Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I know how many people felt checking in throughout the day while Noah was in the hospital. We’ve been checking in on Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth now for several months. In fact, a fun tidbit…Gwyneth and I share the same birthday, January 8th, along with Elvis Presley, but I’m pretty sure sweet little Gwyneth takes the cake for making the day cool!


The reason their story is dear to my heart is that one of my dearest friends in 4th grade never made it through the summer to 5th. Her name was Shelly and she died from Cystic Fibrosis 26 years ago. She and I would wear matching Op (Ocean Pacific) pink shirts and white shorts, but instead of looking like twins, we looked like Ripley’s Believe It or Not tallest and shortest opposites. She was the most petite thing (I’m not the most petite thing…), always coughing, but always laughing and smiling. I remember the first week of 5th grade we planted a tree at our school to honor Shelly’s life and memory. That was a wonderful thing to do, we have and are going to do that in memory of Noah, but at the same time, I praise God that 26 years later, instead of trees to be planted (which give off oxygen…how fitting), God has equipped the medical field with the wisdom and knowledge to transplant lungs from one person to another.

Yes, I know that one person has died in order for another to live with a specific transplant organ. But the beauty is, this isn’t new stuff…Jesus did that, for all of us, for EVERYONE, not just specific parts, but the WHOLE of Him, and that for eternity. Tricia and Nate know this truth…please lift them up in prayer…



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  1. . . .Will pray for their family.

    And also, my Julia (6 yr. old) shares your birthday too. Erika 🙂

  2. I’ve been following Nate & Tricia’s story, too (I may have learned about them from your blog…hmmm…can’t remember) and they remain in my prayers. I’ve yet to comment on their blog…will have to do that soon.

    When is your doctor’s appointment? Very interested to hear how that all turns out. I’m sure you’re beyond interested.

  3. i clicked over there somehow the other day…some would call it blog hopping–in cases like this, i would like to call it holy spirit led–anyway, the story touched me. i have had them in my prayers since.

  4. I too have been following Nate and Tricia’s story. Their story has blessed me – just like your story.

    Hope you are having a blessed day!

  5. My son shares the same birthday too. My husband lost a brother to Cystic Fibrosis…very sad. So much progress has been made since then…thank the Lord!!!

  6. I found Nate’s blog through your blog (from someone’s comment) and have followed it for awhile! Isn’t it amazing what God is doing in their lives and the lives of those who read their blog? And that’s not too forget the lives that were/are touched reading your blog! Grace and Peace,


  7. Following Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth because of you, whom I found through a friend…God is amazingly guiding me through this process…my girls, 4, 6 and 8 years old pray for you ALL daily before we say good-night…thank you, Adrienne…Thank you, God.

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