This morning while reading Luke chapter 1 to Emily, where Mary, a virgin, one, has an encounter with an angel; two, learns she’s pregnant; and three, that the baby in her womb isn’t any guy’s baby (since she’s a virgin) but the very Son of God, the following conversation took place:
Me: Sweetie, do you know what is so amazing about the way Jesus came to earth? Well, see that part where the Bible says that Mary is a virgin?
Em: Yeah.
Me: Well, a virgin is a person who has not had sex. Do you remember when we talked about that?
Em: Yeah.
Me: Do you remember what has to happen in order to make a baby grow in a mommy’s belly?
Em: Yeah.
Me: Do you remember what a daddy has inside him that is special that has to fertilize the mommy’s egg?
Em: Ummmmmmmm…larvae?
Me: …



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  1. Adrienne,I can’t wait to tell my husband…She is soooo cute…Wow,How their little minds work..They soak-up so much in their on lanuage…Also,I love the post before this one..What a wonderful pig meal..Much like what my husband would love to eat…I will show him the recipe and the video…Which I thought was great…Like you,I do have to brag alittle on my honey…He is my superman…He helps me with everything…I look back and think of the man I ask God to give me…Goosh,God is awesome and he listens to every detail..I prayed for specific things.God answers prayers..Thing is in the beginning of our life together I forgot what I prayed..But little by little God reminds me and shows me how wonderful he is (God,himself and my wonderful husband..Who’s name is Steven John) Monica

  2. Please help if you can!

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    When asked what she wants for Christmas she said she wants to see how
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  3. This makes me think of one of my nephew’s first day of Kindergarten. His teacher’s name is Mrs. Peterson (who he calls “Peterson”, for no discernible reason). So on the way to school, they prayed, and talked about how nice the teacher was (his older brother had her too), and did everything to reassure him.

    After talking for quite a while, my sister said to him, “and remember who is always with you …” Nephew: “Peterson?”

    LOVE these pics of EM 🙂

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