Noah’s surgery is today at 2PM Mountain Time…..PLEASE PRAY as the Holy Spirit leads you. Thanks!



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  1. My heart is with you. My prayers go out to you and Jason, and to the surgeons, other docs, nurses, etc. God loves Noah soooooo much and I believe he’ll carry him through this surgery and recovery without pain or dicomfort. I pray that He gives you all peace and rest and comfort. Love you guys, Clara

  2. Lord, only your hands can work miracles. As Noah’s doctors lay their hands on him, I pray that you lay your hands on them. Only you know baby Noah’s future and only you hold the answers. I am praying for a miracle, along with so many others. I am praying for your will. I pray for comfort and strength to all those closest to Noah. I pray for Adrienne and Jason’s continued perseverance. They are an inspiration to so many. Certainly for me. Thank you for putting them in my life to remind me now precious life is. I pray that all doctors and nurses, etc. are all in good spirits and surounding Noah with nothing but positive thoughts, as if he was their own. Thank for all you do. In Jesus’ name, Amen…

    with love… lisa

  3. I am a NICU nurse who is a friend of Laura H. She told me of your story and I have been doing some research. Something is stuck in the back of my brain but I can’t put my finger on it. I am praying that God brings it out.
    In the meantime, please check out this website. It has many disorders listed, some of which Noah has been tested for, but I’m not sure of the others. Also, has he been tested for Tay-Sachs?(it’d be a stretch, but worth asking about)

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