He had a bath
While Noah had a bath, I snapped a few pics so you could all see how cute he is! He has gained weight, so that is great! Today, actually in moments, he is having a spinal tap to collect spinal fluid for further testing. My mom is here with me because I know this on I could not do alone. Jason is with Em at home trying to provide a little normalcy. Please continue to pray for our little miracle. The moment he was born, I have to admit I was totally smitten…he melts my heart at every flicker of his eyelashes. Anyway, thank you all for your continued prayers, encouragement and support. We are so humbled. We know we are loved! Posted by Picasa



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  1. Mommies and their sons… there is nothing like it. He is so beautiful how could you not be smitten.
    I am continually amazed at how even at a few weeks old Noah is inspiring people all over the world to seek God and also to look more closely at their own lives and priorities. How awesome is that! What faith that will be grown in so many as they hear of his journey and healing. God is so awesome.
    We love you guys so much and our hearts are continually thinking of your family, raising your names up to the father.
    He is so proud of you! Your family is so special to him that even in this difficult time he is never far away. You continue to trust in him and what his plans are for your family and he is proud of you. Isn’t that amazing, the father’s love for his children no matter how small.
    Much love to you all. Always happy to hear the good news.

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