This is Noah while the nurse and RT were repositioning his tube the other day before he coughed it out. Notice the food tube is in his right nostril. In the next picture it’s in his left because when he extubated, the RT pulled the breathing and food tubes out. The tape job on the forehead was only temporary while they repositioned the tube a half centimeter. Obviously a half centimeter was too much!
Here he is two days ago…the tubes are in the right spot now. If it sits on the juncture of where his lung lobes split, it irritates and he coughs a lot so that’s why he had to have it raised up a bit. You may ask how they know where it’s sitting…well, Noah gets a chest x-ray almost every morning…apparently they are trying to “treat” him with radiation! The x-ray today did show his lower left lobe has pneumonia again. He’s been coughing, sneezing, and having a lot of secretions, so they took some cultures and he’s on an antibiotic again.

There are still no answers from the CDC. It occurred to me that the CDC isn’t just for the USA but for the WORLD, so they sure as heck better figure out what was in Noah’s stool that killed a bunch of mice…

Also, the two pending specific gene tests, are still in queue. Those are said to take at least two more weeks. With both, Noah would be the first known kid to present them in infancy. The docs here have said they have tested for everything! I asked them if they are looking too hard, if it isn’t something right under their noses…we can put people on the moon…

Noah and I had a good cry last night. I soaked the sushi blankie, but if felt so good to lay my head on him and be close to him. I can’t hold him easily with the tube, especially with his record of coughing it out, so I do whatever I can to be near him. I’m not sure if the hospital crib/bed will hold my weight so I partially “spoon” him while supporting myself on the floor with one leg. He smells so great! I wish you could all squeeze him and see him. He’s pretty amazing! Yes, I’m biased!

I told my brother in law tonight that I’m not praying for a miracle because I want a nice little life with an awesome husband, two kids and a dog. I’m not interested in the so-called “American Dream”. Mortgage payments stink and really, who loves cleaning your house week after week?! Give me Africa, give me an unreached people group, I know my life is not my own…I just want to live it with the people God put in it. I’ve obviously been contemplating Ecclesiastes a lot lately. I want my life to be meaningful, useful to God, a light in a dark world. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll put Em’s first day of school pics up so you can share the excitement. Posted by Picasa



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  1. Adrienne,
    We continue to lift Noah and your family up to the Lord and share his story with friends and family so that they can pray as well. I had just finished cuddling our 4 month old, Elijah, and decided to check your blog before heading to bed. Reading about your good cry with Noah, my heart aches for both of you. I pray that you will have beautiful moments of connecting with your sweet baby boy, whispering the sweet things that mothers whisper to their children.
    Amanda Cook

  2. oh man i know how it feels to both have a good cry!good for you!you need to do that sometimes as mothers we are supposed to be the strong one and we are supposed to keep every thing together,we can but in the slients of the night we have to break down and just cry our eyes out. it feels so good after we have done this we let all of our anger and frustrations out. and then the next morning we wake up and feel so good better then the day before and we have a new look on things.i know that i did it alot when my son was there. when he was in the icu he was still under the drugs but i just remeber him waking up and crying and saying mommy it hurts and at that point i lost it. there was no holding back i could not really lay with him but i layed my head on his hand and i just let the river run. but the next day i felt great. and as for the docs they are the best they will find what ever it is that is hurting baby noah. i am praying for you and your family and both of my boys include noah in there bedtime prayers. all our love, the pettee’s englewwod co

  3. Adrienne,
    I’m addicted to your site and thankful you keep us up to date so we can join in agreement with so many believers.
    Yesterday morning as I was praying for Noah a scripture verse that I had memorized in Bible school many, many years ago came to mind and is now the verse I pray for Noah, it’s Luke 2:40….(NLT is my favorite so far)
    “There the child grew up healthy and strong. He was filled with wisdom beyond his years, and God placed his special favor upon him.”
    I know it’s a scripture about Jesus but I feel it is a truth that we can stand on and agree upon and decree “IT IS WRITTEN”.
    God bless,
    Sue from Aberdeen

  4. You are in thoughts and prayers of many and many locations around the world. What a blessing and source of encouragement you are in sharing all of this. I am sure many others are crying with you and Noah as well. Your love for God, and this adorable very special little boy, is evident in every word you write and that is read. May God continue to hold you ALL in His arms.

  5. FYI – if the hospital cribs are anything like the ones at our hospital, they should support 300lbs 🙂 (Seriously – the weight limit is generally listed somewhere on the crib).

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