If you click on the pictures above you can see them a lot larger on your screen. Notice in the one with Jason and Noah that there are three blankies…one that is brown with small blue polka dots with lime chenille on the back and one that is lime made from that yummy minky material that feels like “butta”. The third is a pale blue chenille cable knit blankie that is in the bottom left corner of the picture. The first two I made for Noah. His room is blue, green and brown, with the retro dots and vintage lime chenille. The cable knit blankie was a gift from a dear friend. All three of those blankies are what we wrapped Noah in after we laid him before the Lord. They are also the blankies that he was cremated in…
The second picture has the famous sushi blankie that my friend Kim, www.mydolcebaby.com, makes. We still have “sushi” with us. It will be a treasure to keep because of the memories it represents. We have a couple of others from Kim that have the retro polka dots and some fun stripes, all of which can be purchased for anywhere between $25-$40 dollars. The reason I listed the prices is because of something that has me quite fired up right now…
I was looking through a magazine last night that had a lot of things dedicated to the environment, organic purchasing, and natural living. One of the final pages was dedicated to 10 things that make their featured guest happy…Some of them were reasonable, as far as the environment is concerned and their realistic prices. However, one thing that makes this person happy is a pair of vegan shoes, that is animal-product free shoes made of raffia. The shoes were priced at $545.00 USD. How very animal friendly! I have some rubber flip flops from REEF that were $18, or, another option is that on clearance at the Gap, you can get rubber flip flops for $5, at Old Navy you can get two pairs of flip flops for $5. But, I also know a better way to save an animal from being made into shoes…let’s see…it’s called Heifer International and for $500.00 USD, you can buy a whole stinking cow! This cow will go to a family that is in need and can use the cow (its udders) for milk and such. I know that’s not vegan (drinking milk), but it does save the cow from being shoes or a belt or coat and it helps a family with real needs. You could also buy 4 sheep for a family that could shear the sheep for sweaters and blankets to sell or to keep themselves warm in their shanty for the winter. Heck, you could buy 21.8 of Kim’s blankets at $25 a piece, all vegan (cotton or man-made materials) and donate them to a battered women’s shelter if you have that kind of cash lying around or, better yet, if you feel God leading you to do that.
My point is, life here on earth is all about perspective…just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should. “Everything is permissible” – but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible” – but not everything is constructive. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others.
I Cor. 10:23-24
Though it’s admirable if some are vegetarians, it’s also admirable that others eat meat since God said it was okay after Noah and his family came out of the ark. In the midst of the things on earth about which we are so passionate, are we able to have eternal perspective that is not only beneficial to ourselves but to others around us? I’m pretty sure that buying a pair of $545.00 vegan shoes mainly benefits the purchaser and the designer (and, I guess, anyone who thinks that $545.00 shoes is cool…). And yes, I know the designer has to buy food and clothes and pay for shelter, but, if she sells 100 pairs of these shoes, because hey, they were endorsed by a beautiful rich celebrity, she’d have $54,500.00 in her bank account which is more than a lot of people make in one year. With that, she could really save animals from being shoes by letting 109 of them live with caring families that will look after them…
(p.s. This blog entry is not an open forum for discussing whether being a meat eater or vegetarian is your choice or which one is better. I don’t really care. No offense. It’s about being a wise steward. Just like the entry on forgiveness was not about spanking…instead, however, why not suggest a productive and life changing way to spend $545.00 USD and share that with the rest of us…Let’s sharpen one another…)



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  1. Adrienne,
    You never cease to amaze me with your wisdom. I feel I learn a new perpspective on a topic after I hear you discuss it. You a very wise woman and I have benefitted so much by reading your blog. You have taught me about love, god, forgiveness and so much more. SOmetimes we all get so caught in “life” that we need to get brought back to the simple, fundamental things that have gotten lost along the way. Thank you for helping me to find these things.
    Thank you for sharing more pictures of Noah. I have seen those blankets in so many pictures it is nice to have a story behind them. You have a real talent.
    One last thing, is there a way us bloggers could get our hands on a Noah benefit CD? I would love to make a donation to an organization of your choice in return?

