This picture was taken 42 minutes after Noah was born. Em was waiting in the hallway as my friends rotated in and out of the room during his delivery. Jason, my younger sister, and three girlfriends were present for his birth. One of the friends also acted as my doula and the other two were prayer warrior/cheerleader/documentarians. June 10th was an awesome day. I’m so grateful to God for the opportunity to have been a mom to Noah on earth and to be a mom to Em, here and now. That is one thing that can never be taken away…I will always be Noah’s mom.

Speaking of mom’s, I love Mother’s Day. I know not everyone does, and I don’t for the corsage, brunch buffet reasons, though those are fine. I love Mother’s Day for other reasons. I have a great mom on earth. I thank God for her. I have also been blessed with Jason’s mom. Growing up, my friend’s moms have all been wonderful women that I loved, too. I love watching my sisters be moms. I love being a mom! It’s the hardest most wonderful job on earth and the monetary pay stinks but the treasures in heaven far surpass anything I could ever hope for. BUT, the main reason I love Mother’s Day is that 20 years ago I was swept off my feet and drawn into the most amazing love relationship I could never have imagined!

We had moved across town and started going to the local Catholic church. (Before I get too deep into the story, this is not a Catholic bashing session, it’s just part of my testimony…) We had gone to a great charismatic Catholic church prior to our move, but it was too far to drive and they were starting to get into some weird stuff like contacting ancestral spirits and new age stuff (that’s another post…). They were desiring spiritual things, but not seeking the Holy Spirit. Anyway, the local church we moved near was so dead that they had to play pre-recorded music over the loud speakers because no one would sing, and the priest died…Mother’s Day was approaching and my dad told my mom she could pick anywhere to go that day for church. *Side note: My mom was raised Lutheran and my dad was Catholic. When they got married, she said she’d raise us Catholic, but with a twist…they taught us that our relationship was between God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Mary and the saints were great, but we weren’t supposed to pray to them. That worked for both my parents so, apparently it worked for us…

Anyway, we went to some really good Catholic churches growing up. I went to CCD (I have NO recollection of what that stands for now…), I took my first communion when I was in 4th grade because my parents wanted me to know what I was doing (that’s later than the norm, if I recall), and then at the end of 9th grade, 1987, I was confirmed. During my journey as a Catholic kid, I always trusted that God was real, that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and that I believed God and loved Him. I even wanted to be a nun because I really wanted to serve God and thought that was the only way I could. (Obviously that didn’t work…I thought boys were a little too cute. Phew! Just joking.) Anyway, as I watched the priests do mass, I always noticed that they raised their hands when they prayed. I wanted to do that, too. I wanted to express myself to God more than was the norm of stand up, sit down, kneel. I wanted to know God and talk to Him the way the priests seemed to.

So, back to Mother’s Day, 1987, we went to a little non-denominational charismatic church that my mom heard about through a new friend at the time. We walked in and there was a full band and people dancing in the aisles. I hadn’t seen anything like it except for at a U2 concert in 7th grade, but just a tad bit different scene…That day, my whole family dedicated our lives to the Lord and we never returned to the Catholic church. My grandmother told us we were going to hell for leaving the Catholic church, but later changed her tune when she fell in love with Christ in a more intimate way, realizing that it wasn’t a church or hierarchy of church leaders that could facilitate such a relationship.

I know some holidays change dates every year, Mother’s Day included, so I don’t know the exact day of May it landed on that year. All I know is that 20 years ago, I found what it was I was desiring so badly. I wanted to know the God that the priests had spoken of each week. I wanted to commune with Him, not just go through motions of taking communion. I didn’t want to have to ‘get to God’ through a pyramid of leaders. It didn’t have to be that complicated. I wanted to sit at His feet and learn His character, just me and Him. I wanted to know why the heck He would die on a cross for me. I wanted the crucifix to be personal. I knew Jesus had saved me from the pit of hell. I knew He was my Savior. I just never knew He wanted to be my Lord and I never really knew that’s what I desired so deeply until that one Mother’s Day.

This year’s Mother’s Day I’ve been asked to share a bit of my journey of trust with Noah at our church. I am extremely humbled and honored at the same time that Noah’s life and death have provided me such an awesome opportunity to share Christ’s love on this, my 20th birthday. Thank you, son, for such a cool birthday gift! You’re in my heart always, Handsome! I will always be proud to be your mama!



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  1. Praise Jesus for this awesome opportunity. Will be praying for you.

    Thanks for sharing your heart as always, last night I left Bible study wanting to be consumed by God. Your words here added to that.

    Wow, 20 years ago I was getting ready to turn 18 and graduate on the same day. It was the beginning of my journey to the Lord which began within the next year.

    Again, thanks and Happy Birthday!!

  2. Thanks for sharing all that Adrienne. It was perfect timing as I have been wrestling with this Mother’s Day… not knowing whether to feel overjoyed by the priviledge of becoming Ricky’s mom for his entire lifetime, or overwhelmed with sadness as I want so much to have him in my arms. You inspire me to “count it all joy” as I reflect on the gift of Motherhood that I was given so unexpectedly.

