I don’t know if you can make out the detail of my bracelet in the picture, but it is Noah’s Ark in the middle and each link is a set of animals marching two by two. I received it on January 9th from a friend of ours on his birthday, the day after mine, the day before Noah’s 7 month birthday. Our friend, David, had gone on a solo retreat 3 years ago at a monastery up near Snowmass and had wandered into the gift shop. There he saw this Noah’s Ark bracelet and bought it for no one in particular. (He’s a single guy, so buying a piece of jewelry with animals on it wasn’t necessarily his idea of a relic to “win” a girl’s heart…) He put it in his bedside table and thought that one day he’d know who should receive it. He said that he had forgotten about the bracelet until his birthday this year when he opened the drawer to read a list or note that he and his father had written together on their birthdays last year (his dad’s birthday was the 10th). That is when he saw the bracelet again, and when he realized for whom he had purchased it three years prior. Just days later, Noah got to meet David’s father face to face…

*I just wanted to tell you guys that Jason and I are, in fact, going to write a book about our journey with Noah. Many of you have suggested it and I didn’t want to ignore your encouraging comments regarding this. We have actually been thinking about it during our whole journey, but God has potentially opened some doors, so, we are praying for direction and His favor regarding this pursuit. We don’t want to write one just to write one. If God wants it to happen, it will, and we’ll do it openly, with raw and real emotion, just as we have with the blog. Heck, you’ve gotten to know us by now to know that it won’t be a book about “blowing sunshine” but about reality here on earth…we’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Jason and Ade,
    Thinking of you, still shedding tears with you. With each new picture I of course cry. For days now I have had this heartwrenching desire to be able to just have one more visit up to see Noah, one more chance to hold him, one more chance to kiss his perfect face. So many people don’t know that he had a freckle on his lower belly just like me, they need to know that. I miss his ear lobes that slightly curled up ever so cutely.
    I miss walking into his hospital room and feeling the immediate presence of God. I miss him and I always will. No matter how many times you can say goodbye to a person you still wish they would come back for just one more goodbye. I know God has this all in his hands, but I still cry for you guys, still cry for the loss I feel. I can’t even begin to imagine how much you must miss him if I miss him as much as I do. He was such an amazing soul.
    May God bring you daily miracles for every day you live that He will fill that big empty spot with a lot of love from others. For such little feet he left a mammoth foot print on all our hearts. Noah will always be such a big part of my life…Adrienne awhile back you told me you had a desire for us to all write Noah a letter. Here is mine 🙂

    Dear Noah,
    You were nothing short of an angel.
    I have never seen such a perfect child who was able to bring perfection to such an imperfect world. I knew from those eyelashes that were out of this world that you different, you were somehow kissed extra special by God. Since you have been gone my heart has been so sad and broken. A student of mine said maybe God wanted him back because he was so cute. I think so…along with so many other reasons why. Some of those reasons I will never understand but I do know that I loved you so much and that we all did. A friend of mine who doesn’t even know your mom and dad personally, said to me “that boy landed in one of the best families on earth it is hard to understand why he had to go.” And maybe that is the case because your parents and Emily are so special that God allowed you to go home early so God could do even greater things. You will always be one of the greatest things that has ever happened to our family. I am sure your grandpa is giving you all those bear hugs Emily wanted to give you and couldn’t. He was really great at those, he had enough love to give the world a bear hug and I know you got a lot of hugs when you got to heaven. I will miss so many things like never hearing you laugh or watching you run Nacho Libre style like you sister. You know when I was there she made you a cape out of tissue paper so you could join her. I am sure you are probablly wearing it in heaven along with grandpa and his camo robe. I am sure you two are making God laugh and reminding him why he loves his creation so much. Emily and I prayed for you at the alter in the hospital. I of course cried while praying and she said “God please heal Noah” then she looked at me and said “that’s all you have to say” It was so simplistic to her. She was right God did heal you and he will somehow, someway will heal all of us from missing out on your life here on earth. Thank you for showing me Christ over and over again. Thank you for leaving such a huge impact on my heart. I will think of you daily, sometimes hourly, sometimes every minute just like I have thought of your grandpa and too have missed him so much. So I can’t drag this letter out anymore, well I can, but it is only causing the inevitable me not really wanting to ever tell you goodbye. So for now my little love monkey you have no idea how much you are and will always be missed. Until we meet in that beautiful castle in the sky…goodbye for now. I love you and more than I will ever be able to speak about. May your life always shine through me.
    I will love you always,
    Auntie Tonja

  2. Hi there,

    Jason, Em and yourself are most remarkable people in my eyes.

    I take my hat off to you and your family with the way that you have managed to deal with this time in your life, with the fact that your precious angel was sick and with the grace and faith that you managed to deal with it all.

