…I feel so sorry for the kid.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than honored and grateful that I had a son named Noah. But let’s face it, being the little brother of a dead kid is a tough act to follow.

It makes for a neurotic mom at times. Not all the time, but for sure sometimes…

I know, at least in my head, that Noah did do some normal things.

But, when Ryan does those same things, it freaks me out…just in case those things weren’t normal things at all.

So, he’s been stretching his neck and back really far back to look around the room. Noah did this. I didn’t like it when Noah did this. It was always accompanied by a weird sound and then he’d kind of pass out, you could say.

Ryan doesn’t pass out. He doesn’t make weird sounds.

He’s just curious, apparently.

But still, I called my little sister who has a baby boy 9 days younger than Ryan and told her the scene…

…her kid does the same dumb ass move.

So, Ryan’s fine. I’m fine. Her kid is fine.

And Noah is fine. Healed. Well. Whole. Having a blast in the presence of the One True God.

Happy Birthday, little mister! Thank you. Thank you for being our son. Thank you for coming into our lives and letting us love on you! We miss you but know you are a bit preoccupied with whatever it is you are doing in God’s presence…so have fun with that!

We’ll see you when God says so…



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  1. Thought of you guys yesterday…I always remember because it’s my mom’s birthday. 🙂

    Praying for you as you love on your children today…earthly and heavenly both.

  2. So sorty im late with this but happy birthday Noah , hoping your having a blast but honey give mummy a little kick and tell her it will be ok .

    Much love Ade thsi road is not always an easy one to walk but really you doing a great job and i love following your story along the way.

    God bless you adn your family and most especially Baby boy as being a rainbow baby is never an eay task to live


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