    God Bless! And Happy Mother’s Day, Meghan Johnson

  3. Thank you for this post and sharing YOUR testimony. We all, who call Jesus Lord, have our personal testimony because He is a personal God and meets each of us where we are. Praise Jesus!!!

  4. That is a beautiful picture, how did you look so amazing 42 minutes after delivery?!

    Thanks for sharing your story. I love to hear/read how people came to know the Lord.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Kiki, how did you look so good?
    Wonderful testimony. You are blessed, Noah and Em are blessed to have such a mommy. Happy Mother’s Day

  6. Loved your personal testimony. I will be thinking of you as you share your pain, your reflections, your thoughts and your journey on Sunday. Yes, life can be hard, yes, Mother’s don’t get paid well, but I can see it and ‘hear it’ that you wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sharing yourself and that journey so openly. God can and IS using you. Amazing. All my best. And Happy, happy Mother’s Day.

  7. What a beautiful family you guys are! Love the look on Em’s face as she is introduced to her brother… priceless!

    And your testimony is so beautiful!!! I know that God will use your blog and willingness to share your journey to change the lives of many. For those of us who know Jesus, you encourage and challenge us. For those who don’t know Jesus, you show them His love in every post.

    You are not only a wonderful mommy to two, but a wonderful child of God’s… spreading His good news, in the storms of life.

    Happy mother’s day, my sister in Christ.

  8. Dear Adrienne, I was wondering if you might pray for me. Mother’s Day is very difficult for me because my mother has no desire to have a relationship with me. I rejoice that God has given me a deep love for my children, but it has been a long process. I had to learn to love them since I never was nor knew how. I praise God that He taught me and is teaching me that.
    But as Mother’s Day draws closer, so does the pain of not having my own.
    I know how care so I am asking you to pray for me and for her. God knows who we are.
    Thank you and God bless.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day Adrienne. You are a beacon of light and hope in this often tough vocation. Your strength, vulnerability, honesty and most importantly FAITH are inspiring to me as I bumble my way through motherhood.

    God Bless you!

  10. Hi Adrienne… I have only posted once before, shortly after Noah went home to Jesus. I do check in often, though, to see how your family is doing and to read your inspiring posts. Jesus truly shines through you!
    This post definitely resonated with me because your background is very similar to mine. My mom was Catholic and my dad was Lutheran and I grew up in the Catholic church, as well. My parents would also give a debriefing on our way home from church often… explaining that there were certain things that they agree with and other things that were a little off. (and I too went to a charismatic Catholic church and didn’t take my first communion until 4th grade) 🙂 All the other kids were like 6! 🙂 We left the church when I was 12 to go to a non- denominational church. Anyway, I thought that was a funny coincidence.
    You will do great on Sunday when you share your story. You have such a wonderful testimony to share. I hope that you enjoy Mother’s Day!
    Also, I should say, since its been months since my last post.. that you and Jason were my Teen Mania team leaders when I was 15… It was the trip to Siberia… What amazing memories. You guys definitely made an impact on my life back then, and I am so glad to know that you are following Christ in such a bold way still today! God Bless.

  11. My mother and I share a great bond as well. I have been blessed 100 times more then I could ever deserve with the Mother I was given the day I was born. How could I ever thank Him for that? I don’t think its even possible.

    I think your kids are very blessed as well Adrienne. You have a lot to celebrate on Mother’s day.

    And Happy 20 years for the day your life began again and all of the blessings that have come because of it.


    P.S. Its kind of funny but the word verification that I had to type to have this message posted included the word “BRAT”. One thing my mother lovely calls me. teehee.

  12. Happy Mother’s day to you Adrienne! You are a beautiful, wonderful, AMAZING woman and little Em is so blessed to call you ‘MOM’!

  13. Happy Mother’s Day, Thinking of you! I will be praying for you for Sunday’s talk… you will be amazing..
    Chris and Terra

  14. I come to your site, daily and several times a day. I came across your blog just a few days before Noah went to live w/ Jesus. I can’t remember now, how I learned of your site, but someone directed me to it. I think I have posted only once before.
    I thank you for your inspiration.
    I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day & I will be praying for you as you share w/ your church on Sunday. God will give you the words He wants you to say.
    Jackie Carl

  15. Wishing you much love on this Mother’s Day and I’ll be thinking about you and your speech tomorrow. I think they made a wise choice… you have honestly helped me grow in my role as a Mother to my children. I believe you will continue to inspire countless others.

    So again, Thank You Adrienne for continuing to share your story and your heart!

    God Bless!

  16. Adrienne

    Bless you today. May your heart be peaceful and feel God’s love all around you. Happy Mother’s Day
    to someone I really think is a beautiful loving mommy to her sweet children. Reading your blog blesses my heart and helps me be a better mommy.
    love & blessings~

  17. I read your blog very frequently and I wanted to tell you that you did a great job speaking at church this Sunday. Your faith and trust in God continues to inspire me.

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