P.S. The picture below is the one we had printed on the CD…



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  1. I still watch in amazement at how eloquent you are in your writing. It’s wonderful that our Lord has blessed you with this gift (& so many others) & is giving you so much strength to lift Him up & glorify Him so who knows how many will come to know Him through you! We certainly did not have the same loss by any stretch but our hearts have felt the same things & on some level, even if we never meet here on earth, God has given us a gift of having this in common. When I lost my husband, at the age of 30 I remember wondering how I was even going to breathe without him. And to someone who has never lost anyone that close, it was hard to explain the complete & total void that you feel. Food doesn’t taste the same, colors don’t look as vibrant…..not that I need to explain it to you but it’s just hard to explain to others as they try to understand what you’re going through. But no matter what, even in the 2 1/2 years of his battle, I never lost sight of God. I never thought for once that he wouldn’t get us through. And I will ALWAYS thank Him for giving me such a beautiful person in my life, even for such a short time so that I could draw closer to Him. What I think is amazing is that He knew the time that we were going to have together, as He knew His plan for your family & His amazing plan for Noah….and He loved us enough to put these beautiful people in our lives even for a short time. So we thank Him for taking us through the valley & praising Him for bringing us back up out of it to walk with Him in peace. I, like you, thank Him every single day for this gift. It’s not to say that the pain & tears still don’t come for a while but knowing where they are makes it such a beautiful thing. So many people would always wonder how I was at such peace & I give ALL glory to God on this one because there is NO WAY that I could have even been standing if I was trying to muddle through all of that on my own without His love to hold me up. I would have been balled up in a corner & never left the house again & become one of those cat ladies you always hear about. I just know that God is surrounding you & your family with such grace & love….so much so that it’s impossible not to feel it running through the very deepest part of your soul. So I wish you so much love & peace & look forward to meeting you some day.

    Tracy Sorg
    Denver, Co.

  2. I too love to see the photos of his eyes open. They are some of my favorites.

    I especially like the one where he is laying on his back, looking to the side with the feeding tube in his nose. His mouth and eyes are both wide open. His little personality shinning through the photo. I believe its in the video slide show and posted early on in the blog. I love that one.

    Thank you for sharing Adrienne. Those of us who were not there for the memorial and only know you through your blog really appreciate all that you take the time to share with us. It’s certainly something you have never had to do. It’s appreciated.


  3. I was just thinking about ya’ll. Thank you for the song list 🙂 I hope you do eventually come to Houston to speak. Thank you for helping me grow spiritually every time I read your blog.
    I LOVE that picture of Noah. So sweet.

  4. You have put together an absolutely beautiful piece of work on an amazing little boy! Thank you for continuing to share your touching story. Your family it truly amazing and what a little blessing Noah has been during his short stay with you all. He is in such a beautiful place now with the Lord. God bless you and your family.

  5. Dear Noah’s family,
    I love Emily’s hair cut. It is short as mine. I really miss Noah but if God took him away I will not fight him but instead praise that God is with him. Even if we miss him we will soon see him and be happy. I will soon visit you like about 11 years probably. I hope I will see noah soon.Anyway he is in my heart.Let’s belive in God.
    Miss Morton’s student
    Centennial Christian School
    P.S.praise the lord
    Love mirim yoon

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