    My son was in ICU with almost the same medical equipment as Noah had and this has just brought it all back, and has just reaffirmed my belief that every moment with our loved ones are precious and to never ever take anything for granted. I prayed every day to God that he would heal our son (God’s and mine). But its as you said, they never really belonged to us, we as parents are God’s angels to take care of his precious children and that is a true honour for us.

    I kept thinking that I was tested and tried with my faith and that what we went through with my Conner was terrible but after reading your story I now know that my faith can be stronger and more unquestioning like yours and your family.

    I thank you for sharing your story & for sharing the Story of Noah Angels life with us all over the world.

    You wanted to touch every continent and Noah beat you to them, he has just reached another country – South Africa, and I am more than honored to have “met” him and you.

    May the Dear Lord God give you and yours the strength to face each day as it comes just like you did when Noah Angel was in your arms.

    My condolenses on the loss of your angel, I don’t think I would be able to handle what you are having to accept and live through.

    You are truly one of Gods angels here on earth

    Lots of love and thoughts

    Tamaryn Muniz

  3. Sorry forgot to add that Conner is alright now after a hard battle with almost no answers initially.

    They found out that Conner had septicemia of the womb….. but enough bout me.

    Again may God Bless you and your family in this hard, trying time, and may Satan leave you be in peace now, he has tried hard enough to break your faith and hasn’t succeded, may he leave you be.

    Tamaryn Muniz

  4. I had posted a note last week, and got distracked and timed out so my message didn’t post. I still keep track of your blog and was glad to read your considering doing some writing. I think you have a real gift for words. You’ve shown us so much emotion and continuing commitment to God. I think you’ve helped so many people by sharing your jouney w/ Noah. Keep up the good work, stay stong, and believe in yourself and others.

  5. pzBe sure that whomever publishes your work knows that you will need a few thousand or so set aside for your faithful blog readers…save me a copy.

    Lord, send the right people to the Graves family, that your will would be done in this area and your name would be glorified through this heartache. IJN-Amen!

  6. I am so happy to hear you are considering writing a book. There are so many more people that need to know about Noah. Thank you.

  7. You have such an ability to share the love of God with His children, that I cannot begin to express my excitement with the idea of Jason and you writting a book!!!!!! I pray that doors open up for you in such an amazing way that NO ONE deny that it is God and God alone that has done this great thing in your lives! I pray for favor from our Father to abound as you pursue this avenue. I pray that the Holy Spirit will use this book as a mighty, mighty tool to touch millions of people and turn lives around, for so many that have been decieved by the lies of satan. (Like you, I also believe that his name does not deserve to be capitalized :)). The enemy has lied to God’s children LONG enough and my spirit is so excited at the idea of the light of God being shed into this world and tromping all over our enemy. May your book cause hell to shake and trembel and regret ever attempting to touch your faith! Praise God for the spirit to triumph in this situation and to bring God all of the Glory. What a testimony to the life of Noah Steven Graves. I am blessed to have shared this journey with your family through your blog. Thank you for taking all of us on this incredible journey and I am anxiously awaiting the upcomming book!!!!!

  8. Love, love, love the pictures. What a beautiful picture of creation.
    After encouraging you to write a book, I have really been praying for you and your future work. I got really frustrated at my new devotional book that talked about making a house a home, and building a physical home that we can enjoy. This did not meet me where I am. What I want is God’s word brought to life. That is exactly what I found when I read the blog about the wheat blowing in the wind. Getting rid of all of the fluff and exposing what is really inside us. This was God’s word that I took to heart and prayed on. Is that book going to be a devotional…’Daily Encouragement from Noah’s mom’?

    In God’s Grip,

  9. I am so grateful that I have been able to follow your remarkable journey, and I stand in awe of your faith.

    I too lost my son last May. Logan was extremely premature, the first of our twin boys. He fought hard for 5 months, each day showing me the glory of God. I’ve been amazed at the reach these earthly angels can have in their short time with us.

    I believe with all of my heart that these children were sent to us for a reason. In the past year, I have grown closer to God,and like you, my marriage is stronger. I’ve learned that even though I may not always agree with it, God has a plan for my life.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful son, and for being an example of faith. May God bless you and your family. I will pray for Noah’s safekeeping.

