So, I got a call today from my doc’s assistant. She said that “it’s a go” on my appointment. She said that when I call to make the appointment to tell them that my doc spoke directly with the specialist and he agreed to review my case as well as Noah’s. I said, “Thank you. Now, will there also be a piece of paper in her hands that says that same information because the lady I spoke with was a piece of work?” “Did you talk to so and so?” “I don’t know who it was but she started asking me what I had…” “Okay, I will call their office right now and let them know that Dr. B has already agreed to the appointment and not to give you the run around.”

So, now I’m going to call records at TCH Denver and have them sent over to Dr. Infectious Disease man and we’ll go from there. And so the saga continues…I’m actually excited to be in contact with the hospital. I cannot state enough how much we miss Noah’s nurses, RT’s, some of the docs and the staff there.

News flash…the receptionist at Dr. B’s office just called, really sweet and sappy this time, calling to schedule an appointment for me. I said that I needed to have my son’s records transferred first for his review prior to my scheduling the appointment. She said inquisitively, “Dr. B is seeing you but is going to be reviewing your son’s records?” I said very calmly, “My son died. His stool killed mice at the CDC…” (Then, in my head thinking, I DON’T NEED TO TELL THIS LADY JACK SQUAT!) I proceeded very calmly, “I’m sorry. I realize this is not information I need to share with you but the doctor. Anyway, I will call you guys back once I call Children’s and find out how long those records will take to transfer.” (I said that matter of factly, not rudely, but more like I was burdening her with more info than she wanted, anyway.) She said, “Here’s our fax number…Why don’t I call you once he’s reviewed them in case it takes a while?” “That’s fine. Thank you.” Click.



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  1. Is it weird to get sappy and leave a comment on someone’s blog that I’ve never met???? Anyway, I was just reading your last post and thinking about what an imapact you’ve made on my faith. You’ve strengthened it in so many ways and I’m thankful that you’ve shared your story with so many people. B/c of you (And the man up above!!!) I’ve been able to cope with some things that have been tough within this last year. Thank you, my friend for your kind words and heart.


  2. Ugh, sorry about the “in case it takes a long time” bit. I will pray that it does not, in fact, that “a long time.” Happy to hear that you are excited about the chance to be back in touch with a lot of the hospital folks who became so near and dear to you when Noah was there. Thank you for continuing to share YOUR journey with US. Sending lots of love…

  3. Adrienne, being a former RN I suspect it’s not going to take this infectious disease guy a long time to review your records.
    Speaking from a clinical point of view, your case is interesting. Speaking from a personal point of view, you deserve some compassionate care from the medical community. And some answers too.
    Treat others like you would like to be treated … medical types need to remember this.
    There is one God and he’s not currently moonlighting as a physician or nurse anywhere on Earth. So don’t let anyone take that attitude with you, okay?
    Praying for answers … and a very peaceful Easter for you and yours.


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