I really want to make one thing clear, but it’s late and I’m supposed to be in bed, so it will be short but expounded upon at a later date…

Sin is sin. I did not compare being overweight with murder and adultery. I did, however, level the sin of gluttony with murder and adultery. Actually, I didn’t, God did. There is no ‘better or lesser’ sin. If a person is overweight, they are not a sinner. ‘Skinny’ people are sinners, too. If a person is overweight because they have an addiction to food, it has become their ‘god’, that is a different story. It is a result of gluttony. If a person is overweight because they have a thyroid problem or some medical condition caused by something other than food abuse, they aren’t sinners! If a person is bone rail thin because they despise food, a gift from God, viewing it as evil and neglecting their temple that way, that is self-abuse, also a sin.

At some point I’ll share my journey through all this and the dream God gave me and the audible conversation He had with me, well actually, He just spoke and I listened, when He called me out on my gluttony.

In the meantime, I don’t think that if a person is ‘overweight’ that they are sinners because of their ‘appearance’. Sinners, ie all of mankind, come in all shapes and sizes…some sins can be ‘hidden’ for a time, others cannot, but the one thing that is true, regardless of our weaknesses, our tendencies and our ‘secret hidden sins’, God will bring them to light, because in Him there is no darkness. Praise God for that!



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  1. Love your blog.
    Through such pain you have inspired many.
    You look at the long term and aren’t just out for a quick fix to this worldly life we are part of.

    PS I need a direct word from God about gluttony too! I love to comfort eat.

    March on, friend.

    Sigrun Berry (Mlb, Australia)

  2. One of the things that God has been teaching me right now is my lack of obedience. There is a rebel inside of me (read the devil’s playground) and there was quite a stretch in my life where I wasn’t obedient to many things at all – and I definitely wasn’t obedient to God. He is so patient and loving and he has brought me to the place that I am. My food addiction has been made quite clear to me and how my disobedience has caused so many physical things to go askew. I am paying the price for my disobedience in this area. Being overweight has many consequenses. Sin has many consequenses. But thanks to God, and through His strength, I can turn that all around. I am obedient to his direction concerning my eating habits now. I have asked Him to show me all the areas of disobedience in my life. The blessings I have received are huge. I know that my obedience and my love for God are blessings to Him.

  3. Well said and bravo to you for being willing to share things you’ve struggled with. And for being willing to boldly stand behind what our God says. He hates sins and if ever wanting to draw each of us closer and closer and closer to Him!

  4. Wow- this called me out about my eating. I’ll look forward to checking back and reading your story- any words of wisdom you have for one wanting out of gluttony are appreciated.

  5. I love coming to your blog. You and your family have gone through what most people wont go through in a lifetime. You are a hero to9 me and enspire me daily. Sometimes when I read your blogs I am at a loss for words and don’t know exactly what to say. But just know that I would love to be there to help celebrate Noah’s birthday, however I am in Wisconsin and it’s not really going to work out.
    You and your family are always in my prayers.

  6. I agree. Sin is sin and in God’s eyes there are no “little” sins and “big” sins. Thank goodness there is someone that will love us and forgeive us. Because if it were left to humanity, there would big many different ways to be forgiven of “big” and “little” sins. Thank the Lord for JESUS! 🙂

  7. Adrienne, I just wanted to say that I think you were right on in your assessment of gluttony… I am overweight, and it may have started as a child, and then in college I lost it, and then gained it when I went on the pill… after that, however it was all me… it is a sin, and I know that. I am not in denial about it. It is called being “educated beyond my obedience”… something my old pastor used to say about some things.
    Anyway, i just wanted to encourage you to keep speaking the Truth, even when others don’t want to admit it or see it for what it is.

  8. I encourage you all to do some research on the genetic predisposition to weight and size. There are so many additional factors to consider – thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, metabolism, thymus…I can go on and on. These things do not only affect our weight, but our appetite and our sensations of being “full”.

    I am 5’8″ and 130 lbs. Why? Good genes. I am no better or more disciplined than someone 250 lbs.

    Let’s cut each other and ourselves some slack. Let’s not perpetuate the idea that overweight people have eaten their way to where they are now. Let’s just love, embrace and except ourselves and each other. I’m quite sure that your God will not deny you an after ife because you finished off the Twinkies.

