Today would have been Noah’s 9 month birthday. I don’t think I’ll count his birthdays by month, because even with Emily, after she hit one year I would just round it down or up for people who asked…before I was a mom it would frustrate me to have to calculate math when I’d ask a lady how old her baby is…”Oh, she’s 22 months….Oh, he’s 29 months…” Oh really, I’m 422 months. Do that math! I guess I just looked at the calendar and realized that it was the 10th and he would have been 9 months today. I think of him every day, obviously, but on Saturdays because he was born at 6:57pm on Saturday, June 10th. On Sundays I think of him because we took Noah t0 church the last Sunday of July before we checked him into the hospital on Wednesday…and of course, every 12th because it will always be the anniversary of the day we laid him before the Lord…

Anyway, that’s not the intent of this post…

The other day I was at the gym and I was praying for all of you guys. I know that’s quite broad as I don’t even know all of you, but I was praying in general and the idea popped into my head that it would be neat to show Emily pictures of all the people who have prayed for us and continue to pray. Maybe we’d print off the pictures and put them in a prayer book of people around the world that we pray for, too. Anyway, when I got home, there were 3 emails from people that had family pictures attached, none of which we know personally.

So, I wanted to pose this to you…if you would like to share your family picture with us (you can add your names or leave them out for privacy reasons), we would love to see them! The two pictures above are the only two we have of the four of us between the time Noah was born and August 2nd when we took him to Children’s Hospital. The first one is of us the day we came home from the hospital. The second at Noah’s favorite restaurant, Hacienda Colorado, 2 1/2 weeks later (I say that because he went there in my belly, out of my belly and that’s where we had a big dinner on the 15th of January after his service). We had so many adventures during his 7 1/2 weeks at home, but we were taking pics of one another with Noah or Em individually. So, to help take the sting out of my regret, go grab your cameras and start snapping full family photos! It may seem you have too many, but years, or maybe just months, later, at least you will have them…And, if you feel like sharing, send one our way. We’d LOVE to put faces to prayers, and names if you don’t mind sharing…

(You can go to my “profile” and there’s a link to my email if you want to send a pic. Also, please downsize them if you know how to so my inbox doesn’t take 12 years to upload)



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  1. I am 404 months.LOL You cracked me up this morning! In the past reading your blog, I always noticed that you were in a lot of the pictures with Noah. I am rarely in them because I am always the picture taker. Now finding one of us as a family(where I don’t look like I got hit by a truck), is even harder. We will definitely have to work on that. Thanks for the cheering up this morning 🙂

  2. Love the pics Adrienne!! I think I may have been one of the emails with pics you’re talking about??? I did send you an email about Noah’s CD and I included a couple pics of my kiddos and also one on my husband and myself. I’m not positive you received it only because my email has been acting kind of funny lately and people at work are telling me they’re missing emails from me! So anyway, I do hope you received it. What an awesome idea to be able to show Emily that we are all thinking and praying for her and her little brother and of course you and Jason every single day!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Baby Boy!! We love you soooo much and are thinking of you constantly!!

    Paula and Family

  3. Your post hits home today. Earlier this week one of the children from our church was killed. He was 4 1/2 years old. He and my daughter were 2 months apart and I had taught him in Sunday School. He was laid to rest on Thursday. Thursday night we were out feeding the horses and Savannah had on a new outfit (her job was to fill up the water trough) and I turned around and she was covered in mud. I lost it in the pasture, because J.T.’s parents will never have that again, or your family with Noah. It really hit home to cherish everyday and every little thing with our little angels. In this world and fast paced, hectic, sometimes it is easier to get angry and upset than to cherish them and the moments with them. I agree take lots of pictures, let them get dirty, spend quality time with them, we only have them for alittle while and we never know when it will be up. Thanks again Adrienne for hitting the nail on the head. Let us remember to cherish everyone we love and enjoy every minute with them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!!!
    Kris in Troup, Tx.

  4. I have to agree with Sheri that you made me laugh when I read that!! After about 18 months, I always switched to years. I am rarely in any pictures because I hate the way I look in them, but that is just stupid vanity.

