This past weekend was pretty uneventful but a good time as a family, nonetheless. We continue to be blessed to have time as a family with my parents here to help.

Noah’s skin is getting better! Thanks to no antibiotics or other drugs running in his system. Em and I got him the mildest available baby soap at Vitamin Cottage while we were picking up some yummy food. I also asked one of the workers if there was something I could take for stress/major hair loss. She said, “Well, first, it’s important to eliminate your source of stress…” PROFOUND THOUGHT! Anyway, hair is overrated…

Today the docs wanted to change Noah’s NJ-tube into a GJ-tube as a more permanent solution to his feeds. This would have entailed Noah being sedated under fluoroscopy and his Mickey button being removed and replaced with a double port. This would provide access to his stomach and to his jejunum. The tube from the port site would be scoped through from his stomach into his jejunum via a camera through his mouth. The reason the docs want to do this is because Noah vomited 3 weeks ago and they are concerned he’ll aspirate, as he had done previously. Well, Jason and I opted out of this procedure for now…Noah’s Mickey button worked just fine for him in the PICU and even up here on the floor. Of course, we don’t want him to aspirate vomit either, but we want to see if his tummy can be used again. He’s only vomited with a high fever. If I spiked a temp and had a bug, I’d puke, too! So would you guys…Anyway, since we are waiting for the interpretation of our tests this week, we want to wait on the procedure and make sure knee jerk reactions aren’t occurring regarding the care of Noah.

Today I went to see my friend Dr. Julie, the one who is helping us get tests sent out…Anyway, while I was waiting a woman came in, curious about care for herself and another family member. I couldn’t help but share that Julie is great and that she helped me sleep after 7 years and she’s helping me with our little guy in the hospital. She said that she had noticed my wrist band. She told me that she works part time at TCH in the pharmacy, but couldn’t ask me questions for legal reasons. I told her Noah’s name and she said she’s been making his meds for him. I told her thank you, but also told her that I hoped she wouldn’t have to make him any more! Small world that we met 15min from the hospital at Dr. Julie’s, huh?!

Tomorrow the forecast is 71 in sunny Denver. Grampa Cloy said we can go outside, again, in the afternoon! Woo hoo! We’ll take pictures. Pray Noah is awake for it! Now go get some Vitamin D!



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  1. you amaze me. you can always seem to see the rainbow from behind the clouds. i love you so much and i hope just a tiny bit of your grace has rubbed off on me in some way. i thank God for bringing you into my life. i love you so much ade. thank you for reminding me how much i have to be greatful for. xoxox.

  2. Adrienne,
    Just a note to say I love you guys and how good it was to see you. We pray that these test results coming in will provide the answers that you’re looking for,to bring your family into a new season of healing for Noah.
    Wish I could be there with you as you take Noah for his outdoor stroll today! Enjoy!
    Judy A.

  3. Adrienne, try this for your hair loss. It doesn’t necessarily make the hair grow back, but helps strengthen it. It’s also great for your nails (just a plus)
    Just straight up Biotin. It’s a vitamin, and I take I think 2000 mg a day. I was losing quite a bit of hair from a medication I was taking. I’ve been taking the Biotin for about three months now and do not only notice my hair is stronger, but I am losing less. Now, that could just be due to a regulation in my meds, but it surely isn’t making it worse…. I just picked mine up at Vitamin Cottage. They’re dissolving tablets too, so no pills to swallow… Just an idea for ya

    God bless you…………

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