    I’m also very sure that love is not measured in pounds.

  9. gluttony is a sin. adrienne didn’t come up with that one on her own. God did.

    gluttony of anything…food, material possessions, television viewing, sexual activity….etc. etc. we can become enslaved to just about anything in this world, which is why christ told us to be in this world but not of this world.

    i am certain that adrienne is not judging people who are over-weight, nor is she claiming that she is sinless. she is however, being honest and telling it like it is. when we give into the flesh to the point of gluttony- it is a sin. period.

  10. Thank you again for your post. I struggle with my overindulgences of food, and emotional eating. I do know that I am sinning when I eat beyond my full, and eat to calm my emotions. Sin is sin…

    My encouragement to you is that you share with us how you walked out of those shoes with God’s help, deliverance and grace. It is one thing to know we need to do it, it is another to find the road map for that path.

    It really drives me crazy when someone gives an apposing opinion and does not even leave their first name. But I guess what really matters is that God, the one that will either tell us well done my good and faithful servant, or I don’t know you…. God does know who he/she is.

  11. It’s so easy for all of you to pass judgment…we profess to abhore legalism but find it so comfortable. It is painful for those of us less perfect in our journey and heavier on the scale.

  12. I think maybe some who are posting comments here would benefit from going back and re-reading Adrienne’s post. She has made perfectly clear that being overweight is NOT a sin. And that there are going to be biological and physiological factors that will contribute to someone being a bit larger than others. Again…she made sure to point out that she is NOT saying that there is any sin in that situation! Please read her words carefully, and she is obviously very careful in how she communicates with them.

    Adrienne has been very appropriately addressing what the Lord DOES look at, and that is THE HEART. She is getting at the real issues, which are the attitudes that cause sinful behaviors. This spiritual battle is real, and we can all benefit from taking a step back and considering her words – whether it refers to food and eating or something completely other!

    Consider Hebrews 4:12 – “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” THAT, I believe, is a major part of what Adrienne is trying to convey. (I apologize if I’m getting off your point, Ade – please correct me if need be!) It is not Adrienne’s decision or judgement here in terms of what constitutes sin. It is God’s! And He makes these things clear in His Word, the Bible. So…we can look at the Scriptures that refer to gluttony. Greed. Pride. The list goes on and on…. And God’s Word tells us that it is about our attitudes. If you have no sinful struggles with eating and weight? Then there is no issue here with what she is saying! But…if you DO have issues with this, then her words are a loving admonishment to us to seek the Lord’s will in this area of our lives!

    I once went to a Weigh Down Workshop class to join. I actually had someone make fun of me because I was there, as I was too thin. My friend (Julia G, thank you!) came to my defense, as she knew that I was struggling with as issue similiar to what Adrienne is discussing here. I was not overweight, but I would use food as a comfort when I was sad or angry. When I was tired. FOOD was where I turned to meet a need! But the need was not hunger. So the Lord made clear to me that I needed to be seeking HIM, and Him alone, to meet those needs that only He could fill. And use food, the wonderful gift that it is, to fill my need for sustenance when I was hungry. It was a sinful attitude in my heart, making food a virtual idol, that was the problem. Not my body size.

    I hope this makes sense and helps some of you to see that Adrienne is not calling anyone a sinner simply for being “overweight.” Please re-read her post and see the main point. I know that the evil one would love to see more friction and confusion here. But the Lord Jesus is not a God of confusion! So I hope that the Holy Spirit will clear some of this up in your minds and hearts. For your good, and for HIS GLORY!!!

    Thanks again, Adrienne, for your willingness to share what the Lord lays on your heart. You are a blessing!

    Your sister in Christ,
    Jodie R.

