Today, somewhere in the world, it’s already May 2nd. My sweet friend, Carly Dudley, and her husband Sam, have touched the hearts of my family in a profound way…all the way from Down Under. For a couple of years now, Carly has been raising awareness of grief and baby loss all around the world! On the beautiful sands of a beach near her home in Perth, Australia, Carly has written literally thousands of names of children who have passed away. Noah’s name is framed in our bedroom. We were among the first to have our sweet guy’s name written in the sand…but the first was their very own son, Christian.

Today, May 2nd, is International Babylost Mothers Day.

No, it doesn’t have that easy, cheerful ring of simply “Mother’s Day”. And the reality is, “Mother’s Day” for some women, is a grinding sound in their ears, like nails on a chalkboard. No sticky fingers are bringing them breakfast in bed or flowers or hand drawn pictures. But, truth be told, these women…women like me, even if we have living children here on earth, or if all of their children are waiting for them in Heaven, are still, and always will be, Mom’s.

Carly started this movement. It is not an American thing or an Australian thing. Mom’s live on every continent, and a woman who has lost a child will still always be a mama. It is with that in mind that Carly wanted to recognize mom’s everywhere by declaring May 2nd a day to remember and a day to celebrate mom’s everywhere.

I send my love, encouragement and prayers out for all the women in the world who have experienced the grief of losing a child, no matter the age, whether by choice or not…your hearts are tender and your loss is deep. I am so sorry. I know words don’t bring your child back to you, but my prayer is that they are an encouragement to your heart.

Here is the link to a community of Mom’s around the world:

If you know a Mom who has grieved the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child of any age, below is the flower that Carly has made to send to that woman, in honor and remembrance…because no matter where her children “live”, she is a beautiful Mom.

I am so proud of Carly! She is a beautiful mom to Scarlet, River, Christian and Ocea. I hope to one day walk those sands with her. It’s only been my goal to go to Australia since I was in 2nd grade. I’m hoping it’ll be a 40-year birthday celebration in 2012, Lord willing!



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