The surgeon came in to tell us that her portion of the surgery went well and is complete. Now the plastic surgeon is with her finishing his part. My mom will be out of surgery around 4pm, then to recovery and then finally into her room.

The cancer did spread to her left armpit, so the surgeon removed a series of lymph nodes to be sent off for diagnostics. What this means is that what was originally only a chance she would have to have radiation, now is part of the protocol.
My dear friend came to sit with me so I’m going to go.
Thank you so much for your prayers for my mom! I know you all have journeys of your own going on right now, and so please know we don’t stop praying for you and yours even though we are in the midst of our own needs. Please feel free, as you did when Noah was in the hospital, to put your prayer needs in the comment section and we’ll pray for you, too!!!
I will post again later when I see her and then we are probably setting up a Caringbridge site for my mom so she can post her heart and thoughts and you guys can send her messages of encouragement there.


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  1. My dear friend, who is walking through the very same thing, commented that she is planning on walking through this valley and planting her flag of victory on the other side.

    I pray that same for your mom!

    Victory belongs to the Lord!

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