  10. Jason & Adrienne,
    I have been faithfully following your blog from the beginning of September when I came about it by accident. Although I actually should say fate brought me to it. I think I have commented on just about every entry you have made. I check this blog every morning and I was over the moon with joy when I heard that you were going to write a book. This blog has touched all continents imagine how many people your book mwill touch and inspire.
    I have prayed for you every day since I started reding your blog and I will continue to pray for you always. I actually have a prayer request for you though.
    My cousins 11 month old baby Kate has been in the Children’s Hospital in Boston for the past four months. She has an extremely rare form of cancer that has only been seen one other time in this country. She has had numerous chemo treatment yet the cancer is continuing to spread. This past week she has taken a bad turn and could use all the prayer you could give her.
    Thank you for teaching and inspiring us all, your family is always in my heart and prayers.

  11. Go for it! You have been given such a message to share. You don’t know me, but your words about the Bride of Christ are currently rocking my world and really changing my heart and thinking. Because of you, I’ve been thinking a lot about Heaven lately, and even find that my prayers are changing. I think God is using you to help me be “homesick” for Heaven and for Him, rather than consumed with life here. Thank you for being real, for being raw and open, and for being so faithful. Blessings to you as you write, and as you share the story God has given you.

  12. Hey Jason and Adrienne! I too am excited about the book! Save me a copy too! I could hardly read the letter to Noah that Tonja wrote! What a wonderful thing to say! Still thinking of all of you! Love ya!

  13. I’m so very exicted to hear about the book and truley hope that things work out for it. Someone said earlier that they look forward to your postings like a devotional – and I realized that was EXACTLY what I felt.

    You are doing great work and it’s so appreciated and desired! Keep it up!

  14. I was thinking this morning while in the shower (which is where most of my thinking happens) I was thinking about you and little Noah, my friends and family that have lost little ones. We really are just vessels here for Gods Glory. Whether we get to meet the babies that have been created in our wombs or not. It is all for Gods Glory. Every circumstance and happening in life should bring us back to Him. I say should because unfortunatly many of us don’t at times, myself included. I love John Piper, he does a whole study on the Glory of God and its truly great. You are a wonderful vessel of God’s. You have shown us these past months through your words that through all circumstances in life, We SHOULD return to God, Everything for God and His Glory, like you have said. I know if you write a book it will be for God and His Glory!

  15. ‘/n cbb/N bj njjjj. m mn

    My 17 month old son just typed you the first lines…I think he’s trying to say “Thanks” to you…okay…He did type some stuff, but I made the rest up, but I bet if he understood how the truth you are teaching me is working in my heart and life he’d wanna tell you thanks…You and Jason set out an excellent example of how to be godly parents…I want to teach my son about God like you’ve been doing for your own kids. I never really liked to use the word “revival”…too many times I heard people talk about it and felt like I had to fake something because I didn’t want them to realize that my heart had no idea of what they were proclaiming…but honestly, now I do feel a revival in my life…I’m praying more because I truly want to and I’m reading God’s word more because I am literally excited to know what He has to say…I have a desire to let others know the truth about our Lord…Your words and example stir up my soul so that I can’t stand to stay complacent any longer…I’ve gotten so used to seeing the problems in life as just life and not satan trying to distract and disappoint me…I’ve gotten so used to not looking for God to move in my life and the lives around me…I do not want to return to that place…I give God the glory for this change in my life, and I thank you for standing strong for all of us to see…I’ll continue praying for you and your family and I will be praying about your book also…how exciting!

    so many times I end these messages without signing my name…not sure why…but, this is from me, Jody (Renner) Chandler…NWC ’99

  16. Your pictures speak more words than you know. I am sure they are one of the many treasured memories that you keep. I hope that you and your family are doing ok and know that Noah is watching over you all!!

    P.S. Add me to the list when you publish your book!

  17. Thank you for sharing your story and faith with us. My prayers and thoughts will be with your family.
    I would highly recommend reading a book called, “Room of Marvels” by James Bryan Smith. It’s fiction but it really seems to be semi-autobiographical. Jim Smith, who my husband and I know, lost a child, mother, father, and best friend (songwriter Rich Mullins) all within a short period of time and this story is his vision of them in heaven. It’s just beautiful and has changed how I think about life and heaven in so many ways. After you read it, you won’t be able to stop thinking of little Noah dancing up a storm to a U2 song in heaven.

  18. I am in amazement at the joy and love and strength you have shown in your posts and updates and love of your son. I stumbled across this blog yesterday, and read for hours with tears in my eyes, and wanted to let you know that even after I logged off the computer, your family was in the front of my thoughts and in my prayers.


