My camera died the second day of the Avon Walk, but don’t worry! Jason ordered a new one that is being sent to South Dakota to his mom’s house. It will be there just in time for me to take pictures of God’s beautiful art in the skies. If you are new here, South Dakota sunsets are phenomenal!

I’ll also post some pictures of Em in her Sacajawea outfit I made her. It is totally cute…though I’m still trying to decide if I should buy black hairspray for her or not. She wants me to dye her hair with one of those 28 day wash in colors…sorry, kid! Not going to happen!

Our friend is going with us so he and Jason can hunt. So…I get to be chauffeured to SD. While I’m riding along, I will be working on gathering some writing samples to give to a literary agent…I am so excited! Please pray for me, if you think of it, because I feel like I’ve gotten my mojo back! Em will be enjoying her many crafts and car trip activities sent to her by Nana for the next 12 hours.

Quick note: Em and I were reading in Genesis when God created Adam and Eve yesterday, but in my Bible (hers is the children’s shortened version…) Anyway, it said that God created trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. I asked her to look around and see if she could see any trees pleasing to the eye…She looked at me with one of those “OBVIOUSLY” looks and said an emphatic, “YES!” I hope you take the time to look around this season and enjoy the color scheme God chose for His fall line…



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  1. I am so glad you have your mojo back! Nothing like a fire under your buns to get you going.
    Did you get my text about the blackberry pie? It’s scrumptious!

  2. can’t wait to see the costume you made…the hair thing try target or walmart(which ever you wish) you can get a black wig and do the braids that way. wig should be around $5. the spray will be cheaper, but a pain in the dupa to clean 🙂

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