  13. You know what I find fascinating? Adrienne is not a newscaster or a politician here…she is a blogger …and yet so many come here for politically correct insight.
    Look, if you are overweight but not because you mistreat food or have a food addiction…gluttony obviously doesn’t apply to you!
    But if gluttony doesn’t apply to you, what sin does??? The post was about sin in our lives, exposing it, and repenting of it…because doing so ushers in the freedom of forgiveness only offered through Jesus Christ.
    Adrienne quoted a lot of Scripture in her post about sin. Scripture is not legalistic although it can be hard to swallow because of the sin in our lives. Adrienne is called to spread TRUTH not sunshine…as are EACH and EVERY one of us. She comes to each post with love and the love that she has for thousands of people (who she does not know!) who come to this blog daily is so severe and without abandon that it reflects the love God has for us.
    Man, I’m fired up.
    My God’s love, forgiveness, peace, and joy knock your socks off today!

  14. I am the anonymous post from yesterday at 2:09. And Jane-Jane, the reason I did not post my name was because it was my first time on a blog and I did not know how to do so (not having an account). I’m sure God will still recognize me.

    My name is Lisa and I am an Endocrinologist (a doctor that studies the endocrine system). I was told about Noah’s blog some time ago, but only took the time to look at it a few days ago.

    First, Adrienne…your son, your family and this tribute are all beautiful, glorious and inspiring. I am so sorry for your loss. I did not intend to write at all because it did not seem there were adequate words…maybe I should’ve stuck with that thought! 🙂 However, after reading the pain in some of the posts regarding weight issues, I felt compelled to speak.

    My post really was not directed to Adrienne at all…In fact, I thought it was very much in agreement with the second post Adrienne wrote as a follow-up to the comments left. I was speaking to the people that wrote that are struggling with weight, and to the people that felt the issues could be prayed away. My point was that, while your faith in God can certainly help you on your journey, so can understanding the medical principles behind your struggle.

    Nothing speaks more to a perfectly balanced union of medicine and faith than Noah’s journey as documented in this blog. Adrienne has done an amazing job in that aspect. Weight issues and even the concept of “gluttony” can often be rooted in medical issues. Even if the issue is psychlogical (stress eating), that too can be affected by the physical (such as seratonin and norephrine). Even if you know WHY you eat, there may still be an underlying medical issue. If you struggle with weight or an eating disorder, please see a doctor. Have some labs run, and get some help in your journey torward health and wellness. If you had cancer, no one would expect you to only pray. You would also get medical help. All eating disorders…bulemia, anorexia, compulsive eating, are diseases and can be treated medically while remaining prayerful.

    It was not that long ago that the church drowned people they believed to be demonically possessed. We now have medications to treat the schizophrenia and mood disorders that may have been affecting these people. We are learning every day. Looking to science does not mean rejecting God…Adrienne has shown us that.

    On the subject of gluttony…please be cautious in making that judgement call for another person. We all have our indulgences…be it food, scrapbooking, blogging, football…what I may see as a healthy hobby, someone else may see as gluttonous because it takes time away from God’s work or as used as an escape. My point is that when someone crosses the line from hobby to gluttony or from a medical problem to gluttony may just be subjective to that person and their God. Maybe the two of them should work it out. Be careful before you judge.

    Lastly, I run a camp for children that struggle with endocrine and weight issues. These kids face ridicule and humiliation every day of their lives. While it is easy to hate the “sin” of gluttony, please keep in mind that when you judge something you may not know a lot about, you may also be perpetuating a stereotype that can be damaging and negatively life-altering to a child.

    Again, Adrienne…thank you sharing this beautiful journey and for providing a forum for intelligent women to discuss issues and hopefully grow a little. I wish you and your family all the best.

    Lisa R.

  15. I wanted to encourage you, Adrienne, as I read several comments, but the last comment from “pieces of you” said exactly what I was thinking and I can’t say it any better. 🙂
    I hope you will continue to write from your heart and love of the Lord. You are right on, and God’s Word often causes offense- that doesn’t mean we stop saying or believing it! I pray that these comments will not hurt you or linger on in your spirit… thank you for speaking the truth in love, even when others aren’t always willing to hear it.

  16. Wow- you’re blog gets some interesting and heated comments. For what it is worth from a stranger- I could “hear” your heart in your post- and it certainly isn’t judgemental. You have a gift of shedding light on the heart of God- as it is written in His word. Your message against sin is for people… God wants us to live in freedom!!! It isn’t about judgement or criticism…it is about not being willing to accept the bondage the enemy would like people to stay in. There is no personal attack here… just an attack on the enemy with the Word of God. Keep posting… you are getting Truth out there! God bless.

