Em on the truck ready to unload the building materials
Em helping Daddy cut the doorway
Em and the neighbor sisters trying to blow up beach balls…Guess who got to finish the slobbery job?
“Em, please don’t touch the cats or dogs in Mexico, okay?”
“But mom, this one is just a puppy, it’s not dirty…”
So, since we never had time to get to an Internet cafe, I’ll share tidbits throughout the next couple of weeks about our time in Mexico. We had a great time! I want to thank those of you who prayed for us and supported us financially. God reminded me several times throughout the week that we were the hands and feet for many other hearts represented but not present. We were honored to be able to serve whoever God led us to. Jason and I can honestly say this was our favorite mission trip for several reasons. Because the team was made up of some families, some married people without their spouses, one 16 year old and many 20 somethings, it was the first time Jason and I have been on a trip where we didn’t feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility for everyone. I’m not sure how that sounds, but every person on the trip genuinely wanted to be there, to be used, and to glorify God with their gifts. Basically, we didn’t feel like we were babysitting…(and no, I didn’t always feel that way on the other trips, if you were a team member in my past…)
I have a lot of stories to relay, so will share them as my memory serves me. Bear in mind, they aren’t all uber spiritual, some are downright hilarious, while others gut wrenching and sobering. I pray that in sharing you will be encouraged in your faith and your perspective challenged.
So, in the picture above where Em’s blowing up the beach ball with her new friends, she had just sat down in the dirt with them to play. One of the other moms on our trip had handed Em some shoes to give to the girl on the left. Instead of just handing them to the sweet girl with no front teeth due to rotting, Em plopped down in the dirt with her and took one foot at a time and placed a shoe on each. I didn’t get to witness it, but the other mom, Michelle, did and said it was precious.
I’m still processing a lot of the trip with Emily, asking her questions, probing her feelings, but one thing I know is she dove right into the whole experience, didn’t complain about the food or accommodations, and was a big helper the whole time. And she spoke the international language…child play.



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  1. why is it the word beautiful keeps coming to mind when i read your posts? my oh my girl… God has richly blessed your family and is still building more beauty into each one of you. this trip of yours touches my heartstrings. i hope to take my little one on missions trips too. 🙂

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