  19. Is it not awesome the way God works?? The braclet is a perfect example. I know it is something you are going to treasure for years to come. I am so excited you all are thinking of writing a book. I have said you should from the beginning, you have such a great story to tell. And it is so great because of your faith in THE FATHER! Your testimony of your faith in your family, marriage, children and God. I am sure I have left some out. I know you have touched my life in more ways than one and I hope you know you all are loved from all areas of the earth. I agree with the posts prior to mine, you all will need to make a bunch of copies of the book and please do not forget to keep us posted. I know I want to get one. Thank you for allowing me to continue on this journey with you. You and your family are doing God’s work. Jason, Adrienne and our precious Em and “Noah”, may God bless you and keep you always.
    Kris in Troup, Texas

  20. I can’t wait to buy the book, an autographed copy, with the autograph proceeds going to a foundation in Noah’s honor? 🙂

    You are an amazing family!

    The story of the bracelet has me crying, The Lord does work in mysterious ways!

  21. God bless you all. I happened upon the video on YouTube and was deeply moved. What a beautiful tribute.

    I was drawn to the video because I have a son who will be turning one next week as well as a 3 year old daughter. My son was hypotonic, had an NG tube due to “failure to thrive” and has had a muscle biopsy to rule out genetic disorders. We are still waiting for one last result, but everything has come back normal so far. And with a lot of pt/ot and speach therapy, I happy to report that he is sitting up unsupported and now has started solids. I do not want to babble on but I felt compelled to write something as I have been reading your blog constantly since Wednesday night. I have only experienced a small amount of stress and anxiety that you have but I do know what parents love and prayers can do!
    You are an inspiration to us all. I


  22. Just saw the video. I will never have the words to say how beautiful it is. So glad you are sharing Noah with the world. I can’t wait to see him in the Castle and get to know all his thoughts about everything that went on in his short precious ‘human’life. God must be loving on him so good right now! I think God is so unbelievably happy when He gets to be with us. I can’t even imagine a love greater than what He gives us now…it must be so wonderful to actually see it in His face when He looks at us without separation!! I can only imagine…

  23. I just found your blog through a friend’s blog…after reading through many tears I immediately ran upstairs to love on and pray over my four little ones and for you. God’s grace shines beautifully through you and, though we are strangers, we are sisters in Christ and I cannot wait to meet you all and sweet Noah on that wonderful Day. May God continue to hold you close and give you JOY. You have touched my mommy-heart so deeply.

  24. Hey! Still reading faithfully, though I have not commented in a while. A few of my friends are hooked on Noah now, too! Wow, your photos just turned our gorgeous! So tender, so priceless, so absolutely beautiful! I know you are so proud of your gorgeous boy. Super news that God said it’s a “go” so far with a book about Noah! And I finally got around to writing a blog entry on my blog about what I e-mailed you about recently…what God has been teaching me lately through Noah. Love you!

  25. Dear Noah’s family,
    Hello! I’m making a story about you. We are still praying for you. I hope that you are doing great. I am fine. Noah has died.This is sad but be happy because Jesus healed and took him away. I hope Emily is alright and your family. I have a friend named Emily,who looks like your dear daughter.
    I have to go now
    so bye!
    FROM Mirim Yoon.
    Cenennial christian school known as CCS.

    Miss. Morton’student
    P.S. Praise JesuS!

  26. Good Morning – The photos are amazing and I’m so glad to hear that you are considering writing a book. I will pray that God reveals His heart for this. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you. Karen s.

  27. A & J,

    Thanks for keeping up the blog… and I’m excited to hear you’re wearing the bracelet, and working on a book.

    I want to encourage you to go for it… looking forward to encouraging you in person… as we make some smores with Emily on my patio when the weather warms up.


  28. Adrienne,
    David is my brother, and I have been praying for Noah and your family since late October. In early January, David shared with me that you all were preparing for Noah to meet Jesus in heaven.

    One morning (I later learned it was the day of Noah’s funeral), during my quiet time, you all were really laid upon my heart and I recalled a passage I read earlier in the year in my current devotional, “Streams in the Desert.”

    I want to share that with you now and also thank you for sharing Noah’s journey and your family’s story with us.

    Excerpt from December 3:

    “Afflictions cannot injure when we blend them with submission.

    Ice on trees will bend many a branch to the point of breaking. Similarly, I see a great many people bowed down and crushed by their afflictions. Yet every now and then I meet someone who sings in affliction, and then I thank God for my own circumstance as well as his. There is never a song more beautiful than that which is sung in the night. You may remember the story of a woman who, when her only child died, looked toward heaven as with the face of an angel and said, ‘I give you joy, my sweet child.’ That solitary, simple sentence has stayed with me for many years, often energizing and comforting me.” Henry Ward Beecher

    I leave you with this quote from Don Piper, which brings me great peace, “Can you lose someone if you know where he is?”

  29. I love how God continues to knit lives and stories together. He is an amazing God and this journey we call life is all about Him. Thank you for continuing to share your heart and story with us. The pictures are amazing.
    In Christ, Kimie

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