I have to say that since our meeting with the docs on Monday regarding Noah’s status, I have never been more hopeful, optimistic, encouraged…I have never trusted God more in my life than I do right now…I’ll tell you why in another post…

Today when I took Em to school we “cranked” Beautiful Day 3 times in a row, then after I dropped her off, I “cranked” Yahweh several times and had a great prayer time in my car while driving to workout. I find that my car is one of the best places to pray because I can be quiet or shout or whatever and people either think I’m loco or that I’m just singing to music. Try it!

Also, regarding my being mad at God, I know He can handle it, I’ve resolved it with Him, just as we get mad at people we love here on earth…we apologize, ask forgiveness and move on. For those of you who don’t know me, I cannot lie, so why try with God who knows everything…He loves me and knows me better than anyone. He feels the same intimacy about you, so allow yourself to have a REAL relationship with Him…it’ll be the richest, most fulfilling experience of your life.

Medical Update:
Anyway, it seems like we are in a holding pattern while Noah’s lungs recover from pneumonia. He had what was called a “white out” in his left lung so the RT’s (respiratory therapists) have been doing chest pounding and massage every 3 hours this week to loosen the increase in mucus. We have two sets of friends that have children with cystic fibrosis and this is a part of their lives daily (so many to pray for…). The chest x-ray this afternoon showed his lungs looked good after this weeks therapy. Once Noah is over his pneumonia, we’ll have the docs perform a tracheostomy because a chest tube is not a permanent choice. We will also need to make a decision soon about the best way to feed Noah…if he can swallow sufficiently then he wouldn’t need any feed assistance-though the trache does pose a problem for oral feeds getting into his airway. The other 2 options are the tube he’s on now that bypasses his stomach into his jejunum that goes thru his nose or a “mickey” button that is a little feed tube that goes right into his stomach from his abdomen. These things will all allow Noah more mobility and us the chance to hold him and play with him and eventually take him home.

Some blogs have book recommendations on them, so I’m joining the club…this morning I started reading “Intercessory Prayer” by Dutch Sheets (while on the treadmill burning 414 calories in 45 min:)) Anyway, I encourage anyone who wants their prayer life world ROCKED to pick it up and dive in! I only got to page 38 this a.m. but was extremely encouraged and challenged.



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  1. I love Dutch Sheets’ book. Maybe I’ll read it again since you mentioned it.

    I think it’s awesome that Arthur Blessitt came to pray for Noah. There was a small paperback I read many, many years ago about him called, “Arthur, a Man Called Blessed.” I don’t even know who the author was. All I know is that it rocked my world. And then he visited ORU (I think… unless I dreamed that??)and his humility again really rocked my world (even if it was a dream–but I think it was real). Anyhoo–

    Continuing to pray, my friend.

  2. Your blog inspired me to start my own blog site, so as you can see, I’m now signing in as Lynette. 🙂

    As I was reading about the visit from Mr. Blessitt (is that really his name? Oh – and I had never heard of him either) I was thinking about you wanting a visit from Bono. Even though Bono is much more public, I think in their individual style and ways these men touch lives in a pretty profound and unconventional way. One a rock star, very public, but one who makes a indelible impression wherever he goes and the other a “cross star” who gently comes and goes but leaves lives marked forever. Rock and Cross… funny.

    So, nothing too deep… just an observation from T-town.

    Meanwhile, I love how you’re developing in your realness. That just thrills my soul! Keep it up.

    Hang in there… Change is gonna come.


  3. My name is Jeremy, I’m a friend of Chris Krebsbach. She forwarded me an email chonicling Noah’s situation.

    My dad has been battling cancer for the past year and a half, and I have been so blessed by the people who have come “out of the wood works” to pray for him.

    I will be lifting Noah and your family up in my prayers, expecting God to do great things. I’ve already been so encouraged reading your recent postings.

    God Bless!
    Jeremy Casper

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