First things first…Nick is doing so much better! He’s out of the ICU and has been able to have visitors, though his daughters want to see him so badly and haven’t been able to due to fevers and sniffles…another thing we can add to the prayer list. The docs are still waiting for lab results, but the important thing to note is that Nick is miraculously here today and that is undeniable. Thank you, Lord!

We had a great time in Florida! It was a humbling experience to be blessed by so many different people who generously gave of their resources so that we could take a trip as a family. Our church linked with friends in Celebration (Orlando) at Celebrate Church, along with people within the Celebration community, and, in a nutshell, knocked our socks off! We spent a few days at a gorgeous resort near Celebration, went to Mickey’s house, saw Shamu, ate in downtown Celebration every night, saw fireworks, and hung out at the pool each day. Jason made me go get a facial and a massage, so, as hard as it is to talk with stuff on your face and lips, by golly, I shared Noah’s story and the love of Jesus with those two ladies! We even got to go backstage of the dolphin show and see the animals up close and personal! Definitely a highlight memory!

So many English were on holiday everywhere we went. I met a woman named Joyce from Chester at the pool one day. She was on holiday with her daughter and her family for 5 or 6 weeks. They had been all over Florida. I shared with her why and how we were enjoying such a special trip. She said we have something in common…She lost her first child to miscarriage. Her daughter is married and has two children. Her son, John, died 13 years ago from cancer. He was 26 years old and had just been married one year. She assured me that she will never forget, and neither will we…she shared that some people avoid speaking to her altogether. Others literally cross the street when they see her coming, to act as if they did not see her, rather than saying anything. So odd…13 years later. Her friends still speak of John, obviously not all the time, but I could tell it meant a lot to her to even share his life with me, a complete stranger. It was interesting to have a glimpse of someone else’s life years down the hard road. I encouraged her of the hope we have in Christ and the peace of heaven. I can honestly say that was the first time I hugged a stranger in my bathing suit! Jason made me go get a facial and a massage the last day at Reunion, so, as hard as it is to talk with stuff on your face and lips, by golly, I shared Noah’s story and the love of Jesus with those two ladies! (And they thought I was their captive audience…I was on vacation, but not from sharing a message of hope and peace!)

We then headed out to St. Petersburg for the final days of our trip to a great condo another family offered us. The beach was crushed shells out front of the hotel. It was beautiful and warm and very soothing watching and hearing the waves hit the shore. We spelunked for shells everyday, gathering a collection of our favorites which we brought home and have sorted a few times. Emily claims we can hear the ocean in every single one!

The last day we drove out to a state park to comb the beach before dinner…what is it about sand that beckons every person, I would venture to guess, to draw a picture or write someones name? We all know it is going to eventually wash away, yet we still do it. It’s like natural graffiti. I wrote Noah’s name because I was thinking of him every minute of everyday…we were on a vacation because of him…That night Jason tucked Em in while I started packing all of the generous gifts we had been given into our suitcases. We don’t have cable, so when we go on trips we flip through the channels, usually getting sucked into some cake decorating contest on the Food Network, a remodel show on HGTV, or some medical mystery on TLC. Well, as I packed, I watched a medical mystery show and lost it when one story was about a baby boy whose prognosis was bleak. I was so sad those parents and older siblings endured all they did, but was encouraged that all of them said their lives were richer because of it. Their little guy is still with them for only God knows how long, but it was cool to see them making the most of everyday instead of living too far into the future…

Anyway, Jason, Em and I are so grateful to have had a week in Florida courtesy of so many generous people. Thank yous are on the way, but we enjoyed each other and being able to meet some of you. We pray that you and yours would be blessed for how you have blessed our lives and hearts. What a memory to treasure…a trip because of Noah! Thank you!



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  1. Adrienne…I am happy you and your family got to spend a wonderful week in Florida. My husband and I want to go there very soon. We live five minutes from Disneyland and are ready to see Walt Disney World. I am happy your friend is doing well and his two little girls still have their daddy with them. I can’t help but to feel joy when you mention you thought of Noah every minute. He will always be with you. I bet he was enjoying every minute of Florida with you guys. God Bless and I look foward to reading more from you.

