Em’s First Day!
Em did great Wednesday. She thought Thursday was her “summer vacation”, pretty cute, huh? Today was her second day and she loved it, as well. Bobby and Bebe took her and then I picked her up. It was a good set up. Anyway, just wanted to share this milestone with all of you. I pray that as your children go to school this year, whether it be preschool, college, abroad, whatever, that they will be blessed not only in their thoughts and minds but with encouraging friends and peers, ones that will challenge them to be better people, to grow in selflessness, and that this generation will be so focused on God that their lives would impact everyone around them. Let’s teach them that this life is not all about us! Posted by Picasa



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  1. She is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! You are in our prayers every night! Andrew prays that baby Noah “is not sick”! Please let us know if you need anything, we are here! Jeremy, Wendy and Andrew Coward

  2. that is the best pic of your little girl!! And it is so cool when the kids go to school they seem to grow up faster though. My son is in the 3rd grade and man do they grow fast after they hit school. Happy to hear that the tests came back the way they did . Sorry that you have to start over with the tests though. And good for you to go face to face with the doc that uses that “A” word what a nasty word that can be.
    Our prayers and thoughts with you all.
    Lane, Brian, Austin, Owen Pettee

  3. Your girl is so beautiful! Continuing to stand with you in prayer. I miss you tons and wish I could drop in and say hi.


  4. This is so great! I love it. What a gorgeous fashionista. I showed my class today the person Emily drew for me (after I begged her because Terra had some she did to die for…definite framers) anyway I carry it in my wallet to make me smile everyday. I can’t believe how big she is already. I remember sitting with her after she was born like it was yesterday.
    When I was there every night you go to bed tired and then all you can think about is waking up and spending time with her again. I can’t imagine as a parent how much more intense that feeling is. What a gift from God she is. I am still blown away that she told mom and I what floor we were parked on at the hospital after we both said
    the wrong thing. Everyone always “says” their kids are smart but ya she really is one of those smarter than all the adults. I love you guys!!!

  5. Oh I forgot to tell you that when I was there Emily and I talked about how fun it is when she came to visit and how you guys will have to come to visit me again sometime and she stated automatically “well it will have to be on my summer vacation.”
    Mom, Terra, and I were rolling.
    Love and prayers,

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