I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers for the other kids here at TCH Denver. One of the girls that was down the way from Noah when we first got to the PICU, an 8-yr old, well she went home yesterday. I ran into her and her mother down by the salt water fish tank. She looked great! She’s in a wheel chair for a while, but will recover beautifully. It was so encouraging to see her so healthy. Also, our friends, John and Amber from Pueblo with the daughter who had to have heart surgery, they think they’ll be going home on Tuesday! Lots of kids, too, have moved from the PICU up to the recovery floors, so we are thankful for that, too. There are new admits down here, of course, so we’ll be praying for them, but I wanted to encourage you all that your prayers are working in so many ways. In addition to our family, you are blessing so many families here. Keep it up!



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  1. Your son and family have touched my heart and given me encouragement today. Your strength in the Lord is so evident admist your current struggle. Noah and Emily are beautiful and what you said about your realization that they are not “yours” is a Truth that I have recently learned also. We have to give them back to the One who LOVINGLY gave them to us. It reminds me of a song that says,
    “I only have two eyes-be All Seeing. I only have two hands-be everywhere. I do not know enough-be All Knowing. I give this baby up into your care.” ~Sara Groves I have forwarded your site to prayer warriors across the nation and know that your family, especially Baby Noah, are on our hearts and in our prayers. Blessing upon Blessing to you.
    Carrody Miller~ Lee’s Summit, MO

  2. i am so glad to hear that he was moved. that is a good thing right?
    i will pray that he gets stronger by the minute and that he bet this.
    i am asking that the lord wrap you up in his arms and hold you and noah tonight. all our love the pettee’s englewood co

  3. Every moment is a blessing. Every breathe. Every blink of his tired little eyes. He is so precious. He is a blessing to all of us who are continuously checking back, anxious for your follow ups. I am constantly in awe. I will continue to share your story with my friends and family, who for some have already fallen in love with your sweet Angel. I truly hope to someday meet you and your family in person, including Noah. In the meantime, I will also continue to pray for your family and all the other families struggling at times to keep it together there at Children’s. I pray for Noah’s comfort and for your peace of mind from moment to moment, from “blink” to “blink”… God Bless you ~ Lisa

  4. Ooohhh Adrienne, your blog from yesterday brought me to tears for awhile. I am so sorry Noah has to go through this and I am sorry Jason, Emily and you have to go through this. I am sure you go through times of strength and times of sorrow for Noah. I feel so close to this situation because Kemper is so close in age to Noah, so I think of Noah often and pray for him. I want to visit soon but want to get over this cold I have. I may just call you on your cell when I might come down. I know it’s hard at times but know that God is watching over Noah every second of the day and that when you leave him to go home or to grab a bite, God is with him and he will take care of him while you are with him and while you are gone for a time. Let your hope be in God. Catherine

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