“Loosely affiliated…”

I’ve thought about the above wording a lot lately. I’ve heard it in different circles, and if not that exact terminology, words of equivalent significance. The words imply a casual connection, a non-intimate or familiar relationship. Often it is in reference to a religious denomination affiliation. “I was born Catholic…I’m kind of a Christian…I’m Jewish by blood but not practice, you know, socially…”

God’s not looking to be ‘loosely affiliated’ with any one of His children. He’s intimate. If He weren’t, He wouldn’t have sent His Son to live earth life among His creation. Religion would have been sufficient…you know, actions here and there, going to worship once in a while, expecting a priest or pastor or rabbi to do the work for us. Intimacy, truly getting into God’s word to know Who He is, seeking His will in prayer, that’s not casual. It has nothing to do with denominational preference. It has everything to do with grasping the plain fact that God is so in love with us that He desires to be the Director of our lives, for His glory and for our good.

Affiliation means: to bring or receive into close connection as a member or branch, to combine

Loosely means: not rigidly fastened or securely attached; not in the possession of either of two competing teams

The definition of ‘affiliation’ reminds me in God’s word about Christ being the Vine and us being the branches. It also lays heavily on my heart that pruning is necessary when it comes to vines. Pruning keeps the branches close to the Source. I don’t despise it…

The definition of ‘loosely’ in the context of being connected to something is downright frightful. The branch on our peach tree that was loose from the last storm is in the dumpster in the alley. And as far as ‘not being in the possession of either of two competing teams’ as in a ball, well, in the scope of eternity, there are two competing teams: God’s and satan’s. If God doesn’t have possession of your life, with Christ as the captain, there’s only one other team…and believe me, it’s not news that he’s competing diligently to ‘steal the ball’.



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  1. Way to buck the system of political correctness!! It should be a priviledge to be ‘affiliated’, not a stigma.

    Great post, very thought and spirit provoking!


  2. Hey Adrienne,

    I’ve followed your blog piece by piece, from one turn of events to the next and I’ve always admired you. But yesterday I found out that my dad was diagnosed with MS and I thought of you. I hungered to come to your blog and be reminded that in the face of disease and death and abnormality, there can be life and grace and peace and joy. I want to be able to say I don’t despise the pruning either.

  3. Adrienne, I was so blessed to hear you speak in Watertown when you were back in South Dakota. I’m thriled that you took that opportunity to share with us what God has placed on your heart. What a divine appointment that was!!! You are an awsome mouthpiece for God. Continue to rock this world with THE word. Whether in person, or on your blog, you speak and carry the presence of God so strongly on you that those of us that cross paths with you are forever changed. I’m thrilled to call you “friend” even though we’ve only met once 🙂 Joni

  4. I can’t even remember how I found your blog, but I am so glad I did. You are such an inspiration – you not only talk to the talk, but you live it. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful family.

  5. your words touched me today. you see my dad had a stroke last month. he is 81 and has loved and served the Lord for sooooooo many years. it’s hard to see him like he is now but, what you had to say today was an encouragement to me. i know that he would be shaking his head up and down in agreement with you. love in Christ, carol

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