My “Show and Tell”

If you were to come over to our house, you would find the above scrapbook on display on the end table in our family room. It is a treasure that we are so grateful for for countless reasons…First of all, it was a gift! The day Jason and I got home from the hospital (the day after we gave Noah to God) we opened this huge package that was waiting for us with a return address of someone whom we have never met personally, though through blogville and email. Her name is Heather and she’s from Georgia and she’s pretty remarkable! She shared that God laid it on her heart at Thanksgiving to make this book for our family. Jason and I just sat in awe, reading every detail, looking at the pictures, savoring the memories and being humbled by the time and love that had been put into making this beautiful priceless gift by someone who didn’t even know us! Also in the package was a wonderful picture CD set to music (an awesome Third Day song that I can’t think of the title to off hand, but it starts out “Father in Heaven”…I’ll try to get Jason to post it on You Tube as I’m not technical…) of all of the pictures on the blog to that point. This was made by Heather’s dear friend, April (also someone I have yet to meet). Anyway, I wanted to show and tell because the keepsakes, cards, gifts, calls, visits, etc are all treasures that encourage our hearts and help us have visual memories…Also, I just wanted to say that I am forever grateful for these gifts because, one, I am not a scrapbooker, though I think it’s a blast looking at other people’s creativity, and two, I couldn’t make a photo CD if you paid me. I know how to put pictures in frames and flip albums and I know how to type on the computer. If it’s more complicated than that, you’ve lost me! So, THANK YOU, HEATHER AND APRIL, for these two priceless gifts!

And, as far as thank you’s go, I just wanted everyone to know I am still working on them…We have hundreds of cards, have received countless packages, have thousands of emails, been treated to meals, have been given monetary gifts for Noah’s medical expenses, donations in his honor to different organizations…the list goes on and we are so very grateful! One friend said that the reason she gave was because God laid it on her heart, not because she expected a thank you note. Another said she’d help me write them and another suggested I write 2 notes a day…If I did that, I would go way past timeliness as far as etiquette goes because it would take me well into 2008 or even 2009. All of this to say, my desire is to email everyone back, to write letters of thank you (though in the chaos of coming home to a house full of friends and family, many return envelopes were thrown…) and to somehow express to all of you the gratitude that fills our hearts for so lovingly walking this road with us. I know it hasn’t been easy, and it gets long at times, but like I said before, if we were meant to walk it alone, God would have stopped at Adam…



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  1. Adrienne,
    Some of us Moms who have met through blogs are going to plan a seriously fun “Mommy Cruise” within the next few years! I have been amazed at how through even these tough times He continues to bless us with the unexpected gifts!! I just came back from visiting a new friend that Our Lord introduced me too! I am in Oregon, Meghan is in Indiana. My wonderful husband surprised me with a plane ticket and sent me across the country to meet my new friend face to face. He even watched our four young sons by himself during his vacation from firefighting! Thank God for Awesome Husbands!! So let’s do it…go cruising with all of our new “internet friends”!! I love that you have so many friends surrounding your family in love! I have been praying for you all!!

    Jessica Wilson

  2. Dear Noah’s family,
    When I read your blog about the show and tell, That was a nice thing to do For remembering Noah.
    Did you know that in our class,there is a boy named Noa.He ias tall and getting to learn more English.Emily, if I were you I too would squeeze him with all my heart.The day I was here reading your blog I thought that Noah means to me alot. We all prayed for Noah but he died. Do not be that sad because God is taking care of him! Someof us from 8-12 grade,they are going to have a mission trip in Thailand. They will help orphans or sick children. You still have to know that we’re still praying for you. Noah is watching you right now from Heaven. Noah was a precious thing to you but you have to let go your sadness. Because Noah is waiting for you. Read Psalms 106:1.I could come to Denver,Colorado.We should have Joy. Have the Fruit of the Spirit!

    Loves and kisses,
    Mirim Yoon
    Centennial Christian School
    Miss Morton’s student.
    P.S. We are praying for you!
    “Praise Jesus”!

  3. ade- the final pages will be there sometime in the next weeks – i have a hard time “finishing” b/c you keep posting BEAUTIFUL pictures.

    you’re still a daily part of my thoughts and prayers. God is moving in your life continually and it’s so incredible to watch

  4. Doesn’t she though? The pictures are all so beautiful. Heather and April – what a gift! Wow. Those are two of the most beautiful gifts you could give anyone, gifts of memories.

    Hey Adrienne, just want you to know I’m often thinking of you four and sending prayers!

  5. Wow what a beautiful book! To the woman who put her heart to that book you did a stunning job. Just beautiful.

    I am looking forward to seeing the photo CD as well.

