I’m starting a practice, an intention if you will, of sitting still for 5 minutes with my eyes closed and my fingers on the keyboard. It’s not to write, as far as a writing practice, but it’s my heart and intent to sit with my soul and ears open so I can hear the Spirit of God. Over the last 28-ish years I’ve “heard” God speak to my heart on several occasions. When I say He spoke to me, it means a smarter thought came to me than I could possibly think up…it often also means hearing something contrary to what my natural self seeks, as if God in His infinite wisdom may know something I don’t that would benefit me and my circle of life in the long run. Many journals are filled with my ever-changing handwriting from over the years, pages filled with God’s wisdom and encouragement to me, if I would only sit and listen long enough to scribe it, go back to it, chew on it, and allow my soul to be nourished by these moments.

So, below, I was going to post what He put on my heart yesterday but when I went over to Word to get the document and cut and paste it here, it disappeared. After 30 seconds of shock and holy-cow-ness, He said, “That was for yesterday. Today is a new day.”

I’m learning.

I’m not being legalistic about the time frame, but am trying to keep it to 5 minutes for the sweet taste of what can come when we stop and trust the Lover of our hearts with even just a snippet of this crazy, hectic life. He is longing to speak to us, are we willing to stop and listen?

October 24, 2014
Seek new manna each day. Don’t look for yesterday’s “day old” bread. It’s stale, lifeless, no longer filled with nourishment, whether it was true or not. Each day is a gift, a day meant to be fully lived. How long will you try to survive on left-overs? How long will you stuff your face and head and heart with junk food, time suckers that distract you from My will for your life? I am the Truest Truth you will ever know. The Enemy has come to steal, kill, and destroy but I have come into the world to give life and give it abundantly. I am not a man that I would lie so trust Me when I say this. Each day I long to greet you, every morning when you rise I am cheering you on. Do not fret that there is too much to do or worry if you are in line with My will…I have not called you to a life of performance but rather one of obedience. I am gentle, and am not talking about obedience in the sense that people bicker over and debate discipline. My heart in creating you is for a lifetime of love and relationship. Let’s walk together each step of the way. It’s my favorite thing to come alongside my children and be invited into your daily bread. It’s there you will find true nourishment.

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