Em wanted a bedroom with pink, green, chocolate brown, and polka dots…
The paints we chose are called: Chocolate Kiss, Lauren’s Lullaby (pink), Guacamole (trim), and something Cherry (molding)
My little sis and I made the shades for the chandelier and this year I added the ‘bling’
In process…

Her Spring bunnies dancing near the ceiling
Fru fru girlie curtains and her cute toy chest with Gramma B’s old chenille bedspread as the lid cover
The shelf has some of my great great and great-grandma’s teacups and plates on it along with her own mini set and a cup and saucer she painted herself
One day Em was quiet somewhere else in the house. She came in the room where I was and showed me what she had been up to. She had put the picture above of she and Noah in a frame she received as a gift on our trip to Florida last Spring. It sits next to her bed now, along with the Beanie angel bear you see. She says it’s Noah.

Notice how I worked in the polka dots? They are on the ceiling in glow in the dark paint, (thank you, Kim A. and Izzy in SD for that great idea!)
I think I have 3 purses. A summer one that is white and woven, a caramel brown one and a black one…
Great toy chest find a few years ago at The Paris Street Market, a great shabby chic outdoor market that meets at Aspen Grove shopping center in CO the first Sat of every month from May to Oct. I changed the cover on the seat b/c the other stuff was too cheesy. It’s material from Em’s great gramma who is with Jesus.
The quilt on Em’s bed I made out of vintage chenille I found in Minneapolis years ago. The other side is the same chenille from Gramma B’s (SD) chenille coverlet. I added the raspberry flowers to match her curtains. The bed was $45 from Paris Street Market.
Jason and I had fun doing Em’s room in our new house. It took a while, but we wanted her to have some input. We are all pleased with how it turned out.

Self portrait of us at the community Eggstravaganza
Waiting with Daddy to get a few eggs from the 5 year old scramble
Same thing, just mama

Wondering when the guy is going to blow the whistle…
2 more minutes
It was over in 30 seconds. Em had a strategy. She got a few eggs that were close and then ran to the middle, but on the way tripped and lost her eggs. She recovered all but two. She said she left those for other kids…
Happy with her 8 eggs. She was happy to join in the Spring festivities. She knows Who Easter is about, so we were just having fun, outside, on an early spring day.

I am VERY VERY VERY near sighted. Let’s see…does -4.75 and -5 mean anything to anyone else out there? Well, I decided I wanted a large range of vision with my new glasses, so, here’s the biggest pair of glasses eh-ver! Not really, but I like them and they were on sale! Woo hoo!
They aren’t as bad as in the first self portrait.
Oh yeah, and, my hair has grown about 2 inches already! Don’t know if the video from January showed the backs of our cuts.
So yes, this is a random post. I mainly did it for Em’s Aunties since all but one live far away. Hope you enjoyed the pics. I’ll post more stuff later…



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  1. Em’s room is precious…I love the curtains and the flower vases on the wall.

    Yes, your eyesight means a lot to me… I am a -5.50 in both eyes…I really want to have corrective surgery…it sure would be nice if insurance would cover it… such a shame they don’t. I do like your glasses though.

  2. How cute! You guys did a fantastic job on Emily’s room… it’s awesome! 🙂

    Wow, you do have bad eyes. My sister was legally blind (-8.75 in one eye and -8.5 in the other) until she had extensive lasik surgery to attempt to correct it. It’s almost 20/20 now, but not quite. Still, an unbelievable improvement! Without her glasses or contacts (prior to surgery), she could see nothing clearly. Not even her hand in front of her face. Yikes!

  3. you are just the kind of woman who can pull off those glasses! WAY COOL CHIC! (you’re actually one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen.. .amazing!)

    and em’s room is absolutely beautiful. i bet she’ll find lots of peace and creative inspiration in that room! lovely indeed.

  4. I love Em’s room!! Will you come help me with Brooklyn’s? We are getting away from the princess stuff and are going a little more grown up now!!! She wants her room painted soft pink and a green color. Not sure what to do yet. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her room!!!!

  5. Now THAT is a little girls room! Fantastic!! 🙂

    And you guys are looking fabulous and gorgeous and healthy in these pictures! Glad to see there is not a ton of snow on the ground – woo hoo! Spring is coming! 🙂

    P.S. – I am not quite as nearsighted as you yet, but trust me, I am on your heels! -4.0 but that was a year ago, and I get worse every year. I’d love to have Lasik someday… been wearing contacts or glasses since 6th grade. UGH!

  6. I love Emily’s room….You and Jason did a fantastic job!!

    What a beautiful family of GOD you are.

    Hope this find you meeting the RISEN CHRIST in each moment of every day.

  7. Oooh woOW! I need some serious decorating help!!! I have never once been able to complete the decor in any one bedroom. The kitchen was the closets I ever came to doing the complete workover. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you guys did with Em’s room. FANTASTIC!!!!

  8. I’ve been itching to re-do my daughter’s room and I really wanted to do pink/chocolate brown…now I KNOW that’s what I want to do…Em’s room looks beautiful. Good job!
    And I think your glasses look very cute on you! 🙂

  9. It looks great! All of it! The chocolate on top… the pink and green colors! So great! and the dots! I love dots! Circles, whatever…Now, my question… is there an 8 foot armoire in there? So curious! Your hair, glasses. All of it… very fun post. I love seeing pics. Em is getting so big! I can’t stand it. The eggs story is just so Em, very sweet.

  10. i wondered how you’d work in the polka dots. very clever! that is a beautiful room, do you have time to do a room for two little girls in SD with differing opinions?

    how’d you get her to pick such ‘stylish’ colors? mine would say, “Purple and red please!”

    i love your random posts. your family is beautiful.

  11. You’re quite the decorator! In my mind that is what I want all my rooms to look like…but I NEVER come anywhere close. What is your secret? How did you learn to do this???

  12. I love Em’s room!! Where did you get the fabric for the curtains? So cute!! When do we get to see what you did to the other rooms?

  13. Em’s room is adorable! I’ve got you beat on the eyesight thing. I am -6.75 and -7.0. One of these days I would love to have them corrected!

  14. Adrienne –

    WOW. I can’t believe Noah’s “case” is being re-opened! I just pray that God’s infinite wisdom and direction meets you guys at every turn.

    I want to thank you for my email about my dad. It means a lot. Internet relationships are sorely underrated.

    My husband and I are beginning a 6-month thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (GA to ME) tomorrow! I am just hitting all of my friends’ houses online to say goodbye. 🙂

    P.s. The glasses are fierce.

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