    There truly are beautiful people on this earth. Some days it seems like people are out to get you and everyone seems mean and cold. Then there are days where the loving kind caring ones just come right out of the wood work. I am fortunate to have those in my life too. God’s Angels. Truly.


  6. BEAUTIFUL scrapbook!!

    Adrienne – I sent you an email of condolences & prayer, please do not worry about responding. I know you are completely inundated with thank-yous and emails and everything and though there isn’t much I can do, I would like to lift one task from your plate. My family is continuing to pray for yours!

    PS – The Third Day song could be “May Your Wonders Never Cease”.

  7. I am so thankful you are surrounded by such compassionate, loving supportive people in your real world and in blog world.

    Heather you are truly a blessing – what an incredible gift.

    Praying for you all!
    – Randi –

  8. What beautiful keepsake gifts.. .how incredibly precious that these ladies gave to your family in such a beautiful way. Precious.

    By the way, I don’t think ‘etiquette’ is TOO great a concern to most of us. 🙂 We’re grateful for the opportunity to join you in life’s journey.

    (I think you just covered a whole bunch of thank you notes with this post, by the way.) 🙂
    heidi jo w

  9. Adrienne,

    The book sounds and looks awesome. What a great gift.

    I bet most folks will agree that you’ve done sufficient thanking and sharing… and we all hope to keep reading your blog. So, I’d say don’t worry about all the “thank you” notes.

    We should all be writing thank you notes to you for what you and your family share with us.


  10. I totally agree 110% with everyone Adrienne! There is no need to worry about sending out Thank You’s to everyone! We have all been blessed sooooo much by Noah and your family and and that is enough! It’s such a pleasure to be able to read your blog daily and see pics of Noah.

    The album is gorgeous. Wow what a wonderful gift from a wonderful person!! I would love to see more pages. I could look at pics of Noah all day long, everyday and never tire of it. He’s such a beautiful baby boy and what a blessing he’s been to so many people. Thank God for him is all I have to say!!!

    Paula and Family

  11. That’s a wonderful gift!!! But, you must know, that you have given each of us a gift as well…I am so blessed to have met you and your family and little Noah through your blog, and honestly it has been one of the greatest gifts ever because it has brought me closer to the Lord.

    Love you guys,
    Mary Geeslin

  12. Dear Noah’s Family,
    Hi, how are you? I hope you are having a great time. I am thinking about Noah that he is 7 years old and meeting him. That would be cool. Anyway here i wish you guys were here. I would be like crazy meeting you. How was Saint Patricks day? Mine’s great! I wish God was here. Before I would dieI would really like to se him. In class we were still learning about God.reading Devotion. We would really like you to visit us soon!!!!
    Cenntennial Christian School
    Miss Kimie Morton’s student
    Love,Mirim Yoon
    P.S. Please pray because our school is going to the mission trip .SOON LIKE FRIDAY. Please pray for our mission trip.

  13. Hey Adrienne this is Lauren from NWC! I’ve been trying for a while to get in touch with you, but have been unsuccessful! So, if you get the chance, we have a blog at, if you want to leave your email there then maybe we could touch base and be in contact after all these years! Thanks for all your thoughts on your blog, I’ve been lifted up and encouraged by your honesty and humanity.

  14. WOW, God is good! What a special gift from someone that you never met. Your journey will continue and you will grow stronger each year. I posted about my 27 year journey this week and realized how blessed my life has been since the death of my son Joe. May God continue to bless you.

  15. Adrienne~
    I agree with other posters, that it is us who owe you a thank you.

    I know for me personally it is you,who showed me that death is not the end, it is you, Em, Noah and Jason that honestly wrap your arms around me (even though we have never met) when I feel like I am drowning again in grief. It is you that I come to daily now to feel near the Lord and to hear his words of wisdom through your family. So I think that if anyone “owes” a thank you, it is me, my friend.

    Thank you for sharing your most rawest moments, your fears, your sorrow and yet,somehow in there, your joys and the way of the Lord.
    Someday I hope to meet you and your family in person, and yet if I don’t I know that you are my friend.

    To the beautiful women who made you such an irresplaceable gift of not only the scrapbook of memories, but of the picture that “good” people do still exist in our world.

    Much love and respect!

  16. Heather IS amazing…

    And so are you! I don’t think anyone would be terribly offended if those thank you notes didn’t get written… then again, from personal experience, SOME ppl don’t do anything altruistically, so maybe writing them is a good idea…

  17. Adrienne,

    So glad you enjoyed Noah’s photo story. No thanks needed though, it was an honor to make it for your sweet family. I prayed for your baby and cried over every picture as I prepared it. Heather and I wished we could have hopped on a plane to deliver the scrapbook and photo story to you personally! Since we weren’t able to hug you in person, feel the love via internet, and know that you are in our hearts and prayers. We will never forget Noah.

    April Chapel

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