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  1. He gets more and more beautiful every time you post a picture. Praying for you and your doctors and your little guy…and for Em! And I don’t know if it helps but know that I’m also sharing your tears…it’s about time I returned the favor.

    Much love and many blessings!
    Chris K.

  2. Hey There! Melissa and I would like to bring a meal, wondering if Wed lunch or an evening this weeks works… please let us know what will work best and what sounds good! We love you guys! We are praying for you all! You are amazing! God Bless, Wendy Coward

  3. Amen on the beautiful Baby. He looks great. We continue to pray for all of you for strength and faith. You are never far from our thoughts and we constantly lift Noah before the Lord.
    Give our dear friend Grandma Kaija a hug on her birthday. We love you all.
    Gail And Phil Marchand

  4. Be better Noah. I am MS. Morton`s student and our class is praying for you at CCS in Seoul, South Korea.
    From Sean,
    TO Noah`s parents

    Noah please get better. I heard about your sickness on your blog. I saw your picture and your are so cute.
    Love, Mirim.

    From students in a 4th grade class at Centennial Christain School in Seoul, South Korea.

  5. Your little boy is SO cute! Oh he looks so much bigger! Know that our hearts and prayers are with you every day!
    God bless,
    Jill J.

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