, here’s a ‘Meme‘ to get the ball rolling:

  • I like all things chocolate.
  • My eyes are blue green.
  • I’ve always said I was 5’10” but I’m 5’9 1/2″
  • I was born in OH 1972, moved to CA for one year, back to OH until 1978, on to AZ, then to MI for one year of HS, back to AZ until 1990, then to OK for college, up to MN for 7 years, then to CO 6 years ago. (No, I was not a military kid.)
  • This summer I celebrate 15 years of marriage to my best friend.
  • I grew up as a competitive swimmer and played basketball in HS. We won state.
  • Majored in: Theology with a Missions emphasis. Minored in: Espanol.
  • I’ve been to 4 continents. I hope to hit a 5th next summer with my family loving on orphans and digging water wells.
  • I’m a middle kid. No, I don’t feel ignored or like any less of a person. Yes, I am a peacemaker…for the most part.
  • I wear black most days, not because I am in mourning, though, I suppose that’s appropriate, but because it’s slimming, and, though I’m tall and can hide my weight, black helps me out.
  • I hate wearing sleeveless shirts. (See above)
  • My favorite food is any kind of vegetable. I love most veggies, except not a fan of collard greens…tried that once…not so much. I’m not a vegetarian, though…I love meat! I’m an O blood type, so I crave protein.
  • I would much rather read than watch TV.
  • I’ve wanted to go to Australia ever since 2nd grade because of the influence of my great teacher, Miss Kitzmiller. Hopefully that will make continent number 6.
  • I hate running. I like people who run, but I would much rather walk, ride my bike, ski, swim, or skip or gallop! No running! College mandatory 5k’s every semester had a negative effect on me.
  • My parents have been married for over 40 years.
  • I’ve been invited to use Facebook but don’t really get how to do it. (Again, see the equation above…)
  • In Russia, my goal on the subways was to make strangers smile back at me. Everyone was frowning!
  • I used to fear heights. If anyone from TM remembers the day I was on the ‘Pamper Pole’ for 45 minutes, well, I did it again 10 years later and jumped right off! I had had a child by then, so a stinking pamper pole was a piece of cake!
  • Obvious one: Favorite band of all time…U2.
  • I want to walk a marathon, perhaps this summer, in memory of Noah and to raise funds for several charities…I’ll post on this soon.
  • I played the Viola in 4th grade. I can’t read music but wish I could and want to learn how to play piano before Jesus returns.
  • I’m a very free flowing person, so structure placed upon me is a good thing.
  • I’m an idea person, but don’t always know how to put feet to my ideas and dreams.
  • Noah’s delivery was AWESOME! Jason, my little sis, and 3 dear girlfriends got to welcome him into the world. Em’s delivery…well, that was just plain long and painful, but like you hear, once she was born, I forgot about the pain.
  • I’m an oxymoron because I am very open but also love my privacy.
  • When Jason and I got married it was 122 degrees!
  • We said early on in our marriage: Let’s have 2 to 4 kids in 3 to 5 years. We had a miscarriage at 6 years, Emily at 9 years, and Noah at 13 years. Guess you can’t plan some things…
  • I have always struggled with my body image. I don’t hate myself, but I’ve always wished I were the skinny sister…
  • If I could do anything with this life, I would tell as many people as I can about God’s love for them…so, I guess I’ll just do that.

Random, I know, but hopefully it opens things up for lively discussion. I’m off to AZ with Jason and Em tomorrow for a quick visit to see family, back next Tuesday night. Wednesday home. Thursday at the crack of dawn I leave to share with some ladies in SD. Jason and Em will enjoy a little father daughter time and I’ll enjoy a little me time and some girl time. Have a great weekend!

Ade xoxox



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  1. Beautiful post Ade! It was good getting to learn some new fun facts about one of my all-time-favorite Bloggers! How can you say you are “technology challenged” when you’ve managed to run such a great Blog for so long?? 🙂

    I think you are fully accomplishing your last bullet point: you ARE telling as many people as you can about God’s love (it says 250,731 and counting)! How wonderful that Noah brought us all here – and we keep coming back! 🙂

    Lots of love!

  2. I’m a recent blog junkie of yours. I’ve added you to my bookmarks and love reading what you write! I loved the list about yourself that you shared. Your writings make me think and I also thought it was cool that you live in Colorado. I grew up there in the mountains and I miss them still. But I love my life here in Oregon! God is so good:) Have a safe trip to SD! Blessings, Melissa

  3. Just decided to leave a comment after months of reading. I LOVE the way you are so honest and unapologetic about your life and your love for God. That you are not afraid of speaking Jesus name. I have grown soo much following little Noah’s story and know that he and you have pushed me to grow further in Christ. Thanks, Steph in KY

  4. I am surprised – I thought you were pretty ‘techy’ – but I have no reason to think that, so I don’t know why I assumed that! 🙂

    I would love to do a dear abby type thing – question/answer. I think you have a lot to offer and a lot of wisdom to pass on obviously and I/we could really learn a lot from you.