  2. Adrienne,

    I’ve not written before but have admired you greatly. I just wanted to say that your ability to bless others during the most difficult time in your life is profound and deeply humbling.

    Much love,

  3. I love the fact that you made Noah’s blankies. Something handmade makes it so special. He always looked liked he was loving them in the pictures. They are beautiful and look so cozy. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were blankies like these for adults? I always find myself trying to cover up with one of Grace’s. Maybe you could make them to sell. Also, I have bought off of Kim’s site after seeing your headband. Love her stuff!
    It is awesome what you have talked about in your blog today. How anyone could justify paying that much for shoes that does not benefit anyone but the seller I will never understand. I recently came across something at Petsmart. You can send in your used ink cartridges, cell phones, and toner in prepaid postage bags they have in the store(they will also send you some in the mail via website). They then get back money to help save homeless animals. I love the fact that you can recycle something that we all use everyday(and usually just throw away) to actually help save an animals life and help the environment.
    I too was wondering about Noah’s CD and would like to make a donation in his name.
    By the way, we started listening to U2 again after watching Noah’s video. I was a HUGE fan throughout high school. I recently purged all of the CD’s I listened to before becoming saved. Today I went and looked at what I kept and U2 was in there. Oh and Grace is a fan too, she hums to it:). Have a wonderful weekend.
    PS: Sorry this is so long, I usually don’t have this much to say,I think it was the animal comment.

  4. World Hope (and many other organizations too, I’m sure) has a catalog where you can purchase items like you mentioned for a family in a third world country. We bought a plow “for” my grandfather for Christmas that went to a family. It’s a great twist on gift giving since (let’s face it) most of us have more than we need. Think of what would happen if we all replaced just part of our gifts with this mindset!

  5. It reminds me of something Jerry Seinfeld hit on in his last tour and that is – he hates buying stuff. Why? Because everything is headed to the trash! Very funny and true.

    It definitely makes me pause before I make purchases. I ask myself two things. How long before this ends up in the trash or at minimum in my front yard on a garage sale table?

  6. Wow! Raffia!

    Any how, what about The Buck family. They have great needs, like their home and transportation.

    Also, there is an oranization called Streets Hope here in Denver, that assists women in sex for sale industries. Check it out http://www.streetshope.org

    There are so many “real” needs, ask Jesus where you can join Him in blessing others!


  7. This has nothing to do with animals or saving them but it is an option for the money — with that money you could sponsor a child in Ghana and bring him back to his family from working slave labor hours away sometimes for years at a time. As young as three years old they are sold by their poor families to fisherman who abuse them, give them very little food and don’t educate them. Their families are promised by these fisherman they will be given school and be taken care of well but they are not. http://www.iom.int/jahia/Jahia/cache/offonce/pid/1666

  8. Blankys make things so much better. I am 30 years old and I STILL have my own blankey. I even informed my mother that if anything should ever happen to me I want my blankey to go with me as well.

    When Noah was on this earth I know the entire time he “felt” the soft love of his blankeys. Its sweet that you let him take them with him.

    Theres nothing like a blankey.


  9. I love organizations like Heifer.org where we can do something that will REALLY make a difference. I also love things like the (RED) campaign where we can use our ordinary purchases to go toward helping others as well.

    Everything we buy is a VOTE. If we buy McDonald’s, we are voting for them to stay in business and make more burgers. If we buy from companies who make vegan goods or shop at organic stores, we are voting for them to stay in business. We are stewards of our money and our planet, and I like to try to spend my money as if it is a vote for or against what I believe in. That mindset helps me hold myself accountable.

  10. I am sure the Buck family in Michigan would love $550 for their mounting financial costs…I am sorry but $550 for a pair of shoes…so wasteful..no matter how you spin it!:)

  11. Well, personally I like meat! (hee–sorry. I couldn’t resist). This was a great post, Ade. I’d never buy a pair of $500 shoes. I’m not a shopper or a shoe person. I’m sure I waste money in other ways–but not quite so blantantly. I like supporting causes that matter to me, straight out… I don’t need to be suckered into making a purchase that is priced outrageously high to feel good about it. I guess people are that gullible, huh?