    I read through a lot more of your blog last night. I didn’t find it until after Noah went home, so I really wasn’t that familiar with his story. Your post on the 12th REALLY touched my heart in the deepest place. It truly is about keeping that childlike faith, and just holding onto our Daddy’s hand, trusting that He will lead us in the right direction. It is when WE let go that we get lost. Praise God He always comes back to find us. Just like a good Sheperd does. I will keep reading as time allows, but I know I will go back to that particular post often because it really blessed me.

    Praying God continues to heal your broken heart.

  5. I would like to send you a photo of my family, but the email link isn’t working for me. I am friends with Jennifer McKinney, so that’s how I came upon your site! I check it daily, and have really been touched by your story. There are photos of my family on my blog

    Praying for you,

  6. What a great idea! Our family still prays for Noah and your family. He is especially close to my heart and I think of him every time I look at my son. Noah was born just 3 days before my son! Thank you for continuing to post and share your life with us. In our prayers,
    Jaime in GA

  7. I love your sense of humor. Try 830 months. Boy that puts it in perspective. What really puts it in perspective is the thought that if I live to be 80 I only have 130 months left. I am determined to use them wisely for my Lord.

  8. Adrienne,

    I am 30 today. After reading your post about Noah’s 9month birthday I made a birthday wish for your family.

    I am wishing that each day for you all gets easier on your heart and your spiritual journey continues to grow. I know that you will help many people Adrienne and your family will have so much more in the future. It can only get better from here.

    Happy 9 months to Noah and a congratulations on the Miracle that has come into your lives. Your spirituality is nothing but inspiring and I thank you for sharing it with us.

    (saying goodbye to her 20s)

    I do not have a husband or children of my own so I can not send you a family photo however I would still love to send you my own.

  9. Someone today just asked how old my oldest son was and I just said over 2! I’m really bad about remembering those things, even with the baby! I’m not even going to do the math to figure out how old I am in months.

    I’ve been wanting to take some new family pictures and what better reason!! I’ve warned my husband that tomorrow after church we are going to take some.

    I have shared your blog with many people to pray and to, hopefully, touch them in the sameway your blog has touched me (and my whole family!). I’ve also linked it from my blog, if that is okay. Thank you again for inspiring me to fall more in love with my Creator.

  10. I loved your post! I got a great idea from my MOPS group on this…take all the pics and put them in a rolodex type photo album and keep it on your kitchen table and then each night pick a family to pray for or two…another twist to this that one mom shared is then sending out a little postcard that says we prayed for you today. This mom also said that they use a placemat that has all the countries on it and pick countries/people etc in that country to pray for.
    God Bless You!

  11. I’ve been reading your blog for a while. Your journey has encouraged me in ways that I probably don’t even realize right now. Sometimes the roles that people play in our lives will never fully be understood – but their impact is undeniable. Thank you.

    I also wanted to share a cool site with you – – you can create photo books. I did a book for my parents over Christmas and can say that the quality of the printing is amazing :o) xo

  12. I’ve been thinking a lot about what to say to you. I found Noah’s video accidentally on You Tube after it was recommended to me after watching a video of Kyle David Miller, another tragic story of a young boy whose life ended way too soon. In any event, I watched the video in its entirety, and then I followed the link to your blog. Because I watched Noah’s video, I knew how Noah’s story ended.

    I proceeded to read the majority of your journal. What had made this beautiful little boy so ill? I read and read waiting for the miracle you mention, or even just a diagnosis, only to come to January 12, 2007. I don’t know if I’ve ever cried so hard in my life, even though I knew that Noah was already in Heaven. I was and still am so saddened by this terribly unfair hand that Noah, and you, had been dealt.

    I was equally inspired by your courage and your unquestioning faith. My thinking is that when one goes through something as painful as you did — and still are — one either embraces God or rejects Him. Your decision was never in question, and your faith was never compromised.

    I, however, cannot reconcile what happened to Noah. His life was so short, and most of it was spent in the hospital for unknown reasons. I have a 2-year old son and a two-month old son. I cannot — and will not — imagine if anything like what happened to Noah happened to them. I cannot believe that you had to let him go….

    I pray for you and Noah regularly. I watch for updates to your blog, and I am regularly brought to tears. But I remain inspired, and my love, appreciation, and patience for my sons are only strengthened by your story. If I lose perspective, I think that you would give almost anything to hold Noah, even if he was keeping you up the night before a busy day at work.

