Yes, that is snow on those mountains.
View from the deck of the cabin I’m staying in.
The cabin
The beginning of fall colors
Just some mountains God created…
The beautiful horse pasture on the ranch

I was blessed to be able to come up here a day earlier than planned. Here’s the rundown of events:
Day One: I am staying in a quaint fishing cabin up near Kremmling, CO. The views are magnificent, the air is fresh, and it is so quiet I can hear my heart beat. It’s the perfect place to hear His heart beat. I got to town and picked up some veggies and hummus to have for the week. I arrived at the ranch a little before 5:00 pm and took some photos while I waited for my contact to show the way to the cabin I am staying in. I unpacked my suitcase since I’ll be here a few days and wandered down near the river. (Note to self: pick up bug spray tomorrow.) I enjoyed the early evening sitting on the back deck staring at God’s creation, reading His word aloud and crying out to Him. I am looking forward to how He wants to lead me this week. I’m here on His agenda. It’s right. I built a fire in the pot belly fire place and cuddled up on the couch with my computer. The first task at hand is editing the blog, which Jason downloaded into Word. This will take a while since it’s a 300 some page document. After spending some time on this, I ate an Amy’s frozen microwave entree and then hopped in the claw foot tub for a bath. I’m off to bed to read for a bit. I’ll let the sun wake me up in the morning…Lord, what will tomorrow bring? I’m all Yours. Let’s go for it!
Day Two: I got up, made some tea and headed out to the back deck to read God’s word and check out His creation. After the sun burned off the clouds and my arms were getting a little too pink, I headed in to get down to business. I edited Noah’s blog from August 2nd until January 31st. I took one break to go outside and throw horseshoes, but I consistently threw them in the wrong place, so knew it was just a distraction. After 6 hours of reading and crying and praying, I needed a break so I headed to town for some local fare. It felt good to clear my senses but I went quickly back to the cabin to do some creative writing since I hadn’t gotten to do that all day. It was a good time to recap the last days of Noah’s life on ‘paper’. Not only am I writing his story, I am finding healing from God in the midst of the open wounds.
Day Three: Today I woke a little later than yesterday. I also went to bed later last night. Anyway, I sat out on the deck and did my “Breaking Free” study while soaking in a little vitamin D. I pulled out the binoculars and watched a rather large beaver splash about in the pond down the hill for about 15 minutes. Gary, a quiet humble man who works on the ranch came to check in on me and bring me more fire starters. He was all dapper in his silver coin tie and scarf with his leather vest and cowboy hat. I asked what the special occasion was and he said he was doing a ‘draw’ this afternoon for some guests of the ranch. He and I are going to do a ‘draw’ later with non-projectile ammunition, then, a little different from kick boxing or a sledge hammer class, I’m going to have projectile ammunition therapy later this evening. I’ll use a 22 (larger shotguns and rifles kick my shoulder back too much) to obliterate some clay pigeons and targets. I have hit clay pigeons in my past, but hopefully I won’t be rusty and it’ll feel good to get out some more grief anger. I’m at a coffee shop in town to check email and so I could call Jason and Em. I’ll be heading back up to the cabin to do a lot more writing for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. Thanks for the prayers. God sure is wonderful, which, quite frankly, is the understatement of all time…



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  1. I just know God will touch you in a special way. It sounds as though He already has! I will pray for you and your thoughts and the healing your heart continues to need. I understand, and I totally agree. God is amazing and His works and ways are a wonder to me. Have a blessed time in the mountains.

  2. I am working on a book of my own. I love how God heals us through our words like that. I find that the more I write, the more He shows. HE is amazing, isn’t He? (yes, that is an understatement). I am praying that you are enlightened by His words and mesmerized by His grace this week. Love to ya, my sister.

  3. Wow, I can feel the peace coming from those pictures. I can see God in them. It is so beautiful there. I can only hope that someday I will get a vacation, and when I do I hope it’s there. It sounds like God is pouring down his blessings on you, which is what I am praying for.

  4. Adrienne,

    What you are doing right now sounds absolutely perfect to me! What a blessing for you. The closest I can come to that is making myself some tea, but at least it’s something. Can’t wait to see what you and God come up with next!
    Also, I’m only asking this because you are such a praying machine, but I could use a few prayers, as yesterday was Emma’s birthday.

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