This is a picture of a truly balanced diet…especially the foam ball in the center…

A little architectural brainstorming…

We used the Joy of Cooking Gingerbread House recipe, along with the Royal Icing recipe from the same cookbook.

A glimpse of what is to come…

Warming the Tootsies for forming into animals…

Oh, you’ll see how these dowel rods come into play…

Erecting the walls of our Gingerbread extravaganza…we used graham crackers as a sub-floor for our pretzel decking.

Pretzels and candy galore!

Twizzlers have these awesome rainbow licorice out right now which was the inspiration for this whole project. We used Lemon Drops and Royal Icing on a foam ball for the sun. I drilled holes in the base wood to anchor the galvanized wiring running through the Twizzlers, as well as the 3 dowel rods to anchor the sun.

I debated putting ‘dead’ animals in the water since, if you must know the truth, animals did die in the flood, you know…but, I decided against it…these ‘elephants’ didn’t make the Ark due to broken legs.

The first couple off the Ark…the bunnies Em made by rolling out warm Tootsies and using bunny cookie cutters.

This pic has some rodents that were for some reason allowed on the Ark. On the right, Em rolled out warm Tootsies again and made these chickens out of mini sleigh cookie cutters.

The hearts on the side spell “P E A C E”. Notice the dove on top of the boat with the olive leaf, I mean green Nerd, in its beak…

Aerial view

Notice the school of Swedish fish…and here, all this time, every has believed the Ark landed somewhere near Mt. Ararat!

Another view of the ‘chickens’ along with some gators walking down the ramp to the colorful pathway of Nerds.

The two doves on the front bow looked kind of like anchors, with a Junior Mint ‘chain’.

#noahsark #noahsarkgingerbread #gingerbread #thegraveswolds

Front view

#noahsarkgingerbread #noahsark #gingerbread #DIYgingerbread #thegraveswolds

Jason’s sister, Tonja, and Emily and I made this all day Saturday and for a couple hours on Sunday afternoon. This was our first attempt at a Gingerbread House. Yes, I am hooked and am ‘designing’ new ones in my head for next year. My plan is to make one next year to donate to Children’s Hospital of Denver. Thanks for checking it out. Obviously, this one is in memory of Noah. Hope you like it!


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  1. oh my goodness!!! you are the best mom EVER! (and quite an artist!) i think you honored noah (and God) quite well with this creative project… i’m so incredibly impressed… wow… that girl of yours is really something else too a beauty inside and out. what a great way to teach her SO many things all in one project – God’s promises, creativity, artistry through sculpture, cooking, measuring (counts as math), honoring and cherishing those we love, and yeah, a little nutrition thrown in the mix. 🙂 great idea.

  2. Wow. You don’t do anything half way, do you? This is remarkable. I can’t imagine doing something like that. Mine is a prepackaged house. We used to do individual graham cracker ones. This is really amazing.

  3. Like it? Um….it’s fantastic!!! I can’t wait to show my kids when they get up AND my hubby when he gets home!

    You’ve given me some inspiration for next year!

    Merry Christmas Adrienne!

  4. Where’s the falling down, barn-shaped, A-frame gingerbread house? Oh yes, that was MY one and only attempt at this gingerbread endeavor. Yours truly rocks! I just keep staring at the pictures! Can’t wait to see what this explodes into…I am envisioning the entire Nativity Scene next year 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  5. That is The Coolest gingerbread structure I have ever seen! What a great idea and a neat honor for Noah. Have a blessed and merry Christmas!

  6. That is absolutely amazing! I have attempted many gingerbread houses in my day, but never to that magnitude. Abby would love the rainbow. That is her favorite color – rainbow! Have a great Christmas!