    I’d be happy to send you a photo of my wonderful family once there is one of the four of us.

    May God bless you and keep you. I know that we’ll all see Noah again someday. What a beautiful thought.

    – John Lasota

  13. Definately planning on sending you a picture soon.

    I come to you with a prayer request today: My friend Gary passed away Saturday evening. His wife Holly is one of my closest friends and I love her with all my haert.

    Gary was a heart transplant recipient, and was awaiting a second heart. Holly is a kidney transplant recipient (and that kidney is still running strong over 10 years later!). They met at the Transplant Games (like the Olympics for people with transplants) and the match couldn’t have been better.

    Please pray for Gary, for Holly and all of their family – they were all so very close.

    Thank you!

  14. Dear Adrienne I just finished reading your entire journal and was moved to tears so many times. I laughed a lot too. I praise God for what He has done in your life, but I think it would be neat if you could post the specific ways God has drawn you closer through all this.
    Noah looked more beautiful and peaceful in the pictures you displayed on the 12th than any other time. He truly just looked asleep. So precious. The pictures you took will always be special to you, I am so glad you did that.
    I was challenged in so many ways. I have always been one to follow hard after God, but since God has given me so many desires of my heart (saving my unbelieving husband and giving me a baby girl) and blessed me over and over, I have fallen away some. I hate it and mourn it. I want to get back where I was. This life is just a vapor and we are here for such higher purposes; mainly to love, reach out to hurting people with the message of hope. It seems God really showed you that.
    I was also struck by what you said about the children not really belonging to you, but on loan from Him. I want to remember that every moment of my life. You are such a wonderful Mommy. Em is just such a sweet little girl.
    I was so blessed to be able to read it. Thank you for being open and real. May God richly bless you and your beautiful family.
    And a big I am so sorry….
    Love in Christ,

  15. We’re thinking an praying for you and your family today Adrienne. Missing you soooo much Noah! We love you!!

    Paula and Family

  16. I just wanted to stop in and say what an amazing person you are, and what a wonderful family you all are. I really am inspired by your writings, by Noah’s brief time here. My second daughter just turned 8 months on the 16th, so she and Noah were not far apart in age. When I first stumbled upon this blog, very recently, my heart absolutely broke into pieces for all of you, especially sweet little Noah, when I thought about all of the things my Allison is doing, and how he should have been doing those things also. My heart aches for you all, because you are so much stronger than I will ever be, and it just isn’t fair. I see pictures of Noah hooked up to machines, with tubing everywhere, and his proud big sister, wise beyond her years, loving on her brother as much as possible in the time she had with him… and I see my daughters together and can’t help but thank God that He has given them to me, and wonder why He took Noah from you, why you can’t share in this same joy right now. I hope that doesn’t upset you, but I just wanted to tell you that sometimes I do look at my daughter and think of Noah… and I squeeze her just a little tighter, and give her extra kisses, and my heart feels like it could burst from the gratitude I feel that she is here with us. I don’t know how you do it, obviously your faith is strong, but you and your family are truly an inspiration. Not that I took my children for granted before i was touched by Noah and your family, but I am a Navy Wife who is thousands of miles from family and friends, raising our two girls, most days on my own and sometimes I get so overwhelmed with it all. Since I started reading here, though my heart aches with each entry, I leave with a very strong sense of peace also, and it always puts things into perspective for me. For that reason, I am positive Noah’s name is more fitting than any child I have ever known. Continue prayers for your family, and especially Noah. He continues to touch the lives of many every day.

  17. I forgot to add, but after reading this entry I took a photo with my girls. A huge step for me, because I gained a terrible amount of weight as a result of pre eclampsia, and because of that I have only taken a handful of photographs of myself (and that was in the hospital just after she was born) with my girls since my youngest was born last July. After reading this, I had my husband take a picture of me with our girls, in the swimming pool no less. I looked awful and huge and I won’t show anyone… but I know in five, ten, or twenty years I will be grateful for having taken it and I will look back at that picture and think of you guys. We’re working on one of all of us right now, because we still don’t have one of all four of us at once.

    Thank you.

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