  12. I was at a Beth Moore simulcast event today. perhaps your familiar with her. but I love her! she is truly amazing, and in the midst of being surrounded my hundreds of women and listening to her talk I thought of you.
    Psalm 18: 16-19
    “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were to strong for me. They confronted me in the day of my disaster but the Lord was my support. He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me”

  13. There is this boy that I see at the high school I work at…a few weeks ago he wore a T-shirt that said “Hell was full so I came back” in big letters across the back…Initially I wanted to go up to him and say “Dude, once you’re there you don’t get that option”, but I chickened out and it’s bothered me ever since…I’d love to know how you would have responded…or even if you would…you have such a gift for saying things just so…He’s also worn a shirt that says “People Hate me”. This weekend I got a brochure for a Young Life camp and, in light of what I could do with $500 for God, I’ve been thinking and praying that it would be so awesome if I would pay for this kid to spend a week at a Young Life camp, and he would actually agree to go…
    hmmm…new shoes…or an investment in a lost kid…tough choice…not really

    Jody C

  14. To Jody C…I went to YL camp 17 years ago and it changed my life forever! I change my answer…I would defintely sponser a kid to go there!GREAT IDEA!


  15. Adrienne,

    I read today and immediately thought of Noah and your latest Blog entry.

    John 10:17-18
    “I lay down My Life… No one takes it from Me.”

    I wanted to add… “Blankys and all.”

  16. Adrienne,

    Your blogs are becoming very interesting and enlightening…I love your wisdom and insight about the world beyond in which we live.

    I have been a vegetarian for many years now and (don’t gasp) a spiritual agnostic…let me explain: I believe in God and believe Jesus was real. However, I wonder why Christianity is the only way to go… I have always asked (ever since I was little) “what happens to the American Indians when they die? Do they get to go to our heaven even though they don’t believe in ‘our’ God?”

    My mother would patiently explain, “God forgives those who do not know of Him and they are allowed an opportunity to know Him and live in the Kingdom of Heaven with Him if they would like.” This threw me off…and as an adult I still struggle with the idea that Muslims, Hindu religions, and indigenous people of no documented religion will be chastised for not believing in who we see as God.

    Just like why some people believe in buying $500 vegan shoes will help make a difference ‘for the animals’, so many others believe that pushing Christianity onto other non-believers will help strengthen their own belief system or culture.

    I am at a loss amd at my age have started to practice “living with kindness.” Indiscriminate to any religion, I have lived showing kindness to all beings, human or not. I have learned to love people for what they believe although different than what I believe. I have completely learned to love you and your family for your obvious show of strength and clarity in such devastating times.

    We can choose to participate in things that make us happy and make us feel like we are contributing to the better-ness of the world. If they truly are kind, we will rejoyce in the benefits of them. My heart is filled with love when I see that by avoiding meat, dairy and animal products -that here in the U.S. a message is played to our government that Americans are strong, cultured and educated people who care about our health and the health of our families. That we care about the enviornment and our ecosystems. Unfortunately, “eating meat” remits harms on all of these things via large-scale factory farming operations. Unless you are that family that milks your own cow in your backyard, you are contributing towards a spiraling destruction of America the Beautiful…

    If I were a parent, and I hope to be one day, I would fear that the choices we make today will affect what Emily’s generation will have to “fix” in later years. Buying expensive shoes (and I guarantee you there are much cheaper ones! Payless in fact 🙂 may seem like a burden but making kind choices for our environment and the lives of animals who cannot speak will directly benefit you, and children growing up in the world.

    I do love and appreciate your blogs and insight, thank you for hearing my words as we can all learn and share together.

    I hope that for a reason only God knows, I was brought to your blog today and had the time to share my thoughts. Thank you.

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