Noah Stephen– Friday morning 8/18/06 Here are some new prayer requests for Noah and the family. Noah will have a spinal tap done today at 11. This will provide more for testing. Please pray for Noah during the procedure. He will also have a nerve conduction test done. They are also watching his blood count and monitoring if he will need a blood transfusion of about 30 ml or more. At twenty four weeks a baby basically filters “mama’s” blood and begins with his own blood causing a natural anemia. His hematocrit levels are at 24- they will do the transfusion at 21. Please pray that Noah’s little body keeps up with production of blood. Another way to pray for Noah is the issue of mucous that they have to suction from his airway. He needs to keep his airway free to breathe. Continue to pray for his oxegynation levels. Adrienne said that he seems to be on a cycle of having a really good night, then an okay night and then a difficult night. Please pray for Noah’s comfort and for good sleep.

Adrienne and Jason were at the meeting with all the doctors. Unfortunately they do not have specific answers or diagnosis for Noah. They continue to search and are waiting for very specific test results. Please pray for speedy returns on the tests results. It has been 1 week since some of tests were sent out and some could take another two weeks. Some of the tests are very expensive to run so they can only run them when there are a certain number of cases. Please pray that Noah’s case is the one that they need in order to run the test. Please pray for specific answers.

Please pray with me for a MIRACLE for Noah. God is the great physician- he created all things and can make all things new! Pray also for Adrienne, Jason, big sister Emily, Kaija, Bobby, Betty and Dana (as well as nurses) who are helping to provide Noah’s intensive care; strength, sleep, courage, clarity, faith and peace during this time. God, thank you for your love for us. We trust you and love you too.

yours, Rachel



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  1. I work for Partners In Pediatrics and I just spoke with Holland about Noah. She gave me his blog and said “wait until you see him – there is something so special about him”. She was absolutely right. Please know that Noah is in our thoughts every single day. EVERYONE sends you our love and our prayers. Jane Gwin

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