Why is it called a ‘sunset’ when the sun does not move?
(random thoughts that go through my mind…)
Either way, I’ll miss these vistas when we return to Denver in a week.
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  1. Things that make you go hhmmm. We will miss you guys too! Are you sure you can’t stay longer? Anyways, we had a blast at the pool also, like I told you on the phone. It was nice being able to visit with you in between the checking out what was on the pool bottom ;p, finding the warm spots in the pool (not sure why they were warmer than others, don’t want to know!!) and challenging each other on the frog pad things. I know you don’t respond in the comment section but we had a great time and hope to do it again soon! Sometime we want to come to Denver because Craig grew up there and visit. I will have to let you know when we will be able to make it! Have a safe trip home and keep in touch! Love you guys and give Em a hug for me!!!!

  2. It is really “weird” how some people reserve a place in our hearts, even while trying to keep up with countless others who need our prayers – but, for some reason, Noah and your family have found a special place in mine. I find myself, on a daily basis, checking on you guys – along with only 4-6 others out of the seemingly hundreds that I have followed since 2004. I just wanted you to know how much a part of my life that you and yours have become, how ingrained your images and words have become to me and, lastly, how my own children now ask me “How is Em?”. It seems incredible that people who have never met or spoken could have such a impact on another’s life – Bless your family. You have made myself and my kids more caring, more aware and more loving – because of NOAH!

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