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Tubing with friends
My kid likes attention, but not corporate attention…
I didn’t realize her mouth could open so wide. She’s pretending to be afraid of the octopus car wash.
Yesterday at church they played a video of answers children gave to questions asked. When asked what Emily was going to give God for Christmas, she said, “My heart.”

Then, after church, I was telling Jason how much I love Em’s heart and her sensitivity, emphasizing her thoughtfulness. He told me that one night while I was bawling in Noah’s empty room, Emily had suggested they paint a box the colors of Noah’s room so I could ‘take his room with me’.

For the most part, at the end of each day, Jason and I ask Em what her favorite part of the day was. Today in the car, without even asking, she said, “Mom, my favorite part of today was helping decorate for the Joy House Christmas party.” She was our little assistant today, helping to set up for a party for battered women and their children.

Also at church on Sunday, my friend Jill, our pastor’s wife, came up and said, “I have a small gift for you but it has a funny story.” She handed me a bag with a V*enus razor and a sweet smelling candle. She said, “The other day Emily told me that a really good present for her mom would be a smelly candle and a new razor because the cleaning lady at the loft took hers.”

While waiting for the elevator, Emily said, “Mom, look at this brick. It is unusual.” There was one green brick among hundreds. That is a four syllable word. (See post on reading *smiley face*)

Man, I love her!



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  1. With all your pain and loss, somehow you still manage to go on. You manage to *live* life. Your posts touch my heart always and tears stream down my face after almost every one of them. You have such love, hope and joy. I can learn so much from you….

  2. What an amazing, thoughtful, caring, beautiful, intelligent young lady you have raised! She is the green brick among all of the ordinary red ones 🙂

  3. When your blog was first introduced to me back in January, it was with the tag line “this is the saddest blog ever” – but as I have read your posts, both old and new – “sad” is not the adjective I would chose overall. Words like “real”, “thought provoking”, “challenging”, “true”, “pure” and “faithful” come to mind – all mixed in with joy, sadness, hope, frustration, and an wonderful openness. Thank you for continuing to share your heart!

  4. I would love to live in town of a big city!

    And Em’s statement to her daddy about painting a box…how precious!!!! I love the way kiddos think!

    Praying for you as you face the next month.

  5. i think she must be a combination of two things…

    1) great design by her heavenly Father


    2) great parenting and example by her earthly mother & father.

    she’s amazing. to have a kid with such sensitivity and thoughtfulness. wow. most adults never accomplish this- and here she is. she sees the extraordinary because she herself is the extraordinary.

  6. That kid has won her way into our hearts as well! She is so sweet and thoughtful. I love the part about painting a box so you can take Noah’s room with you. That is a special kid right there! I can’t wait to see the things she accomplishes for the Lord in her life! She has already touched so many hearts as did her little brother! God bless you all this holiday season!!!!

  7. Man GOD is GOOD! I sit hear in tears as I write you. Your family has blessed me so much today. There is no doubt that GOD is all over you. It comes out in your words, your thoughts and your actions. Your baby Noah was just as blessed to have you as a mommy as you are to have him as your son. May the Lord GOD be with you and bless you in all that you do.

  8. I have followed your blog through a link from a friend and first I wanted to say how your son Noah and your loss have touched me. I cry every time I come here.

    I was compelled to post today though as I saw the picture of Em in her car seat. This is an overhead shield type car seat and it is not recommended. You want to get Em into a 5 point harness car seat – for long term investment, I would recommend the Britax Regent. You can learn more about the benefits of keeping a child in a harness at – I volunteer for that foundation and am a Child Passenger Safety Technician.

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