I’m aware this is random, but this is ‘Sara Lovey Dovey’, Em’s beta. I was taking pictures of her because her belly doesn’t look that great and she hasn’t been eating, so I wanted to show my sister who has a beta, and has a knack for ‘reviving’ fish. Anyway, I took the picture right up against her little bowl that it looks like she’s floating on my kitchen window sill. Random, huh? (P.S. My sis gave her tea tree oil and she’s doing great now…)

ANYWAY, it’s been non-stop here. We went rafting and camping with some friends over the holiday weekend, then my folks have been in town so we’ve been having quality time with them, and now we are headed up to the mountains for the weekend with my folks and my sister and her family for a little R & R at a friend’s cabin before my parents head back to Phoenix for a bit.

I am going to definitely share my story of my journey with food and gluttony, but since it’s lengthy, I haven’t been able to dive into it this past week.

As far as some of the comments and other people’s opinions, one thing Jason taught me early in our relationship is that it is okay to disagree. Obviously on earth, we aren’t all going to agree on the non-essentials all the time. That’s the beauty of variety and also learning to live and love in the body of Christ despite our differences. Also, concerning people posting comments that lead to discussions, that is great. Just know that since it is my blog, if I don’t want a particular comment, I’ll just delete it, that’s the beauty of being the author here, though I rarely do that. And, I will say this, my journey with food and gluttony integrates eastern and western medicine, prayer and acupuncture, herbs and natural supplements. I’m not a doctor, it is my experience, my years of research and tests, and it’s also my personal opinion…So, if it doesn’t line up with your moral conviction of whether the Chinese, who have been practicing medicine for 5000 years, know what they are talking about or if conventional drugs are the answer to everything, that’s not really the point…the point is, I was a very sick person, physically, and spiritually, and now, I’m free.

Have a great weekend!



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  1. what a cool picture! We used to have a beta but he died. 🙁

    Looking forward to hearing about your journey about food.

  2. Wonderful that you’re free!! Who would have known you could give tea tree oil to a FISH! I’d really like to know how that worked, exactly 🙂

  3. Adrienne, you are awesome and Praise God for you and your heart.

    I’m a little jealous, so may need prayer….I really want to go rafting and camping and up to the mountains. Hopefully soon.

    Have a blessed time with your family meeting the Risen Christ in each moment.

  4. Love the picture!

    Can’t wait to hear your journey- we have been SO blessed by acupuncture for my daughter with severe allergies- God definitely led us to this treatment, and also allowed us to witness to our acupuncturist.


  5. can’t wait to hear your story. as a mama feeling convicted on food intake 🙁 and needing to lose those last 10 lbs, i would love to be encouraged by your journey.

    and i am with you- i believe that God has given us all we need on our earth- and that if we just listen to our bodies, and how the wilderness operates that we would learn many secrets of healing- i think that many eastern medicines are right on- just with they’d point the results to the God almighty more often.

    random as well- that pic of the beta is SO COOL! 🙂 i was trying to figure it out before i read. 🙂

  6. I really do love reading what you have to say! Sounds like you’ve been enjoying family and the great outdoors–wonderful! 🙂 I too am looking forward to your story of your food journey–I have a lot to learn and hope to be encouraged by what you have already learned! Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  7. Glad you explained the picture – I was trying to figure out how you caught a picture of the fish on your window sill :). Very cool!!!

    You have been such an encouragement and inspiration to me – thanks for allowing God to use you and for giving Him the glory. You are amazing.

  8. Adrienne,

    I started reading your blog shortly after Noah joined the Kingdom of Heaven. I heard about it through another blog. I have to admit, I first started reading as a medical interest(I am an ER nurse at Children’s hospital in Birmingham, AL). It didn’t take long for me to become totally in engrossed in your blog. Now I read it nearly everyday. It has become my daily devotional, so to speak. I love the fact that you can share Noah’s story with the world. He has truly touched so many lives. I admire you for being such a devoted Christian and mother. You have become a true friend to so many people, whom you have never met. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me and many others.

  9. adrienne,

    because jason was older than me i didn’t get to know him as much as tonja and adam…but when you refer to him he always sounds so amazing. is he just like his dad?

    i didn’t know steve any better than he knew me, except through church. but there was only one reason i felt welcome there- people like steve.

    he remembered my name every time he saw me, he stopped what he was doing, stood closely and asked about my life. he had no reason to- but he did and it meant so much to me.

    jason sounds like a deep, deep river that runs quietly…just like his dad.

    as for accupuncture and chinese medicine: my sister-in-law is going back to school to study accupuncture/pressure. i think that if we believe that God created the human mind He can certainly be given credit when such amazing things are accomplished by using it.

  10. That photo is great. I am so glad the fishie is doing better. Yay for TT Oil.

    I had a red Beta back in High School and I loved that little guy. He lived for a few years.

    I am looking forward to reading your journey. I am hoping to find something I can grasp for myself as well. I have a lot of medical problems, I am pretty sick myself. Any hope that people truly do get well (whether it be mentally or physically) and move on with life is so very important to me.


  11. Adrienne- please pray for this little boy- ethanpowell.com. I hope everyone reading this will pray for him.

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