May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.
Psalm 19:14
Lord, I pray that You will be glorified in my sharing Noah’s story. I pray that Your words would be spoken and Your heart conveyed. Lord, please give me Your peace as I share and may the hearts of everyone who hears be encouraged to know of Your deeper love for them.
Lord, even though I wish I could share for other reasons, I am more than grateful to have been given Noah as our son. Thank You for the treasure of knowing him this side of Heaven. Thank You for the promise of living true abundant life with You on that side…
It gives me peace to know that my sweet Noah is safe in Your presence…Give him a squeeze for me, if You don’t mind.
Thanks. Amen.



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  1. My spirit continues to be touched by you and Noah. And yes, my love for our Lord grows deeper and deeper, and I can honestly say that you have played a major role in this wonderful relationship I continue to nurture with God. As we say at the end of church each week…”mass never ends, it must be lived, so let’s go forth to love and serve our Lord.” You serve him well!

  2. Adrienne, that brought tears to my eyes just now. How am I going to get through tonight? I can’t wait to hear you speak and I will say a little prayer for you today. See you tonight!

  3. Amen…
    A friend of mine wrote a song and sang it at her son Samuel’s memorial service (he died at 17 days, the third baby they’d lost in as many years). It spoke about ‘all the things that she wants to much to do…Dear Jesus, will you?’…precious and beautiful words. I’ll see if she can email me the words, and I’ll pass them along to you (not sure she’d want it ‘broadcast’ if it’s not copyrighted).

  4. What a beautiful prayer, it tells so much of your heart. Thanks, for touching my heart and bringing tears to my eyes with it. I will be praying for you the rest of the day and night.

    May the RISEN CHIRST touch you in a special way today and bring a ‘squeeze’ to you as well.

  5. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your closed eyes and his look exactly the same!

    How did you schedule the photographer, and whom did you use?

  6. Adrienne, you are such an encouragement to me… and I don’t even have children.

    Know that I am praying my heart out for you as you prepare to speak tonight. God will give you words. He will be glorified through all your words, laughter and tears.

    Your obedience to follow God’s leading is AWESOME! So many of us have a calling and ignore it because of our fears. Thank you for answering God’s call for your life with so much beauty and love.

  7. I read this I think very soon after you posted it Adrienne because there were no comments yet. Anyway,I was at a loss for words like I am many times after reading something you’ve written. Your prayer touched me deeply and the pictures made me cry. They are more than beautiful. The picture of you holding Noah is breathtaking and makes me smile and sob both at the same time because I know you have peace knowing he’s with the Lord but I also know you miss him like crazy and can’t wait to be with him again. We are praying hard for you, Jason and Emily every single day. Good Luck with tonight!!

    Paula and Family

  8. Those are two of the most precious pictures I have EVER seen Adrienne. The one of you holding Noah reminds me of the comment you made in a post months ago about how your lips and the bridge of Noah’s nose fit together like a lock and key. I kiss my children in that same spot almost every day and then can’t help but think of you and the influence you’ve had in my life through your testimony.

    I’ll be praying that your time of sharing Noah’s story will reach many hearts this evening.

  9. Adrienne

    I still love to read and be inspired by your blogs. Noah was a great gift for many. How blessed you were to be chosen as his “mommy”.

    Love you


  10. My heart understands that prayer completely. I even originally named my blog, “This side of Heaven”, because that is how I live my life each day. Knwoing that in a ‘moment’…just a breath away, lies my eternal home. I pray that God WILL continue to use you to share His message of love and home and that through Noah’s death many will come to know the same peace and assurance that carries you {and me =)} through the trials we face. I am always encouraged to see that your faith is continually stregthened when you speak of the pain you have had- but the joy you felt in having Noah here on earth. I am the same way. I sometimes wonder why God has uses tragedy and pain to reveal HImself to others…but I trust that He knows what He’s doing. And in that, lies our comfort and peace. Thank you for allowing Him to use you. Even when it meant you had to surrendar Noah to Him. I pray it WILL be worth it all. SOmeday. =) Hugs and prayers for you and Jason and Em. Because I know we need them- each and everyday.

  11. That…. was beautiful. AMEN! If you’re EVER speaking in MN, please let us know via your blog as I’m sure many would travel a great distance to hear you speak.

  12. Adrienne,
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile and have been praying for you often, but last night I had a vivid dream that I was at your house and talking with you, and you were asking for more prayers just to help with the pain- we live on opposite sides of the country and we’ll probably never meet on this side of heaven- but I took that dream as a sign that I need to be praying for you and your family even more! When the pain gets to be unbearable, I pray God will comfort you with his peace and love!

  13. Adrienne,

    Its been a little while since Ive been able to check in on you. Thank you for sharing your trip and the beautiful photos!

    I am so glad you continue to share your story with others. Its a gift you give each one. I can imagine the strangers in the parking lot with the little boy will never forget Noah and appreciate their little one even more even though they thought that wasn’t possible. Again a gift you share.

    I pray for continued fun, sunshine and opportunities to be with family and friends. As well the ability to cross paths with the people who need you and Noah the most.

    Thank you for the new photos. They are gorgeous and fill my heart. I am sending my love to you Em and Jason.


  14. thank you for encouraging me Noah’s mom! Actually i have to encourage you=) I really miss Noah. Let God be with Noah forever.

    Praise Jesus Graves Family!

    Jenny Jeon at
    CCS from Seoul,

  15. Adrienne,
    I’m very thankful that ‘my friend’ Joni and I made the trip last Thursday from Watertown. You have used the word surreal many times to describe your feelings and that is how I felt on Thursday night. I was blessed beyond words. You did a great job and left a thumb print on my heart (not that there wasn’t one there already), but it’s bigger now :). Your words have continued to ring in my thoughts. My focus has changed. The statement you made about heaven/hell and the closeness was a lightning bolt in my spirit.
    I am so grateful to God for this blog and for you and your family. I told you that Noah and your situation changed my life. I have been a Christian for a long time but never walked such a journey that connected me to God in such an overwhelming way. I will continue to pray for open doors and open hearts and for kingdom seekers to become kingdom inhabitants thru your ministry.
    Sue from Aberdeen

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