  17. Hi Adrienne I heard about this blog about 2 monthes ago and came to and let me tell you I went back and read teh whole thing that day I got so wrapped up 9don’t tell my boss as I was at work:) I have a 6 year old named Noah and my 13 year olds middle name is Steven also. I will never get into arguments and politics over anything said here as this is your way of expressing everything you went thru and all I have seen on this site is positive some people just like to make things seem negative but most of us see what you are really about which is a awesome person who has been thru alot and become a great inspiration to others like me and make us realize life is what we make it and what you have made Noahs life into is nothing more than spectacular and he was so blessed and still is so blessed to have you as his parents life is not and never will be perfect for anyone I do believe but we can try to better the things that are wrong and try and change some of our sins as we all have them as humans. You have touched so many as has Noah and he has done more in the short time he was here than I will probably do in a lifetime to touch so many and who can say that and you as his mom have done so much for many also in showing us how to show emotion and love instead of try and understand things we may never understand you take the positive and thrive on it you are truly a heroe to many!

  18. This makes me think of something I heard once…

    If you feel “offended” then there is usually a reason why. Your pride or refusal to admit you are wrong.

    Adrienne made it perfectly clear that being overweight was not a sin, but in cases where gluttony was at fault (food, media, whatever) THAT is sin.

    So when people get all snarky for no real reason, it tells me their pride has been stepped on and they’ve been “found out” and refuse to admit it.

    Blog on. This is good stuff.

  19. I’ve read this blog since September…the last anonymous post raised a good question that I have wondered about. Adrienne, do you want discussion/debate on this site, or should it be taken elsewhere? First and foremost, we all want to respect your space. Please let us know.

    I do have one comment…why can’t we respect someone else’s opinion without calling that person “lost” or “prideful” or “found out”? Why can’t someone just have a different opinion? I don’t agree with everything Lisa said, but I respect that she is trying to help people and I did learn a couple of things. She was respectful to Adrienne, she talked about love and acceptance, and her motives seemed good. Does everyone have to think exactly the same way as us?

    Just food for thought…

  20. Lisa R., thanks for the clarification. (also, men blog too!! 🙂

    Just wanted to offer up what I do when considering if an action of mine is a sin – look up. To me, all judgement goes away when we focus on our personal relationship with God. That’s where our faith begins and ends and if we listen closely enough He’ll show us the truth in everything. We need not worry about what others view as sins.

    Of course accountability and knowledge of scripture is paramount, but doesn’t it all just fall into place so nicely when we forget about humans and turn to Him for the answers?

    God bless all and have a safe and peaceful holiday weekend. Love you Ade, cb

  21. Lisa,
    I really appreciated your post. I have PCOS. I went undiagnosed for so many years. I have been struggling with weight issues again since having a baby. The weight started coming on at an alarming rate. I have been to my doctor and she said it is because of the hormones. I have also been struggling on whether or not to take my medication for this. I would like to thank you for giving me the push to get to an endocrinologist again. I have been going back and forth about seeing a doctor. Now I will.

    I was the one who posted the original comment on the 21st at 7:37 am.(the one with the bad dream) I have apologized to Adrienne for attacking her. I know the intent she had and I was wrong in my actions. So many feelings can get lost behind the few words we type on here. I never meant for all of this to get so out of hand. It has been very comforting reading everyones struggles. Thank you all for sharing them.


  22. Adrienne,
    I forgot to tell you thank you for encouraging me to read Galatians 5:1
    I could not go to sleep last night until I read it.


  23. Lisa from AZ abviously know what she is talking about. Thank you for your comment in light of so many flaky ones. I appreciate the balance you shared between the physical and spiritual. May you blessed for what you shared.

    I live in Europe where body image & obesity are much less problematic than they are in the States and I truly cannot believe some of the eating issues people tend to overspiritualize. Thank you for your sound advice to seek professional help while remaining prayerful at the same time.

