For those of you praying for my mom, I just wanted to share an update…

She and my dad got to the hospital early this morning. They started surgery at 8:15. My dad just got a call at 11:45 that they had completed one side and are moving onto the next. They expect to be done around 2pm. They said all is well and looking good.
Dad went back to my mom’s recovery room to rest a bit, since they were up at 3am. My big sis and I sniffed out a warm solarium with west views of the entire Rocky Mountain range, from Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs to the Wyoming border. It was also the only place my computer could find wi-fi.
It’s surreal knowing what is going on as I sit here and take in these beautiful views.
I don’t think, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I don’t wonder that. We live on Earth, in a fallen world, and as my mom said as soon as she was diagnosed with breast cancer, “God doesn’t owe me life on my terms.”
And, anywhere you look in the Bible, there are trials, pain, and suffering, mixed with hope and joy and great expectation…people with fairly decent records and the ones society and religious circles had kicked to the curb.
I just wish my mom didn’t have to go through this…this pain…this portion of the journey…really, any of this.
As we prayed together last night, she said, “I want to use this for God’s glory. I want to be able to encourage others who will have to face this one day. This will not be in vain.”
My mom is a rock. She isn’t The Rock. But she stands on The One Who Is.
As I prayed with my folks, all of us holding hands over the table, I was overwhelmed and so very thankful that God introduced them, that our family of 5 growing up was always close, that my parents came to know the Lord when my big sister and I were young ladies, that we’ve been able to grow in our walks with the Lord as our family has grown over the years. I am so thankful my parents love one another. Grateful they didn’t get stuck in a religious rut that was an endless grave of duty and performance. Thankful to know God intimately because of His ultimate expression of love through His Son, Jesus Christ.
Whether we walk through trials, which we all will, or whether things are coasting along seemingly, God will always get the glory from our family.
Anyway, what I was saying is God’s got this…and my mom is doing well. I’ll update later.


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  1. Wow Ade, you have such a way with words. I love that “God doesn’t ow me life on my terms” that is amazing and I will remember that forever. It makes it difficult at times but as you said, there is strife and greatness all together in the bible. God WILL use this for His glory. My mom just went through a lumpectomy and is doing radiation right now (35 treatments) and it has brought her closer to Him than I have ever seen in the 38 years of my life. I am inspired to see His work through this for her. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.~Tiffany

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