    Mary Geeslin

  2. Dear Noah’s family,
    I love you and so does Jesus. I hope you took a good time there at Disney World. I wish I was there. Did you really have a good trip????
    It is a miracle Healing for your friend. It is so awesome. Soon my birthday is coming up on May 10. I just wish you a “Praise Jesus”.
    With love,
    Mirim Yoon
    P.s. Just to say I love you all!!!!!
    Miss Morton’s student

  3. I lost my fiance in a tragic car accident the day after we got engaged (22 years ago). While I’m not comparing my loss to yours, I also think of Steve every single day. The years have eased the pain, but his memory is still very fresh in my mind. I feel that as long as a person is in our minds and in our hearts, they will never be gone! We can close our eyes and they’re with us once again! I, too, find comfort talking about Steve, and I’ve also found that some people want to avoid the subject. I think it’s because they feel it is a depressing subject, when, in fact, I find it is a true comfort to share memories with others. I feel that as long as we continue to talk about our loved ones, they’ll remain fresh in our minds and in our lives. To miss them is a tribute to the love they brought us. To hurt because they are gone is a reflection of the tremendous joy brought to us by their presence. If we didn’t miss them, and if we didn’t hurt due to their absence, it would mean we never cared. I guess some people probably want to avoid talking about tragedy & loss because they haven’t found a way to find comfort through God’s love, to help them deal with their feelings?

    I have another friend who lost their 2 year old son tragically, about 20 years ago, and when you go into their lovely home, there is a HUGE portrait of their son. It’s the first thing you see. People say, “doesn’t that hurt you to see that every time you walk into your house?” They reply, “It would hurt us if we DIDN’T see it. He is a part of our family, then, now and forever.” They had 4 more children, yet they make sure that their little boy continues to hold a place of prominence in their home. Personally, I think it’s awesome!

    I’m just saying that each of us has our own way of expressing our love and feelings. Whatever gives us comfort is the right thing to do. Tears are a language God understands.

  4. Hi Adrienne!! I am so thrilled that your friend is doing well! Thank God!

    Love the pics, you all look so happy and I am so excited ya’ll were able to have such an enjoyable trip together because of beautiful Noah!!! Man, he still amazes me daily. He’s more beautiful then my words could ever express…By the way, I love the pic of Noah’s name written in the sand, that would be an awesome pic to frame. It’s really beautiful.

    I’m glad you’re back and I can’t wait to start reading some more of your entries…

    Paula and Family

  5. I am so happy that you had a relaxing, memory-making trip. Isn’t it awesome how people allow themselves to be used ny God to bless you and your family?
    I’m flying into Denver tomorrow…I’ll wave from the air! 🙂

  6. So glad you guys had a nice relaxing vacation–I’m sure you needed it. Sounds like you had a great time and met some wonderful people along the way!

  7. So glad you had a good time. In the midst of suffering, you bring joy and hope to others. Wow…you rock!

  8. I love the foot prints in the sand below Noah’s name! 🙂

    Very glad to know you had a wonderful trip. The start to many more new adventures for you all.

    Take care!

    p.s. Putting out a prayer request for my friend Holly who is struggling very deeply with the recent loss of her friend Gary.

  9. OH, so glad Nick is doing okay!

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Was this Emily’s first time to DW? We took our Em when I was pregnant with Ethan, and she was 5… it was the most magical thing ever for all of us…

    I think sand is like those doodle pads that kids have? where you write with this attached pen and then can erase it with a swipe of the little lever at the bottom… irresistable…

    So glad you had such a great time and got home safely!

  10. Thank goodness everoynes prayers were answered and your friend Nick is doing well. Praying that his children will be able to see their daddy soon.
    I am so glad you all enjoyed your Florida trip. SOunds like you had a blast. I love the picture of Em in Disney world. She looks like movie star who has “arrived”, with the glasses and hands in the air.

  11. Adrienne,
    So glad you had a good time in Florida. I’m also grateful your friend Nick is doing better. I can just imagine how horrible his girls feel that they can’t see him now after having witnessed his collapse. I pray the Lord comforts their hearts.

    Audrey in Arvada

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