  24. Conviction is a good thing when it brings change in our thinking and in our hearts. Unfortunately, some will only react with defensiveness and ignore the voice of God. I’ve heard it said that God is always a gentleman…he will whisper to get our attention, but never yell. ; ) By the grace of God, I was able to overcome my issues with food and lose 90 pounds several years ago. It is not about the food, or the body image, but the denying of the flesh to truly feed the spirit. I spent years finding “reasons”…medical, emotional, etc., but true healing came when I realized that I would never have the strength on my own to overcome my weight issues…it was/is 100% God’s strength and it is to Him that I give all the glory! You are amazing, Adrienne, and I applaud you again for not opting for the p.c. way out. God’s word is enough!
    Thanks again for lifting so many up!

  25. Sheri,

    Your emotions and struggle are real and honest. You opened an important discussion that will hopefully result in good things. I am so glad you are going back to the Endocrinologist. PCOS can cause all kinds of problems such as weight issues, acne, digestive problems, etc. Also, after women give birth, there can be dramatic (long term) changes in thyroid, pitiuitary and metabolism. Even something as simple as a drop in B12 (common among moms) can result in fatigue, depression and weight gain.

    Another important thing to consider is to find a great nutritionist and trainer. Nurses usually know the best ones. A good nutritionist can help you identify the foods that YOUR body can break down. A good trainer (one with experience in endocrine issues) can help you design an effective workout. For people with specific needs, sometimes a treadmill just isn’t enough. A lot of people think this will be very expensive, but you really only need them until you have a plan developed – you can execute the plan on your own.

    Gretchen, congratulations on losing the weight on your own. While that certainly is a great accomplishment (and you should be proud of it), it does not mean that everyone else will have the same experience. Like any medical condition, different people have different causes (some physical, some emotional, some both) and therefore have different journeys & treatments.

    With the help of God, medical professionals and the people that love us unconditionally…we each have the power to seek the counsel of experts, advocate for ourselves and fight for good health.

    Good luck and take care,
    Lisa R.

  26. Adrienne,
    Thanks for the post. I can say I am a emotional, stress eater and sometimes over indulges in food. I am trying real hard to change that and get into His word when I feel stress, sad, angry, etc. It is hard and I thank you for having the courage to say something. We should love each other and motivate each other to continue to grow in our walks with The Father. I love the pictures.

  27. Adrienne,

    I felt compelled to share something I read in my amplified version written by Joyce Meyer after I caught up with your blog after the holiday.

    Proud people feel they have to convince others that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They try to tell people how they need to change or what they need to do. As Proverbs 16:5 tells us, that kind of domineering, superior approach is not pleasing to God. He wants His children to walk in kindness and humility, not arrogance and pride.

    If Adrienne can be so totally transparent and share so much of herself and the struggles and sin of her own past, I don’t feel she’s judged anyone or is prideful. She gives hope to a fallen world!! For that I thank you! I thank you for the challenges you have brought before me in my life, so I can be changed and transformed into the image of Christ!
    Continue to be obedient to God’s leading Adrienne, even when you have to step on toes.
    He may lead you to correct them, but not convince them, that’s the job of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts and convinces people of the truth. As John 8:32 says… it is the truth that sets us free.
    Free people are happy people!
    Keep spreading the truth Adrienne, great will be your reward!!!!

  28. There are some great comments on this post. I was defensive when I first read it, but then really looked at what was written and realized there wasn’t anything to be defensive about. Adrienne, you write about things that are hard to talk about sometimes, but I always come away with new knowledge.

    I hope you get to have a fun celebration for Noah’s b-day.

    Thanks for your input. I was diagnosed with PCOS 7 years ago, but once I had my daughter it wasn’t followed at all. In the last year I have gained about 30 pounds. Yes, some of it was gluttony. But I wonder if some of it isn’t my metabolism. Your post made me realize that I should get it checked out.

  29. It’s been a while since you’ve posted, and I sincerely hope it’s only because life has you wrapped up – and not because the commentary has you disheartened.

    Your message is true. Your message is good. There is always someone who will have other views or not agree with every sentence you state – and that’s okay.

    You are living and speaking your life’s purpose. BLOG ON!

  30. I look forward to your insight on these issues (gluttony, sin, being overweight) whenever you get a chance to share your testimony. It’s something I have struggled with too.

    I have been praying for you as I’ve been gone from blog land – and I’m happy to see now that I’m back that you’re doing well. Take care! 🙂 – Randi

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