Noah and I just got back from his CAT scan at midnight. Amazingly enough, this is the first one he’s had since we got here 4 months ago…We don’t have the results yet, but when we do, we’ll let you know. Noah’s J-tube had to come out for a good picture, SO, we’ll be back down to the fluoroscopy room again in the morning, but we’ll switch nostrils to give his other one a break. I’ll steal a picture of him and post it in the am before the new J is put in. They’ll be doing a lot of blood work throughout the night because of today’s escapades. Noah had inflammation markers in his blood which is what merited the CAT scan because the docs wanted to see if he has an abscess somewhere in his body. Noah’s little tummy looks SO much better! Of course, they aren’t letting his colon fill up, he’s on IV fluids, like gathered, and then he’s getting his g-tube suctioned out intermittently.

In the meantime, I was able to talk to the mom of one of Noah’s neighbors here at the hospital. She’s a pretty amazing young single mom that through her own experience with her little man has seen the whole situation as a blessing and trusts God more today than before. Even with docs telling her to let him go, it’ll be too tough since she’s so young, she has been his advocate and fallen in love with him. She’s not the only one, he has a whole pack of nurses on his primary list, too!

Two more people I’d love to put on the prayer list is a little girl who is 4 and been given one month to live. She is at home with her family. I don’t know if I can post her name b/c I haven’t asked the family’s permission, but she’s in Denver. I hope to meet her soon. Please pray for her family and for her miraculous healing!

The other girl has been here at TCH with Noah the whole journey, they were neighbors in the PICU, too. She’s a teenager and was playing soccer when she felt sick. Her body had an autoimmune response to her liver and rejected it within weeks! She had a transplant and was doing moderately well, but is rejecting that one, as well! They are from out of state and it’s been a long road for them. Please pray for her mom who is constantly here and for her…she’s in a lot of pain and is in dire need of another liver! Serious miracle petition time!

Thanks for checking in. I’ll post more in the a.m.



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  1. Dear Grave Family,

    Just wanted you to know how excited I am about your renewed hope and possible help with the dysentery. That is so awesome! I continue to pray for Noah Steven and his complete and total healing (AMEN!) and sometimes am just put to begging God! Remember Noah, remember Noah, remember Noah.

    Thanks for letting us into your life so much. It is helping me be more confessional (openly honest all the time) in my life and has really freed up some enemies of mine that are now gone, replaced with true freedom! All because you are such a great example of being real, honest, and true.

    Jesus is the source of all grace and truth (John 1) and I am glad for it. May his grace and truth penetrate Noah’s illness and bring a great deal of healing his way ASAP! Miracles.

    In Jesus Name!

    Your penpal,
    Mary-Robin Gibson

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