As of 1pm, Nick is off the vent, breathing great on his own, and the docs can no longer find the blood clot that was in the mesentary vein just yesterday!

Nick was able to share details of how suddenly everything happened before he collapsed yesterday. He also shared that he had a sense of peace…AWESOME!

Docs still don’t know the cause, but thanks for your continued prayers, people! You just witnessed God’s miraculous hand…



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  1. That is wonderful news! Thank you God! And thank you for Adrianne the update. We continue to pray for that beautiful family.

  2. Praise Jesus!!!! We love seeing God’s miraculous working. We will continue to pray.

    And as our class daily says, “Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever.” Psalm 106:1

    4th graders at CCS

  3. it seems like a bit of a pattern with people close to you being ‘unexplained medical mystery’s’…. or perhaps God is more than a diagnosis.

    anyway, so glad that nick is recovering and able to share. GOD IS GOOD!

  4. Adrienne,
    Thank you so much for the information about Nick and Steph. Steph and I went to school together K-12 and she led me to you shortly before your last day with Noah.
    I had very sketchy information about Nick, and somehow I knew to turn to you. Please tell them “JennyFred” is holding them in her thoughts and prayers.

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