    I loved learning about you with the random facts – I can relate to the being really open but yet I need/want alone time…. and also being a competitive swimmer – I was also for 13+ years…. and also wearing black a lot haha and also wishing I was the skinny sister! but I’m learning that’s okay! I am learning to love me as I am and that I am the one that has to do something about my weight if I’m not happy. I have been counting calories and exercising and 10 more pounds and I’m at my goal weight. I also love love to read. Love the Russia goal of smiling – that sounds like me – that is hilarious!

    Would love to hear more about the 4 continents visits.

    I sent you an email – have a great weekend!! 🙂

  5. I took my baby boy off a ventilator a little more than a year ago too. We are given the option of releasing them to eternal joy in heaven or tying them to a lifetime of misery on earth. Bad parent for taking him off? I think it’s quite the opposite. 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this. I love reading your thoughts on parenting, faith, and grief. I actually feel like what you’ve said about grief has been extrememly helpful for me, as I try to learn how to love and enter into the suffering of hurting people that God has put in my life. BUT this post was fun too — to just hear some random, personal stuff about you. 🙂

    I am also 5’9.5″ and claim 5’10”. And I’m also a middle kid and HATE running (though I enjoy other sports and LOVE to swim). Erika 🙂

  7. Thanks, ladies! Jennifer, I am so sorry you had to take your son off life support, too! I’m glad you left a smiley face because obviously it was the right choice, and for you guys, too. You guys are the best parents your little guy could have had and so were we.

    When you get pregnant, you have no idea how much you’ll really fall in love with your child. Then you meet them and your heart is captured forever. I thought, there’s no way I would ever ‘let’ anything happen to my children…shield them from pain, sorrow and death. Then, faced with the choice of heaven, somehow in giving your child to God your love grows deeper than you thought it possibly could.

  8. i wondered why you never replied to your commenters with a comment. 🙂 now it all makes sense. 🙂

    bless you… looking forward to the chatter that goes back and forth here… if that gets to be too much, you’ll be starting your own forum before long. 🙂 (runboard is a good one)

  9. What’s a forum? No but really, I don’t know what message boards are or how to ‘chat’ on line. I instant message Jason, but he works in the front office of our house, so, technically, I could just walk 20 feet and talk to him:)

  10. I think you are right, it not only is an act of love for your child, but an act of love for God. To so humbly submit ourselves to His will, to acknowledge in the most painful way that these are not our children, but GOD’S children on loan, is a daunting task when you are the one having your faith tested, when you are the one being asked to give the child back before you even had the time home from the hospital. It’s so easy to ask, “Why me??? Why couldn’t you give this test to someone else??” but in hindsight it isn’t about us. God knew that Noah would live for 7 months on this earth. He knew that before Noah was conceived, before you were conceived! The blessing in this is that out of all the parents in the world, God chose YOU to be his mother. How awesome is it that God trusts us to do the most difficult thing a parent ever has to do? I know my words fail me (which is why I don’t have a blog, lol) but it blows me away.

  11. This was fun!!

    I remember seeing one of your friends that was with you at Noah’s delivery at church the next day (maybe it was VBS?). She was glowing – I remember wondering what you felt like if she was that affected by the beauty of his birth. 🙂

    Love your honesty and that you have shared Noah with us – look forward to more posts like these to get to know more about you!

  12. I haven’t checked in for awhile but glad I did. I’ve been thinking about you. So here’s aprayer for your . . . Lord let Ade know that you’re sitting right beside her on this rollercoaster we call life. Also, thanks for the CF link. It introduced me to yet another individual whos faith defines her and her husband . . . not the disease. May your faith define you Adrienne and not the circumstance. Katie (MN)

  13. Adrienne, you are awesome…after reading this post I now understand David’s comment to me about a year and half ago…makes sense now.

    What a beautiful woman of god you are.

    May you meet the RISEN CHRIST in every moment.

  14. Hah! This was a fun one:) You’re like a blogging superstar who doesn’t really know much beyond the blogging basics. Who knew! Yeah, I must admit that I don’t exactly know what a “meme” is, either and that when people “tag” me I just ignore it. Hah. So, you’re in good company.

    Loved reading all the tidbits about YOU, too! And, okay then, you can give Jason a high five from me for the changes he did on your blog:)

    Have a great trip!

  15. forum – basically, if the chatter gets so diverse and overwhelming for you on your blog comments, a forum would just give you a place to categorize the conversations into folders of various topics (by your choosing as the moderator/administrator) for those folks who want to join and chat more with you one on one (should you decide you want to do more of that – or to facilitate it). you don’t have to be super technical to open a free one (or have hubby set it up for you then you just enjoy participating) 😉

    i’m not trying to push you to do it – just figuring it might naturally happen if you get really involved with your readers and i’m only writing on the subject a 2nd time to explain to your reply. 🙂

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