I obviously don’t miss him being in the hospital…but I miss him…the smell of him, his soft skin, his toes, his eyelashes, his lips and ears, his hair, his buns…all of him.
You see, Christ came at Christmas to save me…from Hell, from separation from God, from myself! He has given me the most amazing gift for which I can never repay. It’s actually available to all of us, no questions or qualifications necessary! Noah, I believe, gave me a gift that obviously doesn’t compare to Christ, but grabbed hold of my heart and pointed it toward Him. I am grateful that Noah’s hospital stay was over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and my birthday because those days will never be the same for me, eh-ver. Thankfulness, Salvation and Grace, New Beginnings, Abundant Life in Christ…these are what I think of when these days roll over. Nothing for granted. I would say at this point, “I’ve learned life is too short.” But truly, life, or at least abundant life, isn’t measured by dates or time but instead the quality with which you live it…Noah taught me how to live this life on Earth with purpose, for God’s glory, with eternal perspective. I think he gave me a pretty amazing Christmas present…I don’t need anything else…
…but I still miss him.



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  1. Sitting at my computer balling my eyes out. Like usual when I read your blog. Because of Noah, many hearts have changed. I am honored to know about him and will never forget him.

  2. I miss him and I didn’t even know of him until after he became an angel. What a gift you have been given. I have been blessed with a similar perspective since my cancer diagnosis. The diagnosis is not a blessing (just as Noah’s early departure from this earth is not), but the newfound way I’ve chosen to live my life is. I will be thinking about you during the holidays.


  3. I am so thankful that Noah gave you such a precious gift.

    I miss my baby too Ade.

    Sending you warm wishes and many prayers across the sea.


  4. Adrienne –

    I know you miss him – he is a beautiful little man. Thanks to Noah I have re-evaluated my faith in Christ and have placed all trust & faith in him.

    Merry Christmas Adreienne, Jason, Emily & Noah.

  5. Adrienne,

    I’ve been reading your blog since “back in the day,” and I just wanted to you to know that I think your family is PRECIOUS! Initially, I was interested in your son’s condition (was told to read and pray…but I’m also in the neonatal/pediatric critical care business)…and have since fallen in love with you guys!

    Although it’s unfortunate that things are allowed to happen in our lives, like losing Noah, just know that you are HUGE encouragement to so many people out there! You’re strength and perseverance is something to aspire to…and your story has brought hope and insight to so many people. I grieve with you over this Christmas holiday…I’m so sorry you miss your little boy. But…just think about (like you already do!) what an amazing ministry he’s created and you are able to fulfill through his legacy. Fantastic. Please keep it up. God uses people like you to shine through!

    Praying for you,
    Lori Tench; Dallas, TX

  6. Whenever I see pictures of your darling little boy, I get teary. I know I am just one of the many, many people you have inspired through Noah’s story. But even though I never had a chance to know Noah, my heart still aches for you and for your family’s loss, though I know your angel is having the best Christmas ever in heaven.

  7. i didn’t know him personally, but followed your story through the process of his illness… those pictures still bring a mixture of smiles and tears to my face.

    i never tire of seeing him

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