I’m sorry I’ve been distant…from the blog, that is. I’ve been kind of crusty. Over Memorial Day weekend we planted several trees in our yard in memory of Noah, my father-in-law Steve, and in honor of living family members, like Em and so on. Anyway, Noah’s tree is dying…so is Steve’s. Let’s just add insult to injury, huh?! Let’s! Seriously, Lord, want to breathe life into my little guy’s tree? Please!? Thankfully the tree has a full money-back guarantee for one year…if it dies, we have to dig it up and take it back, no questions asked along with a receipt and we can exchange it for a new, fresh one…Too bad you can’t do that with the people you love…(did I just say that?!)



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  1. You have been in my prayers and I will continue to lift you up to the Lord. I have read your blog for some time now and you continue to inspire me with the grace God has given you for each day. Keep trusting Him!

  2. have you tested the soil around the trees? you can get a cheap little kit at lowe’s and it will tell you what to add according to the reading!

  3. I’m a plant-killer by nature. However, when my dad died, my office sent me a lovely basket of plants (not flowers — plants!). Of course I attached deep emotional symbolism to them and decided THEY MUST LIVE!, regardless of the fact that it had already been established that I’m a plant-killer.

    From the basket of 5 plants, 2 thrived (throve?), 1 was sickly and I nursed it along, and 2 must have been allergic to me. I was sure it was a sign. But what?

    The two thriving ones eventually died, but that was ok because we were moving from Chicago back to Colorado after 12 long years in the place where the sun don’t shine.

    The sickly one, however … that was a different story. It wouldn’t die! It didn’t die! But wow, it takes a lot of work! And once after we’d been back here about 2 years, I really thought it was on its last legs. I was sure that was the end of it, and cried lots about how much I missed my dad. Then one day I trimmed it and the next day it didn’t look quite so sickly. A few days after that, it looked better. And now it continues to look frail, but is definitely alive.

    I have no idea why we attach meaning to things like this, but I really hope Noah’s tree gets better, or the replacement is the best treehouse tree ever (in about 15 years).

    I also have no idea why I just wrote that much about plants. But I know how you feel about Noah’s tree. That I do.

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