Em excited to start handing out sandwiches
So, in our Pilot in the front passenger seat, if something or someone weighs too little, the airbag automatically shuts off. Because of this safety feature, I put Em’s seat up front with me so she could help hand out P, B, & J’s. She was really excited to share food with people. We hit a usual corner, meaning, a place where there are always people with signs asking for money. We were at the stop light and I hung my head out the window with a bag lunch and water bottle in hand. I asked the guy if he wanted some lunch but he turned us down. His sign read, “Deaf in left ear Blind in left eye 6 year veteran Hungry Anything helps”. Em said, “I guess he just wanted alcohol, mommy.” I assured her not all homeless people are alcoholics, but a lot of them like money since they can go to homeless shelters for food. However, ‘Anything helps’ must only mean money…
Most of the signs said something to the effect of “Will work for food” or “Disabled Vet, For Hire” or the one I have seen on 3 different corners held by 3 different guys, “Short $18 rent. Father of 3. Anything helps.” I must say, I think that it is interesting that 3 different guys on 3 different corners are all fathers of 3 and short the exact amount of rent money, but hey, maybe I’m a little cynical…Anyway…
So there was this one guy on the corner of Speer and Colfax, a very hot spot. The first time we were approaching him, the light was green so we prayed that God would turn it red. It stayed green so we had to proceed through the light and turn left. Em said, “Mom, why didn’t God turn the light red?” I said, “Maybe because someone around the block needs lunch.” Sure enough, Em spotted a guy around the corner so we handed him lunch. On our second trip around the block, Em wanted me to ‘gun it’ through a yellow light so we could make the other light. I didn’t ‘gun it’ and so we missed the light again! I thought, “There are a lot of other homeless people we could feed, we’ll just head to another block.” But Em said, “Mom, I really want to feed that guy. Please go around the block one more time.”
We went around the block once more and finally got a red light. I waved the guy down and asked him if he wanted lunch. He said, “Thank you girls so much. God bless you both.” His sign simply read, “Christ is the Lord.” Em thought that was pretty much the coolest thing of the day. In fact, when I asked her what her favorite part of today was she said, “Seeing that guy’s sign and sharing food with hungry people.”
She’s excited for it to become a monthly outreach. Next time we’ll go out on foot. It made my heart happy to see how excited she was to share. She’s got such a huge heart! I’d love to hear more stories of how God has shown you the gifts in your children…



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  1. Emma, you are an amazing little girl.. You have wisdom far beyond your age. I pray that God will use you for great things. If I had to choose the friends that my 6 year old would be surrounded by, they would be just like you!!

  2. Love the post! What a great outreach! We live in the country so finding homeless people becomes a bit more challenging however we have a clothing store totally run on donations and all the money raised is used for missions. And we have a wonderful pantry. Just this past Wednesday I took my one son and we voluntered at the clothing store, cleaning putting out items. It was a great experience for my son and for me to do it together. I love to hear stories of Em and her wonderful heart. You are doing such a great job of encouraging and using her gifts. Great job!

  3. Love this…and love this subject. I’m so excited to see what giftings and pulls my kiddos have. They are only 4, 3, and 1 right now (with another due any day now), but I can definitely see certain things that they are drawn to. For instance, my son (just turned 4), is VERY meticulous. He likes to follow the rules and make sure others do to, he loves to be organized and hates disorder, etc. Although in relationships, he seems to be more of a follower than a leader, those other things definitely point to some kind of administration giftings…whether it be in the lead or an awesome support person. Gosh, who knows though…like I said, only 4. It’s just so fun to watch though…to see it all bud and grow within them. I’m excited. Just what I’ve observed so far.

    We are actually on the mission field, so sometimes it seems “easier” for us to have needs and ways of reaching out thrown in our faces. 🙂 It’s a much easier thing to not do when you live in the states I think (was for me)…so kudos to you for making this happen for your daughter. That’s so awesome.

  4. I have a 20 year old step-son, Josh, 12 year old daughter, Emily and 7 year old son, Jeremiah. Every year, for the past 7 or so years, we go to the Denver Zoo. It is tradition that we pack lunches for the homeless and on our way, hand them out. Our kids love it. They fight over who gets to hand out the next lunch. They, too, have big hearts! Kids teach us so much, as we have much to learn.

  5. Hey…here’s something else you might try. We like to fill up large freezer bags with toiletries and small new testaments, along with vouchers for free meals at different fast food places, granola bars, raisins, etc. When we see anyone holding up a sign of any sort, we just hand them a baggie. My son came up with the idea of adding a phone card so that people could call home and “make up with their loved ones if they need to”. We just keep several baggies in our car at all times. It’s been a wonderful way to be able to watch Bryan in action!

  6. It is so neat to see how the Lord will open our eyes and show us how we can serve Him through serving others.

    I am a Mom of two, a boy 4, and a girl 5. They love to draw pictures and color. (like most kids) I keep their pictures together so when we visit the nursing home or people in the hospital they can hand them out. I can’t keep all the pictures so this is a good way to put their work to good use. It is always so encouraging to me to see how the kids enjoy making other people feel loved!

    Reading your blog has been a blessing to me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. She will remember this day forever…not that she hasn’t had some amazing other days that have impacted her greatly,…but how that worked out for you to drive around the corner, again for ‘the guy she wanted to feed’ and that he had a sign porclaimg Jesus is Lord.!.. that was pretty cool! God is good, and your heart may have more than just a little bit of how her heart loves the way it does. it’s contagious!

  8. Wow!! I discovered your blog through a friend of mine in my online Bible Study, Engage The Journey. My first blog post on my blog is about your blog. And I read all your posts but havent been back for awhile. And it’s so great to read this today.
    I’m 23 and today I went with a small group from my church and connected with a few other groups today and we went into the inner city in Minneapolis and help to clean a school. There were different assignments: some groups cleaned the hallways, others cleaned storage units and the kitchen refrigerator, my group painted a computer room, others painted hallways, etc. It was such a blessing because these children will walk into school on Monday and see what has been done. And “feel” the difference: the brightness of color with the new paint, the cleanliness of their lunch tables and hallways, the newly vaccuumed floors in their classrooms. I’m so excited to get feedback about the reactions from the kids.
    I look forward to seeing if the PB&J becomes a monthly endeavor or if Emma will be creative to find new ways to Love.

    Grace and Peace.

  9. Adrienne
    You are such an amazing mom and
    I have read Noah’s blog for a long time now and your faith and your lessons to your children and your strong love for our Lord just make me so encouraged and inspired and teach me things I can do each day to be a better mom to and to SHOW JESUS to my children each day through my daily acts of love and giving to others. Really, truly
    deep in my Spirit I pray that the Lord blesses you deeply because of Noah’s blog and the love and inspiration you give because of your deep faith and your true love for Jesus. Thank you Adrienne and GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY!!!!
    love & hugs & blessings~
    Lynda Bishop

  10. That is SO COOL! 🙂 What an amazing thing to do… I am so inspired by you guys! 🙂 Emily is such a wonderful little girl. Little girl with a BIG heart! 🙂

  11. Wow, what an awesome inspiration. I would love to follow your example someday and hand out sandwiches with my children. You said something about teaching Em to be compassionate, and I think you’re doing exactly that. We’re having a speaker at our MOPS group this spring who is talking about teaching our children compassion. I’m looking forward to learning more. For now, I’m trying to get my little one to not throw her baby dolls on the floor!

  12. this is why your daughter truly amazes me! she has a heart of gold and is absolutely incredible. i can say she made me realize what life is really about…you all have. tell em hey and to keep being amazing!
    sending you all my love and prayers,
    peace and love, claire

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