We had no sunsets in Dallas, but the ‘physical’ therapy was well worth it. We got to spend some quality time with old friends that lost their dad/husband just one month before Noah died. We hadn’t gotten to be together, so hugging, crying and late night talks were on the agenda, along with good meals and time by the pool. We then headed down to Baylor to see old friends that had literally moved there from CA just 3 days prior. We met 12 years ago in Minneapolis where Dave and I worked together. There was a group of 5 of us couples that did life together, Bible study, fun meals, weekends away. Anyway, in one weekend (we flew in and out of Mpls) we were able to see 3 of those couples and their kids. *(One couple moved up to WI with their beautiful kids. We hear he’s gone ‘Grizzly Adams’ with a full beard, flannel, building a log house, eating Muskies raw…JK) Anyway, Saturday the 21st we drove from Waco back up to Dallas, hopped on the plane, got into Mpls late, checked into our hotel, then ran over to St. Anthony Main to join Jason’s sister and her husband and some friends for the greatest fireworks around! It was a long day but Em was a trooper and the fireworks and popcorn made for a good distraction.

We’re back in SD as of the middle of last night and I’m looking forward to what kind of sunset God has on the horizon tonight. I’m going to be sharing some of my journey and Noah’s story with the ladies this Thursday night, the 26th, at 7:00pm at Family Worship Center Foursquare Church in Watertown if anyone is interested. Please pray for me as I venture more into this avenue of sharing. Last night after we grabbed a bite of dinner on our way out of town, I shared with some complete strangers in the parking lot the story of Noah and our hope in the Lord. They had a sweet 8 month old boy with blond hair and big blue eyes that kept staring at me and smiling. Anyway, Jason asked me if sharing Noah’s story was therapeutic for me. I said that it is because it is also an open door to share the gospel of Christ. I have found that a lot of different things have proven ‘therapeutic’ for me in healing the pain of missing Noah. Sitting with old friends for the last week and a half was definitely good for my soul…


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  1. Hi there Adrienne! I am glad you had a good time while in Texas!! It’s funny to think you guys weren’t too far from us at all. We live in Magnolia which isn’t “too” far off from Dallas or Waco…Love all the pictures and I am so happy you’re able to share Noah’s beautiful story with even more people!!! I haven’t been able to post much in a while but of course have been keeping up with your journey as always….Give Emily big hugs and kisses from us in Texas and tell her we love her awesome hairdo!!!

    Love Always,
    Paula and Family

  2. Adrienne, wanted to say thank you to you for encouraging all of us to take time to watch the sun set each day. I have done it MANY times this month. We are blessed with a great view of summer sunsets in our back yard. I am amazed that each night it is totally different than the nights previously. Thank you for getting us back to God’s beautiful artwork.

  3. Do you have to reserve a spot or anything in Watertown to be able to attend?

    I have learned so much from you and your family with everything that you have gone through and witnessed. It is so amazing to me how you can explain everything and it makes perfect sense. Everyday I check to see if you have added to your blog!!

    Thanks for all you have done

  4. Hi! I’ve commented lots of times on here, but I’m a friend of Jennifer McKinney’s. Watertown is 1 hour away from me, so who knows…if the hubby is feeling extra nice, maybe he’ll let me come up and meet you in person! 🙂

  5. Adrienne-
    Glad to hear you guys are back safely! I can’t wait to hear you talk on Thur. I will be sure not to wear mascara that night! I love Emily’s hair! Very cute! Hey, did you want to take the kids to the pool while you are still here or are you running out of time?

    Jennie P.

  6. Adrienne, you and Noah have touched more lives than you care to know. I love reading your blog, it helps me put my own life into perspective and gives me an inner peace knowing He is there for me, too. Thank you for sharing your unwavering faith!

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