    Angie, Missouri

  7. Dear Adrienne, Em and Tonja, WOWEE!!!!!!! Thanks for making this incredible arc….to honor God’s faithfulness…to show how Jesus is now our arc….to remember our own little Noah… was a great Christmas gift to us to see this beautiful creation that God put on your hearts to do! Love, Bobby & Bebe xoxo

  8. wow! that is simply A.MA.ZING! that should be out there for the whole world to see! you’ve got some serious talent! and your first one? wow! i knew as soon as i saw it, it was made for noah! but then again…who wouldn’t! i am sure that you miss him terribly. but just to know that he dances with his KING…has got to be so comforting! he is with his CREATOR!
    thank you so much for sharing this…it puts our little house to shame! and you have inspired me for next year…i have got a whole year to work on the plans…i CAN do this!
    i think you’re awesome! i hope that you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!
    shannon stinson

  9. Dear Adrienne,
    First of all,WOW!!! that gingerbread house is amazing. I am totally impressed. I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog… if I have now I comment for a different reason. Somehow I stumbled upon your blog just shortly after Noah entered heaven. I have followed you ever since. Your grace, honestly, and truth through your journey of grief have been such an example to me. I never realized how much I would need your example and how much of an encouragement it has been to me until 7 weeks ago. My fifth child a son, Samuel Mark was born still just one day after his due date. We miss him so dearly and have our good days and really rotten days. I am encouraged as I see other Christian mothers who have endured a loss and persevere and survive this journey day by day. It reminds me I too will survive on those moments and days when hope is really hard to come by. Thank you for being that encouragement. God continues to use you and Noah for His glory and His purposes! Praying for you today as you near Christmas and then Noahs 2nd birthday with Jesus! Thanks Adrienne!

  10. Holy cow!!! That is amazing!

    I love that you have The Message holding up the sides of the Ark…..appropriate, don’t you think?

    My boys are 8 and 10 and we have never done a gingerbread house……..maybe we should roll up our sleeves and let the creativity flow!

  11. Dear Adrienne,

    Blessed Christmas to you all!

    Thanks for explaining a biblical mystery for me. The Bible says that God told Noah to build the ark of “gopher wood”. For years I had wondered what “gopher wood” was. I had thought that it was when Noah told his sons, “Go fer wood!” when he was running low on building materials. But now I realize that “gopher wood” is Hebrew for “gingerbread”. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    Seriously, you, Jason, and Em have blessed me more than you know. My prayers continue with you each day.



  12. I can’t think of anything more creative to say than anybody else has already said but OMG, that is truly amazing and should definitely be entered into a magazine, contest or something. It shouldn’t go unnotice, that’s for sure. Not only all the time you have into it, but all the thought. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year. GREAT JOB and KUDDOS to you!

  13. Extreme Gingerbread House Make-over Edition……….lol……Hmmmmmmmmmm, makes me think you should start a Gingerbread House Fund or something… know……a Non-profit organization. What talent! I wish you and your family a very very Merry Christmas!
    Shannon and Family in Austin

  14. Wow! What a wonderful memory of Noah. You are quite the artist to be able to do all this. I bought a kit and did it with my grandkids and that was fun, but enough for me. I would never have thought to warm tootsie rolls for animals, Very good, and have a Merry Christmas. Wendy, a lurker

  15. I love it!! I can’t even get a premade house to stay together and you go and build Noah’s ark. Such a wonderful tribute to your lil man. Merry Christmas!!

  16. Much much more meaningful than whatever a gingerbread house is supposed to represent!

    A Noah’s Ark is much more appropriate during (what should be) a season of reflection.

    Adrienne, I hope you and your family enjoy many blessings in 2009!

  17. Ummm…are you kidding me??? That is an absolute masterpiece. I am in agreement with everyone else; isn’t there some contest you could enter that in? I will offer to start one for you if you can’t find one. That is beyond award-worthy! What a true labor of love! Have a wonderful and peaceful holiday.

  18. Dear Adrienne,

    That is the most AMAZING gingerbread creation I have EVER seen!!!!!! I know that your dear Noah would have loved to help you make that, and what a neat thing that you did to honor him. I’ve been so out of touch lately, and I hope that you’re doing alright. You’ve been on my mind so much. I’m praying for you and your precious family. I know you miss your darling little buddy…I think of him so often. May God give you peace and strength in these coming days and weeks.

    Much Love,

  19. I’m going to go ahead and say that I’m feeling much less proud of my house-in-a-box gingerbread house, that I made with my kids this year. 😉 Seriously, that is the most fabulous gingerbread creation of ALL TIME! I love it!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday. Love and prayers, Erika 🙂

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