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This past weekend I was reading about Elijah and Elisha in the Bible regarding the widow at Zarephath and the Shunnemite woman, respectively. I asked God if there were still men of God on the earth like these, men with God’s hand upon their lives in a mighty way, but also humble men that weren’t flashy, showy, seeking fame and fortune. I left it at that…a simple question, not really expecting an answer. Well, Monday night, after the meeting with the docs, we were treated to dinner by our dear friends from SD and afterwards headed back to Noah’s room. On the way I called my friend who is also my chiropractor, but had to leave a message. She called me back at 10:40 pm and said that she had told a client of hers about Noah that day. She hadn’t seen this guy in a while but he came in for a “tune up”. She told me his name but I hadn’t heard of him. Apparently he has been carrying a cross around the world since 1969. He gave her his phone number to give to me and said that he would be happy to come pray for Noah. I said thanks, didn’t know what to expect and went to bed. Tuesday morning I called and left a message for this man, Arthur Blessitt, on his voice mail, telling him of our location, our phone number and saying he could visit if he wanted to…

Well, I was on the phone when the PICU secretary came in and said that an Arthur Blessitt was on the phone, on his way over to Noah’s room and wondering if that was okay. I said sure, still not knowing this man since the only guy I had ever heard of that carries a cross is Keith Wheeler. Well, they let me know that Mr. Blessitt was out in the hall so I went out there but I had never seen him, so I didn’t know which man in the hallway was him. Then, I just knew in my heart that it was this older gentleman with jeans and a jacket on. I still didn’t know what to expect, if he was going to be a “yeller” and if there was going to be a big “to do” or “coo” in the PICU. People, let me tell you, this was the most humble man I have ever met…he came into the PICU, suited up in the yellow droplet precaution outfit, asked me about Noah, and then said on his own accord, “I just want you to know that I don’t shout or yell, I just pray quietly as God hears my heart.” He proceeded to pray for Noah and for me. It was a sweet time of prayer and humbling being with a man so in love with God that I later found out has walked over 37,000 miles around the world sharing God’s love with people. He has walked those miles carrying a cross, while at the same time defying doctors reports that he shouldn’t due to numerous brain aneurysms.

God really encouraged me with the visit of Mr. Blessitt in many ways. No, I didn’t expect that Noah would be instantaneously healed, although I know that can happen. God showed me that there are men of God, like those in the OT, still roaming the earth, not seeking fame or fortune. He especially showed me this because I hadn’t personally heard of Arthur Blessitt, to my embarrassment. Had some big name preacher/personality come that I had heard of, I wouldn’t have gotten God’s message as clearly, does that make sense??? When my mom came in the room and overheard me telling my friend Nanc’ about the visit, she couldn’t believe it! She couldn’t believe Mr. Blessitt had come to visit Noah and pray with me. She, along with many others, had obviously heard of him. She, along with you, had prayed specifically that God would encourage me in only a way that I knew would be from Him. THANKS!

Anyway, if any of you are wondering if God hears your prayers, HE DOES! He knows our hearts, He cares deeply to show us His love. All I did was ask God a question…I didn’t know He’d have such a specific answer.



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  1. That’s why we have not stopped praying for you. We have been praying for you since the day we heard about you. We have been asking God to fill you with the knowledge of what he wants. We pray that he will give you spiritual wisdom and understanding. We pray that you will lead a life that is worthy of the Lord. We pray that you will please him in every way. So we want you to bear fruit in every good thing you do. We want you to grow to know God better. We want you to be very strong, in keeping with his glorious power. We want you to be patient. Never give up. Be joyful as you give thanks to the Father. He has made you fit to share with all his people. You will all receive a share in the kingdom of light. He has saved us from the kingdom of darkness. He has brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves. Because of what the Son has done, we have been set free. Because of him, all of our sins have been forgiven. Colossians 1:9-14 (NIRV). Our class read this today and thought of you. May it bless you as we continue to keep you in our prayers.
    4th Grade at CCS in Seoul.

  2. “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there. If I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me. Your right hand will hold me fast.”

    Your blogs are powerful and are touching people’s lives more than you will ever know.

    One of many prayer warriors,
    Chris K

  3. He who dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide in the shadow of the almighty. Not a hair falls from our heads that He does not see.
    Standing with you….

  4. That is so cool. I have heard great things about Mr. Blessitt through the years. And it’s so good to know God cares about all the big and not-so-big things in our lives.

    love you guys!

  5. Thank you, Lord for encouraging Adrienne!

    Adrienne, you and Jason are a marvel to us all at the faith that you have sustained through this journey. When doubt has crept in; you openly acknowledged it and allowed us to pray and make feeble attempts to encourage you; but only God knew what would lift your hearts! What a wonderful God we serve! I’m praising Him with you and will continue to lift Noah heavenward.
    Nancy O.

  6. Noah…our little Noah….you are a righteous man in your generation, just like the man you were named for. It is an honor for us to be your grandparents, and for God to have called us to come alongside of your mom & dad & sister during your battle…but the battle is the Lord’s, as we all know…so our confidence is in Him…in His tender mercies and loving kindness. We can hardly express our gratitude to Jesus, our High Priest and Lord, who walks with us through this flood…and we will not be drowned. It is with awe and joy that we see the manifestation of our Lord’s promise that the Holy Spirit would take from what is His and make it known to us. As each of us seeks Him, He tells us His plans for Noah, unbeknownced to one-another…then when we tell of the Lord’s words to us, it is a witness one to another. It is the unity of the Holy Spirit…..it is knowing in part and prophesying in part and all trusting in Him to bring about His plans and purposes….all for His glory, that men might see that He is real…He has not changed….He is here!

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