I like most things natural…produce, peanut butter, acupuncture, herbal remedies…but, baby, I’m not gonna lie…I’m loving this epidural! Just hanging out waiting to meet “Baby Nacho”.



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  1. I haven’t commented here in a long time, mainly because I “blog hop” without so much as a “I was here – thanks for writing” comment. For that, I apologize. But I did want to say I am praying for you as you go through the beautiful process of growing your family. Looking forward to seeing your sweet boy’s face. Good luck and much love.

  2. Been checking FB all night long until my fingers are sore, hehe. It’s bedtime here in Michigan so I’ll be checking in on you first thing in the morning. 😀

  3. I have read your blog since the beginning of Noah’s story. It changed me…put me on a path back to a relationship with God. Not the “typical church” relationship that my soul cried out against..(not that church is bad) but instead..a true..real..intimate relationship. Thank you for your part in that. I have never commented before. I read your blog all the time. Congratulations on the baby. Becky

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